Where as the WAY OF THE ROSE COURSE  is designed for both men and women to activate and bring into their soul the radiance of the Divine Feminine, this 13 MOONS COURSE is for women only, to clear and embrace and love their female body and work through what it means to be a woman, in this age, as well as a person outside of gender, using meditation and physical exercises. ps for those who have had surgery, you don't have to have a womb to do this course but can simply imagine your womb centre.


Women have 13 moon cycles a year, but the church chose to make the number 13 unlucky, the number of the Divine Goddess.  in the same way that Pan's horns (the God of nature) and the trident (the symbol of 3 as used in shiva culture) were turned into symbols of the devil. Mary Magdalene, the female counterpart to the Master Jeshua, was the 13th at the table.


This dominant institution took away women's power, murdering and torturing any wise woman who was in tune with the spiritual side of herself, shifting the word 'wise' ('wicca') to 'witch', a word that still holds negative connotations, and massacaring the Cathars in France who were followers of the way of Mary Magdalene and Christ together. Thus begun the era of the patriarch, forcing heathens, pagans, and worshippers of the Feminine underground; based on disrespect towards the female essence, rooted in a deep fear of female empowerment, and disrespect for true feminine principles - both within men and women.  But the truth of the Divine Feminine way could not be silenced, as depicted in the symbols in renaissance art and beautiful frescoes in Italy and elsewhere, and today She is awakening in us all and calling us all.  The time is now.


The 13 moons is the path of the womb.  It is the path of healing the womb, blessing the womb, emotionally clearing the womb, connecting to the womb and connecting the womb to the heart.  

download a series of meditations & ceremonies for womb clearance and healing

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