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This is known by early Native Americans as the 'Full Buck Moon’ or ‘Full Hay Moon’ when the buck deer pushed out new antlers from their foreheads coated in velvety fur, symbolising transitions as you rise into your power, and it was also known as the ‘Thunder Moon’ after the summer storms that took place around this time, also symbolising underlying currents and change. 


This was made diring the moon of 2020, for 2020 and beyond. When it was made there was an eclipse can bring chaotic energy and feeling a little out of synch as moon waters bring old wounds to the surface - yet remember that we can utilise these moon waters to cleanse those wounds too. The eclipse energies connect us to the death and the world tarot cards. This is about transformation - both personal and on the world stage. It is about power struggles coming to a head, revelations, full circles, completions, welcome endings and closures.


So you can see how this is all about transitions, as cycles complete and new ones commence. So we will be working with cycles in all their forms and this transmission will thus contain these energies form the time it was made and so when you listen in future years, even if there is no eclipse you will harness the powerful eclipse energies to help with cycles and transitions. 


We also feel the High Priestess enter and she brings to us a deeper insight into these cycles.  This is the archetype of being fully in your power and rising up and out like the buck's antlers, by being deep in alignment with your self and walking the ancient path of self knowledge. And from there comes a deep wisdom as you connect with your own truth. To rise up as yourself you must fully know yourselves and be completely true to yourself, and thus you have to truly face yourself.

Using moon waters to cleanse out emotions, in this transmission you will be meeting with your High Priestess or High Priest archetype, who comes to you as a guide you to help you navigate this pathway. And she may come through in many ways, such as as a spirit guide, or as an aspect of you either from your soul tribe or past life.


This audio light transmission is for all people and all genders wherever you are on the path. For wherever you are on the path, whether you have trained as a Priestess or High Priestess in this realm or whether you are about to journey into that pathway or whether you are new to the priestess energy, this transmission is for you if you feel drawn to meet her more, and it will take you to the level you are ready for in your soul and that is between you and God/dess.


Please note that this is not a Priestess training and you cannot use the High Priestess Title after this transmission (as that is reserved for those who embark on a proper training), but this IS a transmission to connect with her BEAUTY & LOVE & WISDOM  within you as she comes in as a spirit guide. 


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