THIS IS A VERY POWERFUL HIGH FREQUENCY TRANSMISSION -  a simple, gentle and quiet 24 minute transmission that has enabled many listeners over the last few years to receive powerful and profound experiences, many re-listening often over time.


You will create space to return home to your star using ethereal crystal light, to collect the star light to allow you to shine, whilst allowing a guide to come, and receiving starlight activation from your star codes, star keys and star light symbols that this audio will present space to pour into you as you travel, so you may emerge from the audio filled with the light of the stars ready to shine in this lifetime now, that will go deep into you to realign and reconfigure your entire auric field.


Remember to return to re-listen anytime you wish, and each time will be a very different experience and you may go to different places, for some star seeds have lived lives on many different stars. Or you may find it is always the same place.

Listen in a set sacred space by setting it up as a ceremony, or listen before bed in comfort, or on earphones out in a special nature spot whilst walking. You may even decide to do it every day for a set amount of days.


Do share your experiences, I love to hear all the beautiful stories and synchronicities around these transmissions xxx

Upon purchase you will receive links to download both audio and video versions.