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Magdalene High Priestess of the Golden Rose

in the Rainbow Crystal Temple



To be eligible for this course you need to have first completed

the year long Magdalene Rose Priestess Training by Ishtara Rose 

high priestess


We will journey through the layers of a Rainbow Crystal Temple

that lead to the Golden Christed Rose

This year you will embark deep into the very heart of the Golden Rose to reach the highest level that I currently teach in this linage, and for there you will be able to teach others and train them to be Magdalene Priestesses, be able to perform ceremonial rites of passage, and work as a High Priestess in any other ways that you are drawn. You will go to very deep levels in your inner knowing and healing and by the end you will have reached complete Union with your soul and your Higher Self. And once you have that union tasted and integrated you will be able to guide others completely at one with you Higher Self and with aspects of you soul and also in connection from not just the 4 key past lives that will come in this year, but from many other ones that you may not even consciously be aware of.

This is a very special course that will only draw those of you who are ready for it; and it will open you up to the ancient mysteries within you in a deeper way than you have ever worked before. As before, this is a year long pathway and your every day life will mirror the spiritual intentions and inner journey that you take in this temple, and this will bring to you opportunities and challenges for a much deeper self healing. So you will completely bring up to the surface all of those old emotions and issues which you need to release and this is your chance to dive even deeper into them than before. So be prepared.

You will travel through the MYSTICAL RAINBOW CRYSTAL ROSE TEMPLE. And as you know, at the end of all rainbows you will find GOLD.  The temple has 4 floors and each floor is a spiral through a gateway that leads to the gold, to the heart of Golden Rose. So there are 4 spirals and in each one there are 3 parts, one a month. The first part will be a healing, the second a ceremony and the 3rd a past life and by the end you will have performed 4 powerful ceremonies, embodied 4 key past lives, and undertaken 4 deep healings. 

It is run online in a similar way to the Priestess group and like the Priestess course, it is up to you to do the work and you get out of it what you put into it. As before, you are left to do the work in your own time and yet have my own continued support and feedback online. You make this yours. You go as deep as you can and are able and I highly encourage you to fully commit to grasp this opportunity to do so.


I highly recommend that you keep a journal daily and that you listen to your monthly audio teaching at the start of the month and then some you may even like to repeat again in the middle of the month as each time you listen you will receive something new. Please also pause the audio at times to go deeper and write notes in your journal. As you listen to the audio and also as you journal through the month, you will receive and write all the gifts and messages you receive both in the audios and in the month in your meditations and dreams.

You must write up your audio experiences in the facebook group by mid month. if it is not complete by the end of the month, or you cannot proceed to the next month.  This written work must be delivered on time. The spirals must be done in order, so if you miss sharing your work, then you cannot proceed. You will be expected to deliver an amount of words relative to the work you have been given; thus providing just one short paragraph will not be accepted.

You will be required to comment on the work submitted by the other initiates in the private facebook group much more than before, as a part of your training requisite, in order to deepen your mediumship even further and to learn how to interpret information others receive and give direction to them. Part of this includes writing one feedback a month for one of your sisters as well as commenting on your sister's posts. This is important part of your training. 


I will comment and give direction below your work, and this year I have 3 high priestesses also holding the temple who will be helping me with commenting and giving direction.

At the end of the course you will be asked to write an essay about yourself as a High Priestess and this essay is to be around 3,000 words.  I do not give detailed feedback on your essay, it is for you to complete your work, and with this I will be shown whether you are ready to be initiated as a High Priestess and if you have attained the right level of consciousness then you will receive your beautiful well earned initiation and the certificate proclaiming you as a Magdalene Rose High Priestess.

After training as a Priestess you may run circles and ceremonies and so on, but after training as a High Priestess you may go on to train others to be Priestesses of this lineage if you so wish in the ways that I will share.



I invite you to make a clear intention before stepping forth into the temple.


THE PATH OF GNOSIS IS THE PATH OF DIRECT EXPERIENCE The most important thing to understand now is that when you enter a temple EVERYTHING that takes place directly relates to it. So as you walk through each month, you have the audio to open the space and then from there every single thing that happens is related to the theme of that month. This is over held by Mary Magdalene and it is a sacred inner temple within you and in the ethers. So you will be taken to deeper and new levels, to open you, including some transitional challenges, in you life, to prepare you in this path. The path narrows as we travel along it. It is all happening and flowing for you to break you open and help you rise and align fully with you higher self. I can’t highlight enough how the temple works in these mysterious ways - once one sets foot in it every single thing in your life will become a part of the process, and there will be huge energetic shifts for this temple is very high energy and MM knows that is is the high level, she will be preparing you to fully become the high priestess in your own ways. So please know that although you have the one audio and the private group, and my monthly feedback, you will be undergoing so much more… in every moment. All your meditations and dreams and any spiritual practices, as well as events in you life, will also all align to this temple work.


MONTHLY AUDIO You need to listen to this at the start of the month and if you wish you can also repeat audio one again later in the middle of the month or however you feel, as each time you listen you will receive something new - the audios themselves are packed with layers. All your teachings are on the audio. Audio 2 & 3 do not need to be repeated unless you feel you need to. Please do pause the audio at times to go deeper and write notes in your journal.


DAILY PRACTISES I encourage you to sit daily in meditation in your own ways to visit the spiral gateway of the temple and receive knowledge as spirit brings it to you as you delve into your own process in your life. You go deep as you want and alongside your daily visualisation, you may also like to continue a self love practise prayer each day. I recommend regular journalling to help the process of gnosis and recognising the symbols in both your daily life and your dream space. I do not recommend undergoing any other intense courses this year, so you can fully commit to this process as this is about full union with your higher self and it is thus one of the most important years of your life.


WRITING UP YOUR WORK In the same way as the priestess training, you need to write a post in the private online group to share your experiences in the audio in the middle of the month, to give you time to work with the feedback that comes. You cannot proceed to the next spiral unless you have shared your work. This is your main post and you can label it, for example “SPIRAL 1 MONTH 1” so that we all know that it is your monthly work and you can tag your partner’s name for the month (see below). Then any other posts you make you can label “SHARING” so we know it is a sharing and not your work. You can share updates at the end of the month if you wish to, for comments.


PARTNERING UP This is a new addition to the course that came to me as an idea from Rameses. At the start of each month I shall partner you up with another high priestess. As part of your training it is essential to learn to give feedbacks and work with what stands out. Your partner that month is someone you will swop written feedbacks with. Just in the same way that I wrote feedbacks for you in the priestess training. When your partner posts their work, you will write a feedback for them in a new post headed “SPIRAL 1 MONTH 1” AND TAG THEIR NAME. You can illustrate the post as you wish. You will learn so much from doing this and I now understand that this is an essential part of the course. This will deepen your mediumship even further, and give you essential practise giving feedback and direction so by the end of this year it will be very natural for you to do so. As you write feedback it will also bring you teaching and reflection on your own spiral themes. Partners change each month and are chosen randomly but there will always be a divine flow and synch to this. You must write your partner's feedback within one week max of them posting it and I recommend spending an hour on it.


ACTIVE COMMENTING IN THE GROUP As well as writing you partner’s feedback, you are to comment underneath any work or posts submitted by your sisters in the private facebook group. This keeps us all connected and in flow and active in the group together and enables you to further practise commenting. These can be as long or short as you wish.


HOMEWORK There is homework which you also share about when you post your work, or you can write a second post at the end of the month about it (if you have not completed it when you make your mid month post about you audio experiences). This is not every month but usually involves sharing the ceremony you have been through with another. If you do make more than one post, your partner is only required to feedback to you main post and can just comment under your secondary post, or vice versa.



STEPPING UP I purposefully stand back a bit at times this year, so that you can step up in your role as high priestess, and also I try to open up the commentary so the focus is less on me telling and saying, but more on inviting you into your own self as oracle. This is so you can go deep into your own power and process, rather than me telling you and guiding you, you will comment on others and receive comments from others, and this is how you become more in your power. Myself and the other temple holders will be checking in to the group often to hold the space properly, help support you, share comments under your posts with any direction that comes through for you and so forth.


TEMPLE HOLDERS Through this year I will be holding the temple container and commenting on your posts and sharing and checking in, and we will also have Dawn, Emma and Kathy helping to hold the temple to support me and comment in my place at times.


ESSAY At the end of the year, you will need to write your 3000 word essay within 1 month of the completion of spiral 4. I do not feedback on the essay but is an important part of integrating and completing your process FOR YOU and I am also shown from it whether you are ready for initiation.


As a High Priestesses you have to be ready to be emptied out again and again until we get to the very bottom of core wounds, and heal the root of everything which has motivated us throughout our lives and into past lives, working and affecting many timelines, dimensions and our soul groups as we do this work. We have to go so deep into the heart to clear and clear and this is why the path gets narrower and this is why the High Priestess path is only for certain ones. 


Some people can do a Priestess or High Priestess training in a week, and whilst some people's karma may be ready for that, in this training you go into a deep process over a whole year so that you truly hold the flame within in a very real ways. Some High Priestess trainings are just filled with the beautiful things and whilst that is an important part of the path and very necessary at times, this lineage is the path of the total clearance of the emotional body to allow for utter self worth and self love to be felt and earned by doing the inner work yourself. In order to be here in the first place, you have already done much work in this in the priestess training, and in many other modalities and meditations that have led you to be here now, so you are ready to hold this flame at this level. 


We do the healing for ourselves, we learn for ourselves, so that we can do it for others. The path of GNOSIS -  you draw to us that which we will share with future clients and you will see that very often what spirit brings to you to experience, as you experience it you will be shifting and healing not only for yourself but for many others too, and people will call upon you who are going through very similar things. This is the higher path and it is not always easy and this is why we need one another in our group, even though we may work in solitary ways, we can connect and draw upon one another here wherever we need to. With this depth, comes wisdom. You will carry wisdom so deep within you by the end of this year. You will hold the beacon flame of the Christed Golden Rose, and you will have earned it. 

So in summary, this is all about the path of gnosis (or knowledge) and this means that your every day life will mirror your process within as you walk this year in the ways explained above. Although I provide teachings to be worked with throughout the course this is different from the original Priestess training because you are to take responsibility for continually working with the teachings you are given on your own much more. What I mean by this, is that this is not a course where you just share and contribute at the given times; it is to be a constant stream of unfolding within you where you are totally committed to opening yourself up to the deepest mysteries.

This is a journey through the self, where you will work through the 4 higher chakras until you reach the Crown which will complete your training. This is a journey of Ascension, of deep immersion into the mystical realms, of past lives, soul work, manifestation and magic. Each turn of the spiral is a journey through one of the floors of the Rainbow Crystal Temple always remembering that the Temple is you as you journey through yourself. The Temple carries great symbolism and it is the embodiment of Ascension. You will ascend up a golden spiral staircase until you eventually reach the top floor of the temple where the roof is a huge Golden Rose dome completely enveloping you as your Higher Self Soul over lights you and you receive Her flame in the deepest way possible.

High Priestess training
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