These energy attunements can also be called Reiki attunements. Rei means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki is "life force energy". I received my first ever reiki attunement in 1993 and it changed my life for good. Since then I have gone on to receive various different types of reiki rays from other people as well as channel some in myself.


These rays are something that you have to experience to understand, it is not something you can read about to understand. They have to be felt. And each ray differs and has a different feeling.


Below I offer remote distance attunements into the energy ray and receiving the attunement can bring in very powerful healing in itself. The ones I offer below are the ones I personally have been drawn to offer as the best and most powerful ones for me, and perhaps for you too. Some of them I have received from others and am passing them on, others I have channelled through directly.


The last 2, Lazarus and Seal of Solomon are reiki rays in their own right,  and yet also they are also spiritual initiations for those called.


Once you are attuned, you can heal yourself and others and also attune others and pass on the Light. You have access to the energy at all times. Each attunement deepens your connection to that particular energy ray or vibration that you wish to align into. I recommend working with it for 40 days after the attunement.

The prices of each one vary. These are mostly distant attunements but if you want live healing or attunement by zoom or in person in Devon uk, please email me at and the price is a little more. I can attune you into several rays at one time or I can attune groups of people at one time


1. When you purchase the attunement, you will be given an instruction manual to download.  Please read it through, then email me to ensure I have notification of your purchase.

2. I will send you the attunement remotely, and when it is ready for you to receive I will let you know by email and send any further information or instructions necessary then. Please allow around 3 days after purchase time.

3. If you want a certificate please email me when it is completed, letting me know your experiences. I love to connect with my clients! Let me know the date and your name as you would like it on the certificate. If you do not email me I cannot send a certificate.

4. Afterwards please use the energy often and look after yourself. This is high energy work. Everyone receives it differently. You will probably feel how the light rays are very strong. Or you may feel very tired, or energised. You may undergo a detoxification of emotions. Drink lots of water and go gently and keep bringing in the energy and earthing yourself afterwards by going into the heart of Mother Earth to feel rooted.