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Pleiadian Tachyon = Crystal & Diamond Light Frequency

as channelled by Ishtara Rose


This is a unique NEW upgraded light energy attunement system channeled by myself Ishtara Rose in and for the new energies coming through 2020 to prepare us for the next decades.


Tachyon Reiki attunements were brought in by Ole Gabrielson in 2008 and 2012 called 'Tachyon 1-9' and 'Tachyon Source'. I do offer these as well so please email if you are interested.


But I then received this new form of it unexpectedly in meditation as a new form of Light Tachyon for the new age and it is a very different light ray. I was originally offering it alongside Ole's attunements, but I am now called to simply offer this one on its own, as is my guidance.


I find I use this one only now as it holds the light of all tachyon energy to a powerful level because it comes direct through Pleiadian Masters, and it carries the vibrations needed for the new times as the tachyon in its purest source. It is very similar to diamond ray. It just came in whilst I was in meditation and it is very very beautiful energy and it comes in for this time. It comes with Pleiadian Masters of Light Healing Chambers.


You may have heard of the Tachyon crystal beds in the Pleiades for miraculous healing and reversal of ageing. This energy ray comes in directly from those Light crystal beds in the Light healing temples in the Pleiades, brought in with the healing light masters of the Pleiades.  The energy ray also comes in with very high vibrational clear ethereal tachyon light crystals which you will also feel. You will feel it come both from crystals in the Healing Temple and also you may feel light tachyon crystal ‘manifest in the light’ within your hands.


The word “Tachyon” comes from the Greek word “tachy” and means acceleration. Although Nikola Telsa the physicist (1856-1943) was said to have worked with Tacyon, the name Tachyon was introduced in 1966 by Gerald Feinberg, a physicist at the Columbia University. Tachyons are subatomic particles that travel faster than light. They are particles that infuse physical matter with spiritual light. And because Tachyon is faster than speed of light, it is used in this way as a tool to direct God pure source light to a fast and high vibration - and it really works. You need to experience it to understand it.


There are many different ways of working with Tachyon energy. Some ways include the complex use of sacred geometry, crystal grids and a particular technology process. For example, the Tachyonized™ products which David Wagner manufactures at his factory go through machines in a process which takes 14 days to complete.   




This way offers tachyon energy as light ray and is not through technology, it is by connecting direct with the healing energy ray itself for self and others as a reiki energy, using that in the same way you use any reiki - to create healing for self and others, to charge crystals, emf protective devices, jewellery, charge food and water etc.  


People have different opinions of what works best and if this can work as a reiki ray or not… my advice is to try it for yourself. It is super bight and powerful and comes through Pleiadian masters of light.


To understand this particular ray, it has to be experienced directly rather than read about.


You may even simply ask to get a feel of Tachyon Light energy now in meditation to get a sense of it and if you want to work deeper you may enjoy this attunement, alongside exploring any other ways that draw you or call you in receiving Tachyon.

If you decide you want to receive this ray you will receive guidance or a warm drawing / yearning to do so. You can also know that you can do this yourself,  simply asking to receive it direct from the pleiadian master through intention and request.


If you wish to purchase to receive this with my guidance by distance, then please do so here and once you have purchased you can download the pdf instructions and then please email to ensure I have notification of your purchase. Allow me 3 - 5 days to do the attunement (or sooner) and I will email you when it is ready for you to receive.  There is no audio with this.


Note that this is the distant attunement. You can also request to receive this in a live attunement on my reiki attuenment page.


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