R O S E  T E M P L E

S O U L  R E A D I N G S

Do you feel drawn to receiving a soul reading?

Soul readings are channeled messages received especially for you primarily from Divine Feminine Sisterhood of Light

but other guides and beings may step forward.

 Soul readings are readings about your soul and spiritual path, which will help you move forward and grow in this lifetime, and include whatever is shown in that moment for your soul to receive. You may receive specific messages or exercises, tarot, visualisations, healing, past life, whatever spirit wants to impart, and very often it comes to you in the form of both an overall pdf and an audio channeling transmitting light energy to you as the words are channeled through for you .


After lighting a candle for you and meditating and aligning, acting within Divine Light and the Highest Good, I tune into receiving messages for you and will spend up to 2 hours focused upon channeling messages for you.  Anything can arise, and I have no idea what will come up until I tune in.  Usually it comes in the form of a PDF soul reading over view, along with the audio recording, but this may be different as it all depends on what I am guided to do in the moment.

You may receive anything from specific meditations and exercises to colour rays, crystals, essences, past life reading, light language, tarot card, healing, visualisation journey or ceremony - whatever is relevant for your emotional wellbeing or healing at this time. If healing is also necessary, it happens as a flow of Light energy channelled into you like Reiki, whilst I direct it to you specifically, but also it always also happens naturally as you receive the energetic light transmission of the reading audio. 

Most readings include an audio transmission that comes in direct as I channel in for you and record as I do so. I have no idea when I start recording what will come, so it is very specific to you and I have no idea how long it will be. As you listen you can pause any time to go deeper. You will be instructed clearly on the audio and the audio will act an an energetic transmission and soul healing direct, specific for you, channelled through me, direct from the sisterhood of Light, whichever guide comes through at the time, I cannot know before hand. As you listen the words will actually transmit light energy into you and it is this light energy within and aroudn the words which becomes your healing..


Many people simply request a general soul reading and provide little other information, but you can also put in a request for a more specific issue that you may require information upon. If you do put in a request for a particular issue, please email me your question and if you want to you can add some background information. I can give you the vibrations and options open to you, but I don't respond specifically with yes or no to questions as that is ultimately your decision - therefore I do not like to predict the future unless this arises.  Messages come in positive language taking into account free will - i.e. what you could do, rather than what you should or should not do; and I never replace nor comment upon medical advice. This soul reading is therefore not a fortune telling, because you are the one that creates your own life and your own reality (conscious or not). If I told you what to do I would take your power away. Ultimately I am here to help guide you to your own heart and instincts, ready to empower you on your path and share with you information that comes through which is then up to you to choose how to respond. I therefore cannot be responsible for any decisions you make after the reading.  You will know what resonates in the messages and you must be guided by your own heart, remembering ultimately to take the light energy form the words rather than the words themselves, as the soul speaks in energy.

WHEN YOU PLACE YOUR READING please allow yourself an open mind and heart to receive. It is nice to light a candle in your own time that suits you after purchasing, and send a prayer to the Goddesses of Light for the highest information to come through for you.  

WHEN YOU RECEIVE YOUR READING When you receive your reading, you must only open to read and listen in a set sacred space and allow at leat one hour, or more.

AFTER RECEIVING YOUR READING If you have any comments or questions about the reading you can email me back for me to clarify in a return email.  After that the set energy exchange for the reading is complete, but I always love staying in touch with people and seeing how things work out. Once the reading is received, refunds are not possible!


Click on the button above to purchase your reading by Paypal & I will respond within 48 hours to book my time slot to do it for you.

I like to aim for you to receive your reading within a week of purchase.

Disclaimer - Acceptance or otherwise of the validity of any supposed form of psychic, spiritual or paranormal phenomena, including but not limited to, readings and advice given by means of divinatory arts such as but not limited to Tarot and Clairvoyance, is a matter of personal belief. All readings should therefore be regarded as being for entertainment purposes only. No claim is made as to the accuracy of information provided by such means and clients are advised to use their own judgment as to whether to act on the basis of information provided in this way. i take no responsibility for any decisions made based upon these readings.



I'm absolutely blown away. I'm sitting here speechless. What you've done is incredible. You are absolutely on the right track in so many ways!!!!!! ... Thank you SO MUCH again for doing this!

Emma R xxx

What an absolutely beautiful reading and L has confirmed it all for you. I love that you had already done what I suggested and taken the colour as the foundation of your reading, often the colour ray we feel with a person can tell us everything we need to know. Very well done, this was excellent. Include your readings in the work you do and in the course you are putting together. A beautiful and deeply spiritual reading.

Margaret x

Hi (Ishtara) wow, again a brilliant reading.


All I can say is wow!...Thank you so much for this reading! It's made me so happy!


All of this is so true x Lots of tears flowing here x I feel your words have so many confirmations. You have a pure amazing gift x


Thank you and WOW! Thank you for a truly astounding message Ishtara the like of which I have rarely had before Margaret....


Amazing thank you, you're readings are fantastic so much detail in them it's great!!  ...your help through yr readings is really inspiring Ishtara, thank you for offering your gift to us all.