A series of Light Transmissions made live in sacred areas of Provence.




This video is made up of a series of light transmissions made live in both the cave of St Maximin La Saint Baume, and also made in the Basilica of St Maximin directly in front of the most sacred relic of the skull of Mary Magdalene, by a water fountain and in an olive orchard in the foothills of the caves in the national park of St Baume. They are put together to form this one video activation and introduction, that together makes a most powerful sacred activation into the energy of Mary Magdalene and the roses.

This is the most sacred place that emanates the most powerful vibrations of the Magdalena who lived in these caves. She came here with many other Marys and the water priestesses, or roses, were accompanied by Men who also held the frequency, such as Lazarus. These beautiful souls that came here are reborn today as you and me, we hold the light of the rose, we are the water priestesses. They (we) came to this land because it holds the light of the Goddess, with many underground chambers and waters, it has been a site of Goddess worship for eons and the land here holds keys to ancient wisdom and powerful light energies. Today we can receive the energies of these lands through visiting or receiving through time and space with these transmissions. If you are resonating you associate & identify with this energy here, with being a rose and one of the water priestess tribes, the Marys.

THE WHITE IN THE BLACK When I made this sacred activation, the amazon was burning after Lion's gate (August 2019). I felt sad for the Earth and yet felt Her immense light too. MM came to these lands in Provence holding the purest and highest vibration of Light imaginable, even though she knew what was to come. This sacred activation brings in these energies both of this land and of this space of holding Light within the dark - the light in the caves, the white and the black, allowing the feeling into the sadness & wounds of the times whilst simultaneously opening to uplift into the purity of the highest vibrations of Light. So this activation is about this Light that we bring in, and hold and access, in response to these times of the patriarchy and darkness. It holds the essence of the white light in the darkness. The white rose. So it brings in this energy of those needing the white rose, the white diamond light, who have traversed or look for answers to the darkness in the world - which is ultimately the darkness and and wounding within us. We are within the Earth and the Earth is within us. We are all one. So it is time to BOTH feel and these wounds and also to uplift from them to shine the light. We allow the tears to flow as we feel the sadness and yet we also uplift into the LIGHT of ascension, which is happening and is prophesied. 


I invite you to bring in 3 key words of resonance within - inner beauty, uplift, delight - and to receive and meditate with these 3 feelings, as you enter into imagining and flowing with true abundance; and open to receive these most sacred Magdalene Rose Light Transmissions streamed live from these sacred lands.




Please watch in the following order 

1. THE SACRED ACTIVATION OF WHITE ROSE (22 minutesis very very powerful and this is the main Sacred Activation - a combination of Light transmissions streamed live in the most sacred places as described above. Please set a sacred space to receive before opening and pressing play. It is up to you how deep you decide go to receive the energies. You may repeat it at various times in your life to receive the energies when you need to, or watch it just once. Watch with palms up and open to receive deep.

2. WILD ROSE LIGHT TRANSMISSION (6 minutes) Live from St Baume by the caves, this is light transmission streaming through the energies of Mary Magdalene and the wild rose will complete the above Sacred Activation


3. COMPLETION WITH WATER  (1 minute) short 1 minute extra just to finalise the uplift with short transmission of Light energies of Yemanya and Mary from the waters of Porquerolles, a sacred gem of an island off Provence. (This 1 minute video is also available for free on youtube channel).

* Please download all 3 video zip files immediately after purchase.

* Please open to receive fully in a set sacred space, which you may prepare before hand however you feel drawn - perhaps light candles, place crystals around in a grid, have flowers present, wear a beautiful item of clothing etc