Awakening the rose, Awakening self love



We will meet online in a zoom call every week for 1.5 hours for 12 weeks



this is open for all levels all ages - new to the path or many lifetimes in

You go to the level you are ready for as guided by MM

We are the daughters of the ancient ways, the priestesses dawn to these energies the light of the rose… some of you may be ordained as priestesses already in various lineages, some of you may be new to this. You are all welcome. Many of us have been working in solitary ways and many roses identfy with the Mother Mary of gentle beautiful love as well as Mary Magdelena consciousness because She is now rising after years of being ostracised and mislabelled as a whore when she was a beautiful Queen and wife of Yeshua. So in your life you will perhaps have likewise struggled with alienation, being the black sheep, ostracisation, being at odds with the culture in which you live, feeling different to others, misunderstood. You may also have been challenged in yrou self worth, self love, self belief and self esteem, as a result of the dominant patriarchal ideals... perhaps you are an empath struggling with codependancy, & have been sent challenges to overcome this in your life. It is now time to rise in your self esteem and empower yourself for who you are, like never before. You have perhaps had dreams, visions, callings to the rose, the Goddess, to the Marys... if this resonates then please find your place with us and let us once again reconnect after lifetimes of being cast out of temples, to recreate the temples once matter where you are on the path, you will go to the level you are ready for, unique to you, and we do not compare withine another but stand side by side supporting and elevating each other as sisters.



Each week you will rest back to receive



to deepen your self love and self worth with beautiful guides

Each call will be overlit by Mary Magdalene 



  • Rest & be nourished, met, held within an intimate safe nest with MM & a tribe of like minded rose sisters from around the world who you feel relaxed with and who are also drawn to the rose

  • Receive mediumship and channelled guidance 

  • Deepen your self worth - self value - self belief which will affect every arena of you life bringing in new abundance

  • Deepen your connections to the rose light and to the rose goddesses from the sisterhood councils of light

  • Be Initiated into CERTIFICATED ROSE REIKI and APHRODITE SHINING STAR REIKI - if you have done this already then it will be another deepening in circle taking you to a new layer in this energy

  • Make your own rose vows & at the end you receive a temple of Aphrodite rose sister certificate as a sacred seal to your rose pledge



  • Yourself and a fully charged device with wifi

  • Have a warm blanket, drinking water, candle and lighter

  • Ensure your space is protected before hand - this is YOUR time for YOU, so protect your space

  • It is essential to be exactly on time as we start prompt with a meditation

  • You need to commit to a 12 week cycle and it is best if you miss no more than 2 of those 12 weeks, so really try your best to ensure that you show up each week whatever is going on in you life, bring yourself along. 


  • We meet by zoom and you can have you camera on or off, whatever you are comfy with is fine. It is nice at times to have cameras on so we can see one another as if we were in circle in the flesh, but if you want to turn it off during meditation etc, you can do this through the call easily. It is most important you feel comfortable because this is all about honouring and valuing yourself and your feelings as well as your sisters.

  • Respect that the moment you enter this call then you enter in sacred space. Joy and laughter is always welcome of course. But at times we will go deep into quiet, and at those times therefore this chit chat is best to be kept minimal - so be yourself but be sensitive of your sisters' spaces and in meditations muting your mic is a good idea to avoid any technological interruptions. Please ensure no one else is in your room because all calls must remain private and confidential at all times to protect one another's safety. Calls are not recorded.

  • Please be sure to inform me if you suffer from any diagnosed mental illness and you will be asked to sign a disclaimer to ensure you take full responsibility for your emotional and mental well being. Be assured that the energies are beautiful and pure of the highest love, this is just a standard procedure. Thank you





If you are meant to have a place here in this circle, you will feel it. Please come with a big yes, an openness to all, an open-ness to let in the love of MM, with me, Ishtara Rose, simply as the facilitator for that space to open to Her Light more deeply.

Everyone who signs up signs up for a reason ... there is no coincidence ... every one of you is meant to be on this call if you have felt the call and then signed up. YOUR place matters and YOU matter. Everyone else on the call is a mirror for you in some way, and it is all divinely orchestrated to enable your intention into self love to unfold...

WHO IS ISHTARA ROSE? You may read more about me on the 'about' page. I am a mother in my late 40s in countryside in UK, and have dedicated my life to sharing these teachings. I am also a healer, channel, medium, and as High Priestess of the Magdalene, I run a Priestess school and initiate people into energy rays, share light transmissions and so on. I have been on the path all my life.