Sacred Activations by Tamra Oviatt

In my Rose work, I have always taught that when we heal, we work with the idea of transmutation, not just release. So we visualise the core beliefs and wounded feelings that hold us back, actually being transmuted into something new, through using energy in the form of both light transmission and visual journeying. This happens in many different and unique ways for each individual.


There are many modalities to help us shift realties within - and we must shift resonance within to see the outside results in our outer life. We can do this through visualisation and Light Transmissions which I offer on the site, as well as with these energy activations which were originally brought in though Tamra Oviatt and which follow this same healing approach of transmutation from one thing to another, by using energy and frequency. I am blessed to have received the golden seals from Tamra to be able to share these activations with YOU alongside my own channelled Ishtara Light Transmissions, because together they both work as very powerful tools to align your life. 


Self healing is all about feeling and facing traumas and wounding within, rather than to escape from these feelings. I always like to say that healing is not to fix and make ourselves better in some way, it is to release and change those parts of ourselves that do not realise we are beautiful as we are right now and this is why I teach the pathways of self worth and self love as the foundation for all healing.  This is something Mary Magdalene shared with me many years ago now and something she always beings me back to.   

Like my own Light Transmissions and channeling, these sacred activations are an amazing energy tool to enable you to unplug from those old beliefs and programs and then replug into new ones as the new frequency is activated. 


As you listen you may feel these dramatic release and shifts actually happening within, or you may feel nothing at all and that is fine too. Afterwards you may have a huge release of old energy as things shift and change around.  You may repeat them as often as you want but even if you only listen just once, in months to come when you look back you will spot positive changes in your life - improved prosperity, relationships, health, psychic abilities and the removal of addictions.


As part of my pathway as a High Priestess of Mary Magdalene I have been aligned to hold the energy rays of Mary Magdalene, and so you will also receive these vibrations from me coming through in these audios during the activations themselves. Although light language and the Light Transmission energy rays that I channel are a separate modality, after some of these activations are complete I am sometimes guided to then bring that in.

✺ Sacred Activations stimulate your Sacred Geometry. Sacred Geometry is geometric laws that govern everything in existence. Sacred Geometry unites mind and heart; spirit and matter; science and spirituality.

✺ Sacred Geometry draws you out of collective, genetic, religious and group consciousness. All of us are held back from who we are destined to be by numerous belief systems.

✺ Sacred Activations aid to untangle these belief systems, transforming factors that limit us from who we are meant to be.

Each activation last anything from 10-30 minutes and the duration is irrelevant to the powerful affects.  Listen to them once or repeat as often as you require & see great changes unravel in your life just from these first 3. Please note that these activations are not attunements and you can only pass them on if you have received the golden seals in a practitioner training.