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The October full moon transmission was received in 2019 and it is completely relevant to all times and a very beautiful transmission of light and uplift to help emotional purging and balance fire and water within you. So it can be repeated as often as you like whenever you like.  It is only 18 minutes and it comes with a video, and a very beautiful light transmission by Mary Magdalene comes through me with the sole aim of filling your well. It is all about Her Chalice and the fountains of youth within you.  It will help you to stay out of drama and so you are able to focus on what is yours and see what is not yours, as well as focus on filling with light. It is also a beautiful blessing with Mary Magdalene the fire as well as the water, to enable a perfect balance within you. 


You may listen to the audio or you may choose to watch the Video version, which is a film I made of the sky when flying from Marseilles (where I had been to her caves) to Bristol near Glastonbury Avalon and the transmission itself actually holds the energies of both those areas of S France and SW of England .  


So it is a very simple offering this month, and yet this goes as deep as you wish it, it is like a shower of Light energy to fill your own chalice, it will help keep your vibration lifted and hold the light and it is both a Light Transmission and a blessing from MM. 


Enjoy the flow xxx

UPON PURCHASE YOU WILL RECEIVE AN INTRODUCTION PDF WITH AUDIO VERSION, video verson available upon request please email


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