Activating the Energetic Imprints of the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine Within

for both men and women

Whatever gender or sexual orientation we encompass, we have within us sun and moon energies, also known as male and female energies, or in yoga these are called ida and pingala and rise like double serpents around our central channel called the shushmuna. In most of us we preside in one or the other - usually in this culture the male. However for balance and empowerment we really need to have them in balance. We focus so much on raising of the inner Divine Feminine but we need the Divine Masculine to allow her to rise and we need to celebrate the divinity of male qualities within fullness of their sacred masculine or sun empowerment. So moving beyond immersion in (be it female or male) rage, anger, fear, hurt, resentment, beyond even forgiveness, derived from 2000 years of patriarchy (and previous matriarchy) we just instead simply feel into the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies in their wholeness and anchor their energy and beautiful dance within.


This activation guides you clearly into connecting with your inner male and inner female energies as they are currently and then helps you facilitate their alignment, activating within your Sacred Divine Masculine and Sacred Divine Feminine energetic imprints, the blueprint for inner balance and sacred union within and without. You may think that you cannot realign your entire inner male and female blueprint in one 25 minute transmission, as it is a lifetime's journey, and YET this transmission will activate these alignment codes deep within, opening up the new pathway to inner balance, with miraculous results within and without, setting you firmly on a new path of divine balance. How much you allow yourself to open to fully receive this activation is entirely up to you.

This activation will be sent in audio format that is 25 minutes long, and can be set up as a ceremony. You are also provided with an extra 13 minute audio to listen to as often as you want, as well as instructions.  


It can be used as a powerful activation in its own right and it is also provided as part of the Sacred Beloved online course.