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The way of the rose

The rose represents the Divine Feminine which is within each of us, be we man or woman, as a sacred female moon yin gentle passive essence, and this essence lies in our intuition, found by going within... women aligning to the Sacred Feminine ray we start to listen within by honouring innermost hunches and feelings, taking time just 'to be', filling our sacred vessel within, allowing also a connection into honouring our female body and rhythms, this also awakens our inner Divine Masculine energies a man starts to align to the Divine Feminine ray, he also starts listening within by honouring his inner yin and innermost hunches and feelings, thus re-awakening his own Divine Masculine power within him 

...the dance of beautiful balance within our wholeness can then commence, as the wisdoms of our full vessel within (yin - moon - feminine - passive) can flow with and be heard, honoured and acted upon without (yang - sun - male - active)

... so the way of the rose embodies both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine as they flow together we each align more and more into this beautiful Rose ray there is a deep cleansing & reconfiguration & realignment of energies within us spiritually and also without on the material planes -  relationships can fall apart, old traumas and stories arise for purging. It is only by sitting and being with these difficult feelings that we transmute them, and yet simultaneously we also remember to lift ourselves up into high vibrations with self loving techniques and meditations, being aware who and what we spend our time with. Healing comes in many layers; and the old must go so the new can be rebirthed


...the rose represents this ray of the Divine Feminine that is brought to us by the Great White Sisterhood - Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Isis, Quan Yin, Aphrodite and Great White Buffalo Calf Mother. There are many others - we see her in Kali Ma, Devi, Rhiannon, Coventina, Cailleach, Ceridwen, Bridget, and in saints like Anandamayi Ma  

...Her energy is also brought forward by traditionally associated male archetypes, Angels, Sages, Prophets and ascended Masters aligned to hold both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies, such as Archangel Michael, Jeshua Christ, Buddha, Babaji, Lord Krishna, Yogananda 


...we feel her essence in water - in the rivers, the oceans, the lakes, the rain.  We feel her essence in our beautiful Mother Earth, a Great mother female energy full of love for all.  We feel her in the Rose, the ancient symbol for Her gentle gentle beauty


...many priests and priestesses have held her Light for thousands of years in ancient Goddess civilisations all over the world, from before even the ancient civilisations of the pyramids and Greek temples, so there are many of us now awakening who have all lived lives before as priests and priestesses, some use the number 144,000 and we are bringing in the new age of ascension as we waken to our destinies so as Her ray comes in now, we heal the disempowerment of the Magdalene during the patriarchal age which fragmented both men and women, such as in the horrific genocides of any heretics all over the world over hundred of years, be it the Cathars or other indigenous tribes who live close to the earth, or the burning of 'witches' (women who listen within and work with nature) and before that in the falls of great civilisations such as Egypt & Atlantis. In healing that within ourselves, we heal as a collective, we heal our ancestors and we send healing to our future generations.

...Mary Magdalene symbolises the return of the Divine Feminine ray after the distortion of Divine Feminine energies by the patriarchy. Magdalena was dishonoured and robbed of her status, not just disempowered, but diminished and erased from the scriptures, she was also wrongly called a prostitute. Yet Mary Magdalene was an initiate and Princess (some say Queen) from the Temple of Isis Ishtar lineages, where she was taught by Mother Mary and her chosen sacred beloved was Jeshua Christ. The priestesses of this ancient Temple of Isis are universal - the same Goddess teachings were anchored in by priestesses in many ancients cultures all over the world in varied ways.  Mary Magdalene and Jeshua together formed The Way of Love as a sacred couple in divine relationship, bringing in Christ-Sophia (or heiros gamos) consciousness and Light. The Way of the Rose (which was also called The Order of Magdala) is the female spiritual path of The Way that holds the sacred Light codes of the Divine Feminine and the teachings from the Isis Ishtar Temples. They were aware that the day would come when the initiated priestess from these ancient lineages who hold these codes would re-awaken, when MM would cast off he chains and be released and find her power, and once again anchor this Light into the matrix of humanity.


That time is now


...Now she is once again rising.  Do you feel her calling you? If so, perhaps you hold Her Light codes, and you too are a ROSE - one of the brothers and sisters who comes in through Sirius and perhaps also from other stars such as the Plaiedes, you may feel resonance to Venus, ancient Mu, Atlantis, Egyptian and other ancient temples... she has lived through all these ages and rose again with Isis & Osiris, then later with Magdalena & Jeshua... and now again her time is here.  The second coming of the Christos-Sophia is within the women & men aligned to the rose who are now awakening and remembering

...Divine Feminine has many symbols, and just like her many aspects and those who held her light, so have her symbols been stolen, hikacked and inverted by some secret societies using for the wrong reasons and so people have become wary of them, and associate them with fear from superstition & misinformation, but their origins are LIGHT... these include the 5 pointed star seen on so many fruits, the ankh and the vesica pisces; but her Symbol is also of course the R O S E ...


...The rose is symbolic of the Divine Feminine for many reasons, from representing the womb, to also representing the layers of healing and initiation one goes through upon descent & ascent into the Light Vortex. Her perfume is love, yet in her gentleness she is powerful and protected. Meditate on the rose a while and find out which colour rose draws you the most and spiral your way through her many petals to her heart...she awaits you...

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The Way of the Rose is the way of the Divine Feminine,

of the Great White Sisterhood of Light, of the Magdalene.

The Way of the Rose is the way of the Marys or Mers

the Priestesses from ancient temples going all the way back to Lemuria

through Egyptian temple teachings and beyond.


The way is open to both women and men

for we all contain within us both female and male essence - like yin and yang.  

​The MALE essence comprises of action, going without.  

When coming from heart the Sacred Male supports and protects the inner female energy.

Sacred Male energy is known as Shiva, Sun, Yang.

The FEMALE essence comprises of stillness, inner wisdom and intuition, going within.  

When coming from heart, she is the foundation for love, and for the male energy.

Sacred Female energy is known as Shakti, Moon, Yin.

In yoga the sun aspect, or the male essence is called the Pingala.  It is a path way and runs up the right side of the spine of men and women.   The moon aspect, or the female essence is called the Ida and runs up the left side of the spine of men and women.  The central channel is called the Sushumna.  In many people the Sushmna lies dormant until their death and they reside in one essence or the other (in our society usually the male). But for true enlightened empowerment and to raise our consciousness, we need to raise the moon energy to meet the sun and bring them both into balance. This is not just yoga, it is a sacred law as understood in ancient spiritual teachings all over the world,

from Egyptian to Pagan to American Indian cultures.

The truth of the Goddess has been carried by mystery schools and appeared as hidden symbols and codes in art and architecture. There are a few recent books that examine these coded Goddess symbols in art. In the Birth of Venus painted sometime in the1480s by Botticelli, Aphrodite is remarkably similar to this statue of Mary Magdalene made around1515, now in the Louvre, but originally from a church in Augsburg.







​​​The 2 channels need to be in equal balance within both men and women.  


But we have lived mainly in a predominantly sun culture where the moon essence has been ridiculed, laughed at, patronised, ignored, not listened to, objectified, displayed, dis-powered, humiliated, shamed, belittled, disrespected, dishonoured; and women themselves have been banished, tortured and murdered.  The male (sun) essence became distorted without the female (moon) essence to balance it. This fragmented both women and men. 


Lack of respect for (and cut off from) the female essence, has resulted in a patriarchal world centred on instant satisfaction of shallow desire in ambitious over-achiever men & women. There is constant action and over-doing, as one desire never fulfils a need, but simply leads to another. So we find dominance of ego, thought, self indulgence and narcissism (ignoring any inner needs for stillness/ rest/ intuition/ natural rhythms) culminating in aggression, depression, illness, mania, addictions, poverty consciousness (conscious or subconscious belief in lack - often based on inherited emotional toxic patterns and psychological control dramas including  'poor me', interrogator, intimidator and the aloof) and violent abuse from / upon and between both men and women. As we come together, in states that are unbalanced and un-whole, we have looked to the other to fill us. All relationships (not just those between men and women) have been unaligned, codependent entanglements.

Without the deep self respect for both the female body & the sacred moon essence, women show symptoms that all is not well - for example, becoming competitors with one another (manipulative, absent, needy, jealous) or holding within their psyche a fear of true femininity and feminine bodily functions. The sacred became dirty or 'weird', and in sex women were exposed to a lustful degrading energy, from desires held in male psyches who themselves were also victims of the distortions of patriarchy and a lack of moon essence. Women looked without for fulfilment, focused upon outer materialistic glamour & beauty, objectifying themselves, and of course becoming like the wounded man also deeply affected from being divorced from his feminine side - over achieving, dominant, aggressive. In a desperate and confused quest for equality, women have repressed their sacred moon side even more.  Plugging up monthly cycles whilst taking pills to suppress any pain (which is a bodily signal of stress), advert slogans preaching 'why stop when you can carry on?' In demanding respect and equality, women have had to essentially become wounded patriarchal men - overachievers with little time (and lack of respect or desire) for any inner instinctual needs; disconnected from natural sacred feminine roles such as hands on parenting and natural birthing.  This attitude to the female essence is mirrored in our attitude to the planet - the environment and politics, religion.  


I remember being told by a medicine woman in the Amazon

"Do you know why they are really cutting down the rain forest?

Because it is wet and dark and tangled and feminine."

(Alberto Villoldo)

When we bring in the Divine Feminine using meditation techniques, healing happens in 2 ways 


First by owning and feeling your emotions before then transmuting them taking ownership of inner trauma, delving into the wet, dark, tangled and feminine world within (be your man or woman). This is the path of truth, rather than paths of keeping things 'nice'.  This means being true and honest to yourself, upturning the stones within to release your shadows, delving into knowing old emotional painful patterns (that may not be yours but you have taken on) so that they can move and clear. 


Second by using high vibrational exercises to lift oneself up into the radiance of Self Love and Self Worth, shifting mindsets with abundance consciousness instead of victim-poverty-guilt-blame consciousness - coming out of dwelling in the prevailing mindset of negative drama and fear taking place on the world stage and media, focusing instead on your path of wholeness and being and seeing the change you wish to see in the world.  There are many wonderful changes taking place in the world. Ascension is happening now. Her time has come! 


Bringing in the Divine Feminine rays allows and initiates and awakens the Divine Masculine, as so much art shows us including mysths of Isis awakening Osiris from his dream: this is symbolic for the soul awakening within each one of us. This is the Way of the Rose, and it is the path of wholeness.

The way of the Rose is ultimately the path of self worth,

for if within us all we were balanced with profound self love the world would be a very different place.



MOON As you are within = so it is without SUN


ISIS AWAKENS OSIRIS, the goddess is the one who awakens us from the deep slumber. This is metaphoric for each one of us and the inner journey back home. Sometimes it is 'he' who sleeps, other times it is 'she' who sleeps, for example in the myth of Sleeping Beauty. These both represent different aspects of our own psyche. We are now in the time where we are being woken from a deep slumber....


I am a High Priestess of the Magdalene and of the Rose lineage, and a priestess of the white chalice of the waters. I am a born clairvoyant and have been fully immersed in the esoteric arts since my first reiki initiation in 1993. I launched the Way of the Rose mystery school in 2017 after guidance from spirit to activate the rose light at this time.


The message is clear, to heal the world we must first heal ourselves, and that time is now. 





I am the rose, I emanate the rose.

I am self love, self worth, self belief.

This Way of the Rose Mantra is very simple, but very very powerful. Hold yourself lovingly and feel into every word as you drop into it daily. There are differing versions of it. Repeat your own intuitive version with your hands upon you, really feeling the colours and crystal vibrations of the words. Try using with a daily meditation



I am self love, self worth, self belief, 

I am beautiful. I feel my beauty within

I feel the rose, I am the rose, I emanate the rose.

I feel the star within, I am the star within, 

I feel the Christ Light I shine the Christ Light.

I feel self love, I feel self worth, I feel self belief. 

as I love myself I can allow myself to love others and allow others to love me

as I accept myself I can allow myself to accept others and allow them to accept me

for all that they are and all that I am


Taking time to imagine light pouring in through your crown and filling your body

(dna, cells, organs, bodily fluids), mind, emotions and energy field 

Taking time to place roots down into Mother Earth Gaia 

and breathe in the emerald greens in her heart held like a baby in the womb

Coming back to self and feeling self as clear channel balanced with heaven and earth

connecting sacral sexual energies womb (or hara) and heart

in a beautiful light sphere that is your sacred boundary 


And as you do, take 3 breaths

breathing out and releasing the past

breathing out and releasing thoughts of the future

breathing out and coming into the present












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