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W A T E R  V O R T E X  I N I T I A T I O N 

A L I G N I N G  T O  T H E  D I V I N E  F E M I N E  W A T E R  V O R T E X


I have experienced some beautiful work with Mary Magdalene in the springs, connecting with the waters and travelling in a vortex from there to Sirius. I would like to share this as an initiation, in the format of an audio guided journey to listen to in ceremony and it will be your journey so the waters will call you to a place of your own, and give you your own messages and take you to places and a planet that is aligned with YOU.  


This is to be a very special and personal ceremony for you. You channel healing light to the waters and at the same time you receive information and vibrational light healing from the waters as you do this. Water is the Goddess essence, so you align to her information and energy. She is an intelligent healing ray that connects to other planets and She is the substance of Goddess incarnate, and a vortex for Divine Feminine rising energies for our planet.  You will send healing throughout our planet from another planet, using and working with water, whilst receiving blessing, then you realign back onto the Mother Earth acting as an anchor for these energies whilst receiving a secondary blessing and healing. This is a type of initiation, and as you align to the mermaids and dolphins you also align to becoming a true Mer-y (Mary) or Mer - maid, that is, a water 'priestess', a 'priestess' of the goddess. This is not a priestess training, it is a water initiation, a baptism almost, and even more powerful to do it for yourself. It is guided and over looked by Mary Magdalene and Isis and you will commence your journey in the hot springs with Mary Magdalene.

This is especially wonderful to do during the next full moon, but follow your intuition and do it when suits.  


You will receive a set of pdf instructions and a 35 minute audio as well as a womb (or hara if you are a man please simply change the word 'womb' for 'hara') blessing to play before. Please allow minimum of one hour to do this process, plus preparation.  Before doing the initiation you will set your intention and you may want to prebook a time with me so I can tune in and bless your ceremony, but I can do this at a later time if you want to get on and do it. You will set this up as a ceremony by following the instructions sent then simply play the audios. 


Once you have done the initiation you do not need to repeat it - the initial blessing has been completed. However some people do like to repeat the audio or read through the process in weeks, months, years to follow, as a guide and basis for future water blessing whenever it is needed, as a healing or simply to connect with the Goddess. So it is also provided in written format, but please only read it after the ceremony as you need to listen to the audio first to get the full energetic transmission. Following the ceremony you may email me with your experiences so I may provide feedback should you wish.


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