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Channelled by Ishtara Rose 


The rose light healing ray is both a reiki ray attunement and it is an initiation into the path of the divine feminine to be a channel for the rose light.


This Rose healing light is so beautiful to use for yourself and for others, and once you are attuned you can simply call it in anytime and it brings in a beautiful healing light of the rose of the mers or Marys.


It is especially good for self love and inner beauty and grace, for self esteem and self worth, for rose radiance connection, and for womb radiance and blessings. It allows you to be a direct channel for Her beautiful rose essence and grace, whenever the Divine Feminine ray is needed in the purest of forms. 


The Rose Light healing ray is held by Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Isis, Qual Yin and Aphrodite and other Goddesses.


THIS BEAUTIFUL ROSE RAY which I channelled in around 2018, has now been received by countless people all over the world who are passing it on and on in heir own various ways. A beautiful rose light ripple.


It has now been upgraded, 2023.


You can receive it live by zoom for £222 or by distance for £44. 


If you prefer a live attunement please purchase on the live call link.

This page is for the distant attunement.

Once you purchase you can proceed to read the instructions and download the material but do not listen to the audio right away - instead please email me and I will do your attunement from a distance here in my sacred space within 3 days and then I will email you when it is ready.

Then you may proceed with the audio and to follow the instructions.


So please email me to ensure that I am aware of your purchase and await for me to let you know that it is ready.


Receiving an attunement by distance can be very powerful indeed, just as powerful as being together in person, because it become intimate and personal for you, and it is between you and your direct contact within you with the Rose Light of the Goddesses.


This rose reiki is very powerful and beautiful ray and it has the power to change your life entirely. It is an initiation into the rose. Once it is activated within you, you have it for life to use for self and for others as healing ray.



This Reiki Attunement is primarily an Attunement into the Rose Light.

The Rose is the Essence of Divine Feminine and you will be aligned unto Her deeply within. It also acts as an INITIATION INTO ROSE LIGHT.

This will waken your past memories of lives where you have been of the Rose lineages and circles.


The Rose ray brings in a beautiful self love, a radiant inner grace, self esteem, self worth, the scent of the rose, the scent of inner beauty and grace, the softness of the rose fragrance.


It is held primarily by Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Aphrodite, Quan Yin,  Isis.... but many more may come to you.


It is very very special and beautiful and pure.

This beautiful and unique rose ray, the intelligent healing force of the Divine Feminine, often comes forth as a sparkling pink rose petal in each palm, but has also come to some people in a different form - either as a different colour rose or light. It will come to you in the meditation as it is right for you to receive it. Do not imagine before hand what it will be, as it will appear you in the activation clearly. If you do not 'see' it, you will certainly feel it.


Once you have been attuned into this ray, you will be able to use it for the healing of yourself and others, as a rose energy ray healer, and to anchor in the Divine Feminine Ray as a clear channel for the healing of the planet and to align into ascension with the divine feminine. It is a Reiki ray, and once you have activated it within you, you have access to it for life for yourself. It opens the clear channel of rose light.


You will also be able to pass it onto others both as a healing session and to also attune them as well, and you can do this in workshops or one to one, by distance or live, for money. This is explained more in the manual.


Previous experience of traitional reiki is helpful so you understand how it works, but it is not essential. We now live in new times and new energies.

Following attunement please email me with your experiences, if you wish to have a certificate to acknowledge your attunement and initiation into rose reiki, the divine feminine rose light ray.


ROSE LIGHT REIKI by Ishtara Rose

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