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 K U N D A L I N I  Y O G A  

A S  T A U G H T  B Y  Y O G I  B H A J A N

B O O K  Y O U R  P R I V A T E  L E S S O N  T O D A Y

personal tailored tuition just for you, either by skype or in person in South West of U.K.

A series of videos or private lessons, with accompanying notes where necessary, will teach you these very special key fundamental Kundalini Yogic kriyas (a series of exercises and poses) and mantras, some of which are 5000 years old, as brought to us and taught by Yogi Bhajan, in order to balance and shift energy and activate and raise the kundalini energy, in safe ways, using breathwork, movement, sound and meditation. Kriyas range from challenging to gentle.

Kundalini Yoga differs from other yoga in that it deals more with energy and following how you feel. Eyes are kept closed to keep connected with the feeling and instinct, finding your own inner rhythm, adjustments and alignment; and hands on adjustments are avoided as they interrupt the inner energetic flow, so kriya instructions are simply spoken and demonstrated.


The introductory beginner's course will present you with the key information and key kriyas from Kundalini Yoga - seemingly simple tools but ones which are by no means reserved for beginners - yogis have been practising & perfecting them for thousands of years; they can lead you deeper and deeper and are the foundation for a lifetime's practise.  ​


Kundalini yogic kriyas and mantras are ancient technology that goes straight to the core energetic root of issues, beyond mind, instantly shifting negativity into positivity, releasing emotional trauma & blocks without any psychoanalysis, changing your karma. Expect to bring in prosperity, health, abundance, miracles and more.  Personal lessons will be tailored exactly to suit your specific needs and you will be given meditations and kriyas to take on after the lesson to work with in your own time.

T H E  A Q U A R I A N  A G E

time to wake up

image by anson hartford

anson hartford

Yogi Bhajan once said that when we got to the Aquarian age (which we transitioned into in December 2012) 1/3 of the population will commit suicide, 1/3 will go mad, and 1/3 will wake up.  This only happens about every 2,150 years, so it’s a gift to be alive during this time. In 1991, we entered into the age of Aquarius and Yogi Bhajan predicted that we will be fully immersed in this age by 2035. "The age of Aquarius is coming our way. Emptiness, insanity and pain shall be everyone's affair. People will like to hit walls to see where they can go..." and speed will be everywhere - a million things to do, bringing anxiety, depression.  He spoke before the modern age of technology & the internet had taken hold.  He brought Kundalini Yoga to the West in 1968 to help us deal with the Aquarian age because he saw it coming.

The time has come of self-value. And the question is not: ‘To be or not to be;’ the statement is: ‘To be to be. I am, I am.’ The time has come not to search for God, but to be G.O.D.” ~Yogi Bhajan

K U N D A L I N I  Y O G A  A S  T A U G H T  B Y  Y O G I  B H A J A N


Yogi Bhajan brought Kundalini Yoga over to the West in 1968.  It is a Raja yoga which means that it was a secret yoga reserved for yogis and royals.  He decided that westerners and regular householders needed access to the teachings in order to save humanity.  We have now entered the Age of Aquarius and everything is speeding up.  He predicted that we would all 'go mad' unless we had a yoga that would shift our energy patterns very deeply and directly.  For this reason he taught a type of yoga that is the fast track - it is said that one year of serious daily Kundalini Yoga practice is equivalent to 22 years of a combination of other yogas, including 12 years of Hatha yoga.  The Sikh masters were not happy with him for opening up these sacred teaching to the masses, but he was felt very strongly that it was his destiny as guided to do so by his master Ram Dass.

For this reason it is very important to honour the teachings by following them as instructed.  They are a sacred system that we are honoured to have access to.  Respect for the teachings and respect for our Higher Selves is key to this practise. Each series of exercises or postures is called a kriya, and must be followed in the order it is given, in the way it is given, to the time it is given - usually time, mantra, breath and eye focus is also specified for each posture of each kriya.  The specific orders of the postures, making one full kriya, must be followed correctly at all times.


Postural and time modifications are possible for beginners. This is a yoga that is not about having a fit 'look good' body, it is about developing your inner radiance.  If you commit to the exercises they can also keep you fit but that is not the focus here.  So, for example, although I have been practising Kundalini Yoga for 5 years and am a trained teacher, I am still working with postural modifications, as I am following my personal body & energetic needs appropriate for my own personal and unique situation as a mother in my 40s. I do not force my body but allow it to do what it need to gently.  Some postures I can flex into fully, where as with others I may hold the posture energy in my mind as I do my best, especially if I have been out of practise. So wherever you are on the ratio from high fitness to highly unfit, you can do this.  It is great to be very flexible and be able to hold the postures and it is also okay not to be able to.  The point is, these are postural meditations working on the energy and aura, shifting our internal space and you can work them as deep as feels right.  There are 2 types of pain - good and bad.  Good pain is a stretch that is challenging but ultimately positive to hold; bad pain is a forcing against the body in a negative way.  Only you can only feel which pain is which and must follow this. Cushions and props may be used. You may rest if necessary during postures, but it is also good to challenge yourself by holding postures a bit longer each time.  A series of postures put together in a specific order make a kriya, some kriyas are thousands of years old and designed so that gently working into them is good for your body. 


Kundalini yoga is not to be mixed with any other practise or spiritual method. So if and when you follow other spiritual teachings, such a Reiki, or another type of meditation, that's great and they can really compliment, but please do that separately after your kundalini yogic practise. Again, the teachings must be followed as given.

Each kriya has a specific purpose and there are thousands of kriyas, designed to bring in health, luck, prosperity, remove blocks etc  The kriyas are often followed by meditations.  Mantra is also a key component of these yogic teachings.  The mantras are Sikh, easy to learn, and really boost your practise, helping the mind to focus on the exercises, easing them but also each mantra has specific seed sounds that activate certain energetic channels within the body both energetically and through meridians in the mouth.  Mantra is a like a magic formula that can shift your inner and outer worlds.  You can choose a mantra and kriya according to your needs, but mantras specifically given for specific kriyas must be honoured.  Chanting a mantra in meditation is a very powerful experience and brings great change; you can also chant in every day life.  This is known as Japa.  You can do your own or there are numerous musical albums of mantras to suit varied tastes.


O R D E R  Y O U R  P R I V A T E  L E S S O N   B Y  S K Y P E  N O W

1 hour private one on one taster individual lesson - £30

 Individual lesson with instructions, for your ongoing practise at home

Introductory course - £150 for 6 x 1 hour sessions 

Learn the fundamental kriyas & mantras through a series of 6 private lessons for a beginner's course

You will learn some of the basics of the philosophy of yoga including breathing techniques (pranayama),

how to live in the Aquarian age with the 5 sutras, locks (bandhas), yogic clothing, mudras etc

Upon completion you will have a solid foundation and practise to last a lifetime.


Disclaimer - As with all courses and treatments offered on this site, the ideas, procedures and suggestions in this course are not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of a trained health professional.  All matters regarding your health require medical supervision. Consult your physician before adopting the suggestions in the course or on the videos, as well as about any conditions that require diagnosis or medical attention.The teacher and publisher disclaim any liability directly or indirectly from the use of these videos and course instructions.

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