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This is an audio replay of the second Cathar Ceremony that took place live by zoom in 2021 with Montsegur as the key activation point. 


Please read about the cathars on the page and also join the facebook group CATHARS OF THE LIGHT AND THE GOLDEN ROSE and share your experiences with us all there -


The ceremonial work is very deep and very POWERFUL and serves to CLEAR all timelines and RESTORE ALL LIGHT CODES in the Cathar portals and for the Cathar Beings. And also for YOU in your own personal life. It anchors in the Divine Sophia to restore back the Light of Amor, back from Roma. Be aware that great and powerful affects come from this transmission.



The Pure Ones were Brothers and Sisters of the Rose,  

who lived in Southern Europe until 13th century (and beyond in secret)

as Guardians of Sacred Knowledge (Book of Love)

both of the Divine Feminine (Chalice) and Portals of Lemuria...


There is now a donation request of £11

If you can't afford or have already donated and need access, please email me


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