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Updated: Feb 7

a message from the comanche.

camera developed early 1800s

moving camera developed 1900s

electronic TVs 1920s

polaroid 50s 

home video cameras 80s, records morph into cassette tapes

digital 90s - cds and dvds

2000 onwards then in 2000 it goes pretty fast with the internet and everything becomes smart driven as we watch digitally take over the entire infrastructure affecting all aspects of life

2024 - Before we know it chatgbt will be an outdated thing fo the past. Do you remember chatgbt? just as we say about tapes or iPods.

so is this a progression of invention. 

Lots of new and exciting inventions

as man progresses further along

Is it a progression? 

or more of a drip drip drip. Introduced slowly. Carefully orchestrated by a certain elite in the know. It only took 200 years to get the population from horse and cart fully smarted up. They had to want it. Be programmed to want and need it. Make life very difficult without it, so they begging for it like a drug, its programmed to be entertainment and the entertainment is the programming and control of the ind through media (music, film scripts, and hypnosis via symbols, colours, objects in the backgrounds of sitcoms and music videos). This is also part of what is called informed consent.

200 years is not that long to mind control and catch an entire population into a net.

And what about previous civilisations whose remains show us that they were far more advanced than ours. Or whistleblower accounts of ET interventions and deals, and warnings to stay clear of AI. But do we have any choice, we are being hoovered into it without any prior warning. Yet we did? We had plenty of warning in all those music videos and movies, were you not paying attention? We have had 200 years to witness the progression. But everyone was too busy surviving - doing the school runs, staying out of trouble, earning money, getting food on the table, rush rush rush rush rush. It is so much easier and more convenient to go smart. 

So keep them in trauma mode so they can’t think and are confused, get them running round busy surviving and exhausted, and make it much easier and convenient to go along.

It only took a year of lock down to make everyone so desperate for a flight abroad they’d happily take an experimental injection even though they knew it was experimental they didn’t ask questions if it meant a bit of sun in the costa del sol.

(marx once wrote about how there will be no revolution with the invention of the TV set. people got too comfy with the mind control drug. They dished out trauma and whisky to imprisoned tribes, trauma and addiction)

How to enable you stay out of the net?

Stay awake, keep seeing the bigger picture, find direct connection to inner wisdom and higher self, open the 3rd eye, tap in with every decision to your mediumship and also your sovereignty, you must be in your sovereign self worth to listen to the inner whispers of the soul and to act on them.

Here is a message from the comanche.

Who fought for hundreds of years for freedom. And not to glamorise them, those times have been horrific. War is horrific and we dont want war for freedom. War is just being caught in a net. What we want now is an energy of sovereignty. “I do not consent” to hold that as an energy vibration.

And not to misappropriate a culture, it is not mine in this lifetime, but what do you do when you have war chiefs communing with you through the veils and you have strong memories of previous times. Not a fantasy. Like genuinely.

The comanche.

hurts. pain. sorrow. misery. violence. brutality. hideous. 

so much sorrow.

a way of life forlorn. sadness and separation.

loss. pain. struggle. 




on and on and on.

for what.

generations. battles lost.

then housed and traumatised and sold to slavery.

there is no happiness there. none at all.


once a long time ago before all that started were the flowers of the prairie. soft beautiful fragrant.

filled with colour laughter. joy.

the wild grasses in the winds.

memories of the wind. 

joy, such deep deep joy.

freedom. happiness. belonging. love.

and then all taken. the whole world reshot and bedraggled with an agenda that raped pillaged and ripped up the earth. in every corner every country. in the name of a patriarchal god that took power over all.

and she was violated, torn apart, for year after year generation after generation, in the most vile ways. inhumane. desperate. no man or woman should have to endure.

they come now and stand around. as if to warn. they gather in the ethers. strong men who fought many brave battles. elder women chanting. come remember, remember who you are. stand strong, hold your head high. be clear. we need you to be tall and regal. the time is nearly here.

no there will not be war again there does not need to be.

those who remember will remember.

they will rise and take up arms.

their arms are their powers, powers of the inner remembrance. that is all that is needed.

to hold one’s head strong and high.

stay with the ways of the wild grasses.

dont go into the machine.

be tall like the grasses and flow like the winds and dance in the breezes.

your ways will come again and your ways will shine this earth again.

take stock for now.

take stock and remember.

it will all come flooding back.

all of it.

and you will walk tall again.

let the heart remember. let the heart sing. follow the song.

have faith in the song.

have faith in the song.


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