One to one private mediumship reading by zoom

entering into deep sacred space together


Where you will receive channelled messages for your personal healing and spiritual evolution

You will be activated and initiated into the next part of your evolution.

You are ready. It is time.


It is time to be held and guided properly into the spirit realms

to connect with your guides and develop your own mediumship  


You may have worked with me for some time now on of my courses and want a private check in

ready for the next stage

or you may be completely new to my work & website.

You may have been on the spiritual path for a very long time,

or you may be completely new to it.

All people, genders, nationalities, tribes and religions are welcome. 


As well as receiving channelled messages & alignments from spirit through me, you may also be guided into a visual journey or a healing, that I will channel in for you on the spot as we sit together in sacred space.

I may also bring in light transmission or sacred activation or we may work with past life.

Anything can come up and into the space as it is all divinely orchestrated in perfect timing

I understand that difficult emotions can arise for some of you at times upon the path of the initiate

so you may wish guidance through a dark night, whilst for others you are in a peaceful empowered place and perhaps want to create more evolutionary opportunity - everything is welcome here

Anything and anyone can come through in these mediumship sessions bringing

huge breakthroughs

releases, deep healing and clearing, life changing experiences rippling out, messages about your path and spiritual evolution and your own mediumship, blessings, new guides and new activations...

all unique for you....every single reading is completely different...

You come because there is a key I have for you,

and it will come to you in the messages and light transmissions & light activations

that you will receive through me

and the affects will ripple out into all aspects of your life

as a beautiful light bringing deep inner shifts and clarity

about who you are and your mission in this lifetime

Calls are recorded so you can re-listen to the audio as often as you wish afterwards which I highly recommend.

They last up to 60 minutes, but please allow a window of 90 or even 120 minutes

for private integration and journaling afterwards in your own space.


Please note that I am not a trained therapist and I do not speak as a doctor.

By proceeding with the booking you agree to take full responsibility for acting upon any mediumship guidance

I can only receive payment by paypal.

Please email me after purchase to ensure I have notification

and we can then correspond to find a good time.




Please note I am fully booked up 3 weeks ahead, so I have temporarily removed the booking tab 

If you are keen to proceed & book ahead of time please email