S E L F  L O V E  -  S E L F  W O R T H  

T R A N S M I S S I O N   P A C K A G E



and it all starts with self love

The way of the rose mantra is

I am self worth, self love, self belief

to be beautiful is to feel beautiful

I feel the rose within


Many of us have been given the wounding of not being good enough. Deep within like a shameful hidden secret, we feel wrong, inferior, inadequate, not quite right, ashamed of oneself, embarrassed... This may be so deep you do not even realise it is there. To avoid feeling it we tuck it right away and cover it over with over confidence, over beautifying, or not beautifying enough, and it may result now and again in nervousness, depression due to avoidance of feeling within and using escapism and distraction from oneself. Or there will be repeated stories of abuse or victimhood - others not treating you well in some way. In this transmission we do not look at the root cause (story or traumatic event) but instead we deal with the root feeling (which is feeding from the initial cause). This is because the stories, including childhood abuse however large or minor, are actually symptoms not causes, as this wound may even go back many lives.


​If this resonates, then to heal this you need to go deep within to find it and FEEL it, and then instead of just releasing it we transmute it.

This 36 minute audio will guide you through the process enabling you to transmute this wound into a genuine deep self worth and divine inner grace and self love. IT IS A BOTH A TRANSMISSION AND ACTIVATION, as it will anchor deep within you. 

If everyone loved themselves themselves deeply, then the world would be a very different place. 

This is very different to narcissicm or that negative saying "she loves herself so much"  - which refers to state in which one actually does not love oneself but resides in ego.  True self love naturally enables you to love others, and others to love you. It is deeply genuine, and there are few who carry it. When you carry it, it does not make others feel intimidated but in fact it frees them to feeling good too.


Once you have done this transmission, you will start draw to you people who respect and honour you, and you will find relationships change as others who are unable to operate on that level (and you may have never noticed) drop away.  The transition will be over time, so it is essential to keep up a very simple daily routine of self love meditation or affirmation of the mantra, even if just 5 minutes, but to keep you anchored during the transition whilst things shift and arise.

You will be sent instruction on how to set up the transmission as a ceremony. The optimum results from this depends how much you put into it - so place your intention and really make the time to feel the lack of self worth within, the more you feel it, the deeper the transmutation into sacred and deep self love. Just follow the instruction on the audio. 


You also receive 3 other self love booster audios that are shorter transmissions between 10-15 minutes each, to keep you fully aligned as really self love is an ongoing practise that is never done and ticked off. We must return to it all the time. You may of course repeat the full 36 minute transmission whenever you feel you need to go in deeper again.

You will receive -

  1. PDF instructions

  2. 1 X 45 minute transmission audio - this is the main ceremonial audio.

  3. 3 X bonus extra booster10-15 minute self love transmissions.

* Please note that this is different from the 15 minute self love transmission. This 15 minute transmission will also be sent to you as a bonus extra to listen to when you purchase this transmission package. Or you can buy it on its own instead for just £4 as listed on the Light Transmission Page menu xx

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