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Why I am retiring from running the Magdalene Temple

Updated: Feb 20

(and yet still very much holding the flame bright birthing new light temples)

This a lengthy read and I do believe for those on the priestess path it is worth reading for the reflections.

They once cut off the rose priestesses heads with a sword. Now they have no power to do that. The rose rose: we have risen. Our heads are back on!!! In my spirit journeys, when I bowed, spirit used to say again and again, do not bow. Many I held space for got the same messages. They say that when you bow you give your head, your skull, your ’caput’ (meaning ‘head’ in latin) to the one you bow to. You give your divinity, your sovereignty and your power away. We are now learning to keep it for ourselves and bow to no one. No one. Not even ascended masters (any true ascended master does not want you to bow). 

Now ‘they’ try to take the head in a new way: by getting us to put it in a black digital box. Another form of decapitation. This is why it is important to take time off line. ('Use a computer but don't let a computer use you' as Prince famously once said).

The sisters of the rose, the daughters of the rose, the ones who recall this from past life memory, dreams, visions, whispers in the night…. they are awake now and more are waking, remembering, just like sleeping beauty herself. They are keeping their heads, and crowning themselves. 

But to do this is a choice, a path, and not an easy one. With layers and layers and layers. I say it is a choice, but really there is no choice, it is our destiny to rise and be sovereign. Some may do all they wish to try to stop this, but they cannot. They each reap their own karma.

These end times are also the beginning times. These are the times of the prophecy. 

So it can be difficult but we knew what we were getting into when we came here, we were born for this time, and we have immense support in the ethers, immense.

I have had a troll for 3 or 4 years. She slanders me with vile accusations and names, and obviously really believes it although she is so devastatingly wrong. From my perspective, this woman was acting out the role of the thing she accused me of. She was channeling spiteful angry energy at someone again and again and again. That is hatred. That is not love. She has so many multiple accounts and is friends with many of my followers from many of the different accounts so it is difficult to shift her, once one is named she opens a new account and so on. She plays cat and mouse. It appears she does it to many other spiritual teachers affiliated with the rose and priestess paths (a file has been opened by someone about it and a circle has grown up around to support). 

I did not pay it any attention but now I have had enough. Sure I am aware to “forget what others think, and care less what they say” but it has given me much to reflect upon, and I am grateful for the lessons and reflections it has brought me. The energy has now been cleared. And really I wish to thank her because she has taught me alot, and as a result of the dive, I am changing all my work and coming away from doing Magdalene temples. And not in a defeatist way, but in a very positive way. It has been a catalyst.

This has come at a time when there are so many priestesses out there now. Perhaps that is what has sent her to be so triggered because she picks up on the illusions and falsities and then places it on people out there. We live in a time of so much falsity and horrific things coming to light that it breeds distrust. And just like this troll, I also myself find myself distrusting well known teachers, and looking for and seeing their symbols, and wondering if they are pure and channeling the right energies ie one of them looking so lovely and sweet in her posts which then include an image of a bruised left eye, why is she doing that in this climate when everyone knows what that symbolises? Many are superficial and lost in ego, which is fine and not so dangerous but there are also those who purposefully mislead, channel the ‘wrong’ energies, and perhaps even re-invented cult leaders. Wolves in sheep & shaman's robes.

I went into a church in Italy last year and a service was going on. It was meant to be beautiful, but I felt sick. What I saw was a man being tortured and sacrificed on a cross looming over the room whilst the innocent masses led by the priest were making strange incantations before it in a sort of hypnotised trance.  It was like a horror movie. Perhaps that’s the kind of thing this troll sees in me, and she believes I am like this priest and what she doesn’t realise is that she’s taken fight with the wrong person. If she wants a fight, she should be fighting those who channel bad energies or do horrific things and lead innocents astray, (like the many vile things the church have done) and so it seems this lady genuinely believes that is what I am doing with my priestess training.

But really in the end when we come across such a priest or demon, as we perceive it, this path is about love, and being the thing you wish to see in the world. Shining out the LIGHT, not attacking and fighting with hatred to take the demons down. In the end, all that is left, is love. Everything else is just a separation from love. Our role is to be the love.

It is good that the vile things that go on in the world are coming out, but it is too much for most of us to witness and it is too much for me. Just because I led priestess trainings and am a spiritual mentor doesn’t mean I am some ‘know it all guru’. I have never claimed to be that. I am simply sharing my heart and sharing the light that comes through me. Although the channeling comes through fast and clear with life changing results, it is a ‘talent’ that is difficult to navigate (all of you reading here as creatives and mediums will understand this only too well). I find it difficult having things projected upon me, being the mirror. The teacher who is meant to know everything (and doesn’t) or the teacher who people turn against and attack or the one who people hold on a pedestal as a guru or then attack as a self proclaimed guru, but I never did that. It is all projection. I am the mirror, what is thrown at any teacher, is your own stuff. Including the troll. Teachers are simply mirrors. 

And the priest? Despite the horrific things the church, eduction, healthcare, banking systems, freemasonry, media and elites have done, there are many pure and good priests, teachers, doctors, businessmen, freemasons, journalists, actors and elites out there who are doing good in the world and sharing good sermons, lessons, business ventures, media (music, articles, books, movies) and so forth. 

Many of them are fed up with the gov box ticking or other controls from above, so that they end up retiring, for it goes against their good intentions for getting into the business in the first place. Others fight it and turn against it and protest in positive ways, some get vile and angry and filled with hatred. Others turn it around and make good changes and produce positive work as best they can even if it means less funding, and when God is on your side miracles happen. One can react in many ways.

Let us not tar and demonise entire institutions and groups of people with one brush because of certain bad eggs or the corruption from above. Let us not make war with a good priest because of a bad one or a good doctor because of a bad one. Yes most doctors are pharma salesmen and most teachers are gov programming officials and most media stars are puppets, and have their hands tied by the contracts that pay them, ie institution and gov and financial laws. Some are part of that agenda and purposefully implement it, some see through it, some do not and are lost in their training and fast asleep and know not what they do (If they know not what they do, let us not demonise them!!!!) And some of them are awake to it all and stay with it, work in and between that to genuinely help. There are some amazing doctors, priests, teachers, police, businessmen doing very positive things.

With all this truther movement exposing this horrific stuff, let us please remember that alot of that is mistruth too, and controlled opposition. Be careful what you listen to - read the energy. Go with what is light. (This is not bypassing, you can still see the layers and go with the light) These truther channels are infiltrated and many plants are there purposefully leading astray. Just like the heavy infiltration in every part of infrastructure of society, including the spiritual priestess community.

And people can be set up. A minor example, I recall once being on a call with a spiritual male teacher who invited me to do some yogic mudras and I pulled one and it felt wrong so I said, I did not feel comfortable and did not continue. I then saw he was recording the call. I asked him why. I felt very violated and came off the call and wrote to him about it but cut contact after that. Again, another incident of naivity and perhaps the event was innocent but it is symptomatic of this time to be discerning.

Karma is a strange thing. In the world of spirit it is not about moral right and wrong, that is human concept. There is no emotion, judgement or opinion as such. It is simple - the energy you give out comes back. Not right not wrong, just you reap what you sow. Simple.

Love or hate. Is this action, these words, this feeling, this decision one from love or one triggered by hate? Does it shine with light, or has it got shadow? What do you feel, does it come from clarity or is it an emotional wounded trigger? That is always the compass. Come back to that again and again with every video, every post you read and every decision you make. We are only human we don't always get it right so do not berate yourself, but we must all take self responsibility and learn to tune in to this. One step at a time. We are only human.

When I first opened the Way of the Rose Magdalene Priestess Temple after many initiations in the Magdalene Priestess & High Priestess with my incredible, trusted teacher and friend Margaret Hunt, it was about the LIGHT.

I had a life mission and it was very simple and it came from spirit, and it was this message SPREAD THE LIGHT. And I saw how shining light made shadow disappear. That simple. Well looking back, not quite. The actual message that came (I was in my late teens early 20s and very open and naive and on LSD and I wish to state that I have not taken medicine since my early 20s as I teach the clearer paths) The actual message was “spread the light before it is too late” and it was repetitive and very urgent and from beyond. The entire trip was meant to be a little fun, I had no idea what I was about to experience, and it was all unexpected and blasted me open. At times I sort of dropped the latter bit and the urgency as it felt fearful. But that is how it came and I guess that subconsciously that urgency and fear also drove me with my life path. So that is something I have had to address. That was back in 1994 and some decades later I learnt that at that exact time there was a great astrological configuration with Sirius as a great wave (which I actually saw in the same trip) and the last time this happened was supposedly when Lemuria was seeded - that huge. (I read this many years later in a channelled text named Lazarus).

And so looking back even when I opened the way of the rose and the Priestess temples not so long ago really, I was very naive!! And I had no idea like everyone, what was coming in 2020. During that time I have been attacked, slandered, demonised, rejected, ostracised, had my work and name stolen (again and again), received all sort of emails, messages, links about things the have made my eyes open so wide, shown vile hierarchical and bizarre temple cults and societies that no one would believe. I am not a feisty ambitious young thing, I am tired, sensitive, gentle, and wish for a simple life, and not cut out to be exposed to all that.

I have also met the most incredible women: courageous, beautiful, pure hearted, powerful, beautiful women from all countries, ages, backgrounds, walks of life, and I am so deeply humbled and grateful for that and they have all truly been my own teachers. Not to mention the dreams, visions, journeys that they have shared when opening their hearts, and the things I have in turn channelled for them. In my trainings I simply share journeys and the students goes on their own path and finds their own guides and connections, it is about empowering one to know how to really validate and listen to themselves, and the entire temple teachings are based on one concept: SELF WORTH. 

So in holding these temples, the Light has been as powerful as the dark.  Being a high priestess holding a temple has blown every part of me apart, in ways my naive self had no idea about. And of course, how to re-enter society after that and try and blend with more ‘normal’ people, can be isolating and lonely. Grounding and nature is a good friend.

So I am happy so many are now doing it and recalling, that is what we want. We want many many many rose priestesses remembering, rising up, recalling, waking, and birthing the light. We need this.

We want the light to spread and spread and spread.

But I am not happy it has been spread around like a trend, so heavily infiltrated, taught by people who have no proper understanding, and is filled with superficial glamour.

And that is nothing, for much worse, newly awakened ones are being hoovered up by really dodgy teachers and people, like this troll, throwing vile and horrible and sickening accusations mistakenly on innocent lovely people. Just like the Cathars or wise women were accused back in the day of horrific atrocities. In the same way we see innocents (from actors to politicians) demonised with wicked acts that are untrue, reported on as 'revealing the truth' by truther channels, and whilst many may be true, remember that many are not. We see q anon exposures that associate anyone using Goddess or Egyptian symbols, or things like tarot, as being dark occult satanists, when it could not be further than the truth. The symbols were just hijacked. It is dangerous times when there is an air of mistrust and witch hunting. But history will not repeat, we have got this and the Light always wins.

Why is this happening? The end times. The collective vibes of these times, the digital world and social media, the strange sickening agendas being implemented towards control of the one w*rld order. What some call ‘cosmic wars’ coming to a head. This is an ancient battle from ancient history that goes back through time, through world wars, revolutions, past Jerusalem to the falls of Egypt and Atlantis and the resets. There is so much shadow that needs to come up to be seen. Timelines are being cleared now. And so although there are just so many dodgy teachers, stealing work, posing as glamour queens, and it has become unpleasant and superficial and fake and infiltrated, this is a clearing that also lends to the rebirth.

And it is so right that these mystery circles and teachings were kept held in safe quiet secret containers for good reason. It doesn’t feel right to me to have sacred ceremonies blasted across social media, meta, blended with AI.

So I am now happy to publicly announce, that it is time now for these and many other reasons, for me to gracefully step down and hand the Magdalene Temples over to trusted hands, whilst I continue with new and different Light temple offerings

And so to say that for those who seek the Magdalene path I leave you in exceptional hands: for those genuine souls who are drawn to the priestess arts and know it is time to explore this way of light, and are wondering where to go and who to do it with, those who want to explore the priestess path in true, gentle, private, quiet, beautiful, deep soulful ways, I can recommend excellent teachers who are the real deal.

So if you are drawn to Magdalene Temple Training, please enquire and I will point you in the direction of some incredible, trustworthy, amazing mature high priestess women in this Magdalene lineage that passes through me (from Margaret), who know exactly what they are doing.

Also to say that I myself will be sharing new but different light offerings and creative work. Whilst I am retiring from holding Magdalene temples and enjoying a lovely pause, I am not retiring from light work, and continue as ever to spread the light.

And so new Aphrodite Temple offerings are coming in Spring (which the Marys are still very much a part of by the way) and you can find out more here

I will also be opening a new community at some point for those drawn to come and connect in a held online space. Again, if you are interested please enquire to go on the list for when it opens, since it is not open to all and anyone. It is a mystery school for a reason, to keep it safe and sacred, So when you enquire just let me know a little about who you are and why you are drawn. This is not because it is for ‘the chosen few’ but to keep the space safe and properly held for those of you who join.

And just to let you know that at the moment I still have the very powerful and special mediumship expansion 5 week immersion audio course (highly recommend) which is still available for £555 (price may possibly raise this year so if you are keen then go for it now) and a couple of other offerings available on my sites

In these times we choose. We choose which one we will go with. Which reality. But just because one chooses the positive 5d reality doesn’t mean it is all easy and wonderful from then on in. There are layers of deaths and rebirths and they are coming in thick and fast FOR US ALL. Taking the decision to retire from holding magdalene priestess temples has been one of those for me but I rest assured I leave those of you who need good teachers in exceptional hands. And we remember, it all happens for us and not to us. And so I thank this troll who has taught me so much. 

I am very much looking forward to connecting with some of you with my new work when it launches in spring, this one has been a big death to ride through, and as such, the light and rebirth is super powerful and bright and amazing. The Light is spreading.

And let us remember, I will end as I started, this is not an end but a birth, it is really a VERY POSITIVE announcement to declare that THE ROSE PRIESTESSES HAVE RISEN AND THEY ARE HERE AGAIN IN THEIR FULL SOVEREIGNTY AS PROPHESIED

The MER is shining her LIGHT so very bright

and now 2024 a whole new phase and cycle of even brighter Light work than ever before has commenced 


You see,


Love to all,

Ishtara xx


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