seal of solomon

This is not just an energy attunement into a ray that can be used like a reiki, but it is also an initiation into the Seal of Solomon for those who are ready for this stage. This is a deep and profound initiation into the Light that you will receive on a one one to one guided zoom call in person with me Ishtara.


You will feel called to receive it by your guides and you know it is for you. It is rather like a protective amulet that when you receive, it takes you to a new level of mastery.


It acts like a rite of passage and it is to be done as a ceremony. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU WRITE THE CEREMONY YOURSELF AND AFTER PURCHASE YOU CAN DOWNLOAD INFORMATION AND INSTRUCTIONS ON THIS. We will then arrange a time to connect by landline phone or video call. The call can take anything from 20 minutes to 40 minutes and it is different each time.


Why are you drawn to receive the Seal of Solomon?

Please answer this in your heart, each of you have come here for your own unique reason.

This is only for those who are ready and drawn here.


The Seal of Solomon marks a new level of mastery so you are only here if we call you. The Seal of Solomon is the Mastery of LOVE and can only be used to seal LOVE of the PUREST and HIGHEST vibrations.  It comes with Solomon, and also Joseph of Arimathea and Jesus are Masters here, as well as AmunRa who is the Light Master who brings it here through from his chamber below the sphinx.The Seal of Solomon also comes with the Divine Feminine energies of Sheba, Ishtar, Isis, Magdalena. The Seal of Solomon comes to all people of genders and all races and all tribes and all religions, who are ready for pure light mastery.

This is an energy. It is different to the medieval texts on the different seals and keys, and it differs to masonic interpretations and so on.  It comes to each of you unique as an energy ray, as a light, as an initiation into something very beautiful and special and it comes to make your mastery.  


You are living in a time now when mastery is your own path, taken upon yourself, with direct line to God from within. You are living in a time when knowledge is available and the keys to the kingdom thus also readily available.  You are the forerunners of the golden age.


The Seal of Solomon allows you to remain in full alignment with the mastery truths and thus untouched by lower vibrations and thus this is why it is a talisman for protection for indeed it will keep you in the Light. It gives you a great power to access truth and hold truth for humanity right now.


Can I pass it on to others once I have received it?


Only God grants you this power, your guides will share with you if this is so or if it is just meant to be for you. Both paths are as high and as valid as one another. If you decide to pass it on you will do as you are guided by your masters and only those ready will come to you and only those who are meant to receive it will receive it. If you try to give it to someone not ready, no harm can come, this is a talisman of purest light, but it simply will not flow for them. But really if they are not ready they will not be drawn and if they want to use it for personal power they will not be able to. I will send you information on how to do this is you are called to.


This is my suggested donation. If you cannot afford to do this but you know it is right, I am open to discussion xxx