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YULE WINTER SOLSTICE 2023 is a big time in my light temples, we have both priestesses and high priestesses completing their year long immersions and preparing to ordain.  They have each committed to the process and dived deep, and so it is a very special time indeed.


In 2024 my work and offerings have changed completely for the new energies and I am birthing NEW LIGHT IMMERSIONS for those ready to go deeper now. The new light temple offerings are being prepared in the ethers and they will be ANNOUNCED SOON when I relaunch the website. So do check back in the next few weeks if you wish to start working with me, or continue working with me in 2024.


This is therefore a CHANCE TO PURCHASE ANY LIGHT TRANSMISSION & CEREMONIAL AUDIOS before I launch the new offerings and remove these pages from public access. So if you have been thinking of getting any support through very affordable light transmission audios, then this is a chance. It is a wonderful time over cmas to have this support and they can each present an opening for the new of 2024. You can browse through them as if you are looking at oracles and see which ones draw you. Some people like to get a few as a package and work through them as if they are in a sacred process: they hold the space for this very well, doing one a day or one a week. 


The ceremonies are also very very powerful immersions indeed and I also highly recommend them 


For those who have not done this yet THE MEDIUMSHIP IMMERSION IS NOW AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE IMMEDIATELY AND START WHENEVER YOU WANT AT THE ORIGINAL PRICE STILL OF JUST 555, another amazing opportunity to support yourself over cmas and open the doors for expansion in 24. I do highly recommend it. I wrote and recorded it in the ways that I would have wanted to have it offered when I was deepening my mediumship, with techniques and guidance and actual audios designed to open the pineal.  Each week you get 3 audios: an in-depth teaching audio you can listen to when doing other things, and then 2 meditation audios, a journey and an activation. The teachings audios were pre written and the journeys and activations came through channelled in the moment. You also have the audios for lifetime access. It is a 5 week course but you can take as long as you wish and some people like to repeat the course because it is multi layered. There is also an optional hidden private fb group to comment with others on the course.

Thanks for subscribing!

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