These energy attunements are types of Reiki attunements. Rei means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki is "life force energy". I received my first ever reiki attunement in 1993 and it changed my life. Since then I have gone on to receive many different types of reiki rays from other people, and I have also been called and chosen by spirit to channel some in myself. They always come through unexpectedly from my guides. These rays are something that you have to experience to understand, it is not something you can read about to understand. They have to be felt. And each ray differs and has a different feeling.
These are offered as distance attunements into the energy ray. Receiving the attunement by distance can be very empowering can bring in very powerful healing in itself. Sometimes receiving an attunement can be such a deep and powerful experience it is like receiving a powerful initiation. When you do it in your own space on your own you have direct access to the ray within you, for in this age it is all about the personal direct experience within. Yet I am there from afar to guide you. The rays that I share here are my own personal favourites that I offer as remarkable healing tools. Once you are attuned, you can heal yourself and others and also attune others and pass on the Light. You have access to the energy at all times. 



- Distance attunement sent by me via chi ball

- Original manuals & some attunements have extra pdfs

- Some attunements have audios to accompany 

- Certificate and lineage - if requested

- Ongoing email support and advice -  if required


1. After you purchase the attunement, please download anything you receive from the purchase and then ensure to email me at to ensure I have notification of your purchase.

2. I do the attunement for you remotely, and when it is ready for you to receive I will let you know by email and send any further information or instructions necessary then. Please allow around 3 days after purchase time.

3. If you want a certificate please email me when it is completed, letting me know your experiences. If you do not email me I cannot send a certificate.

4. Afterwards please use the energy often and look after yourself. This is high energy work. Everyone receives it differently. You will probably feel how the light rays are very strong. Or you may feel very tired, or energised. You may undergo a detoxification of emotions. Drink lots of water and go gently and keep bringing in the energy and earthing yourself afterwards by going into the heart of Mother Earth to feel rooted. I suggest using the ray every day for 40 days to get to know it, even if it is just for 5 minutes before bed as you fall asleep.

Remember, initiation by distance can be very special, and it is an empowering and intimate way of initiation, as you can feel more of a direct connection to the Ray and you guides through yourself, yet also guided and held by me from afar. Please do not underestimate this way of receiving for it can be immensely powerful. You can set it up as a special ceremony in your own ways and please do so, please ensure you protect your sacred space and respect the process and respect yourSELF by blessing yourself to receive this as a sacred ceremony is a very special thing to do. Buy flowers, make an altar, wear something beautiful, light candles, make it special.

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