Have you ever wondered who Marie Antoinette was and if history gave us the real story?


Marie Antoinette was a rose, scapegoated by courtiers and revolutionaries alike, grossly misunderstood. She had Petit Trianon built as soon as she arrived at Versailles and there she placed The Temple of Love, the cave grotto, and the smaller house The Belvedere, by the waters. It was here she loved to escape and be natural as possible and spend much of her time with her inner circle of close friends. It was mysterious and secretive and led to gossip and slander by so many. At that time Paris and Versailles was linked to many mystery circles with enigmatic characters like Comte St Germain and temples such as the Isis temple under Notre dame (hence the name Paris). Note that the royal family were well aware of Magdalena and oft visited her cave. The Temple of Love is in fact connected to the portal at Rennes les Bains and major ley lines linking some key portals or stargates. Egyptian and occult knowledge is evident in the architecture, fashions, decorations, furniture, painting of those times, with much used symbols such as the Fleur de Lis and pinecones. The many occult groups were not all working together. The occult and masonic groups that existed in these circles at those times were all working very differently, and some were good and some not so good, and this together with secrecy,  propaganda and slander, has given rise to many various untruths and conspiracy theories, some true and some not. 

Marie Antoinette was in a rose circle of women, working in the light and of the Light, they were very pure and of the rose by soul not always by birth (and not all of the circle were of royal birth). And of rose lineages, they were working with rose (Divine Feminine) to seed Light and had an affinity with Venus, which was aligned to the Temple of Love that they activated as a star gate and which she designed with her architect. It has a beautiful energy of Love and Light.

In healing Marie Antoinette, we heal all of those wounded part of ourselves where as roses we have taken on others stuff as empaths, felt osctracised, misunderstood, hated or blamed even by others who project their stuff upon us, for simply being who we are and for feeling or being different to others around us

If you are drawn to know more, it means you are a rose and you are ready to play your part to activate rose stargates including this one.


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Love Light Blessings to all xxxx

versailles goddess

I M A G E S t h e Hercules ceiling at Versailles & the A p h r o d i t e ceiling at Versailles

versailles goddess marie antoinette and mary magdalene