This package includes -

  1. the Light Transmission 'Swim with the Dolphins' - 24 minute audio

  2. the Aquamarine Dolphin Healing Ray attunement  - pdf instructions

  3. the Aquamarine Dolphin Healing Ray attunement - 25 minute audio

*note that the first 2 are available individually for £8 each



 THE LIGHT TRANSMISSION is a 24 minute audio light language transmission & visualisation, to listen either just once or on a regular basis, allow longer to pause and go longer if required.

THE AQUAMARINE DOLPHIN HEALING RAY ... I was on the beautiful island of Porquerolle off Provence where I was staying by the Mary Magdalene caves, when Yemanya came to me once again, in the Light of the clear sparkling ocean waters, and with Her came a feeling of INNER BEAUTY and SENSUALITY. Upon my return the dolphins kept on coming in to our temple, and then my dear Magdalene sister Kim Ora Rose happened to post a sharing of this Aquamarine Dolphin Healing ray, channelled by Carolynn Lloyd. I loved it. It was such a beautiful and sensual experience for me, and as I received it so much Light Language came in and I felt like a beautiful Goddess and it was also very sensual. AQUAMARINE is an emotional healing ray that connects you to the peaceful compassionate energy of the Dolphins and of course we all receive it in our own unique ways... I was so inspired I made an extra AUDIO LIGHT TRANSMISSION especially for this attunement ....


Come swim with us water priestess of ancient times

Immerse yourself in the beautiful blues

Rest upon your power rock

Swim with us and receive a light portal healing

Receiving also the return of the crystals within again

We will take you deep into yourself on this visual journey

And we will guide you