Goddess Yemanya, or Yemaya Yemanja, is a Water Priestess and Goddess of the Ocean, Queen of all Orixas, and Mother of Waters. She brings in beautiful nurturing, feelings of female sensuality and inner beauty, purifying, immersion in love and femininity, the sacred feminine arts, grace, light, divinity, radiance. She helps with all female rhythms and cycles, She helps children and She comes to all beings of all races and colours and genders to bring in her beautiful blessings of the waters of liquid light and the flows of abundance that are our birthright, as we fill our chalices with the flow of water and of Light.

yemanya attunment
yemanya attunement

With this energy attunement you will receive a deepening of her blessings and alignment to her bounty and gifts with -

1. The original pdf manual instructions from the original attunement passed through Gabriela Yasmin Szafman to Marcy Schulman and then onto Ishtara Rose. You do not have to listen to the attunement audio, you can just simply follow these manual instructions alone and receive it in this way.

2. You will also receive extras added by Ishtara to accompany the attunement above. These include an introduction pdf with 2 extra bonus audios recorded by Ishtara - an attunement audio of 40 minutes long for your attunement ceremony to set up as you wish; as well as an accompanying Light Transmission Meditation with Yemanya and Aphrodite of just 12 minutes, to listen whenever you like.

3. When you purchase this you will also be sent the energy in a chi ball within 24 hours to receive during the attunement ceremony and so please correspond by email to organise this before opening to receive the attunement / attunement audio.