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This is a simple 13 minute audio to the soothing background noise of rain falling on the roof, to download to save to your music files to listen to as often as you require, ideally morning and evening, to align to your intention and your choice to be smoke free if you so wish, by sitting in sacred space to receive sacred codes. Includes blessing tobacco and feeling into clearing habit to release concerns and presents a gateway to step into your own empowered free choice, working with spirit including Bababji to receive codes of health and higher self alignment.


Also offered for free on Ishtara Rose youtube. 


Releasing tobacco can be hard but it can also be very easy if we make space to get to the root - well as downloading and listening to this audio gateway into your aligned choice, you may wish to go deeper into the root with the 'release false addictions' package. 


Look at how each day could be, especially the morning, and look at why you want this.


Tip for tobacco clearing!

Work with the D -

Delay reaching for tobacco and instead -

Deep breathe

Drink water

Distract with an empowered activity

Direct to new thoughts and choices

Dance or shake

Deliver self into beauty and alignment



13 MINUTES SMOKE FREE affirmations in the rainfalls

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