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Updated: Jan 27, 2019

First a regression that came to me as a life experienced which later I took to be as Berengaria. At the time I knew nothing about her, but I heard her husband’s name whispered to me Richard of Lionheart. So I researched him as I recalled little about this king, and quickly found his wife’s story matched my regression.

I also received this channel from Eleanor of Aquitaine before she came through again unexpectedly at Puivert Castle which I recorded live as I spoke - link at bottom.

With love,



October 2017

Berengaria de Navarre

1162 - 1270

I first remember my life from mid age. I was around what feels like my early mid age - perhaps 30. I was married. I never saw my husband, he was away most of the time, for years on end. I accepted this. I loved him and was dedicated to him as my chosen twin flame soul which is what this holy marriage had always meant to me. As such I had complete faith and love and support for him. If I only ever had one night in my entire life with him then it was meant to be. I did not think about the fact that he may be with other women, or men, and what he did was utterly inconsequential and irrelevant to our soul connection. I had total faith he did what he needed to do and was devoted.

I lived in a cold chateaux in mid / northern France, facing the direction of England. It was a simple chateaux, in the fact that it was not elaborate. We had a huge entrance way into a big hall, with stone pillars. The rooms were large and echoey. The house was always quiet, with very few guests, like I had been forgotten about. I had few visitors and few friends, because there were no nobles of my pedigree deemed fit enough to be companions. and I was forgotten. There were servants who were there employed to keep the castle functioning, and meals served. There was a man who was faithful to me and the running of the castle all the way through. But we could never be close and always spoke to each other in formal ways. There were kitchen girls but if I walked in they went silent and curtsied. I had occasional messengers come with news from distant family or of my husband’s recent endeavours but other than that I was completely alone. I had dogs and I had God and I had the nuns who I used to visit. Even them I did not really spend much time with as they did not follow my ways. I was of the Magdalene ways. I honoured our Lady Magdalena and had been raised in her teachings as well as in several languages. I spoke Spanish, French and localised dialects such as Occitan and Basque. I had been raised amongst Basque area in splendour and colour, although very protected. My education had been rich with language, stories, philosophy, study of art & culture from afar, and visitors. We had been shared some of the teachings of the Magdalene way. Dress in my more colourful youthful years in our Basque lands / rich abode, was rich with golds and reds.

I had colourful adventures when marrying Richard, which had been fairly fraught for me, and so I now enjoyed the solitude. I was not active in the affairs nor politics of the nobility, for which many disapproved of. As soon as I reached the abode in northern France I was relieved to be able to ‘disappear’ into solitude.

But now in France I wore very simple dress as there was no need to be elaborate. I was not sad or longing for more splendour, in fact I was almost grateful for this sedately isolated life. I lived in deeply sacred ways. I meditated and spoke to Goddess often. I enjoyed the peace and quiet. I thrived on it. I played music occasionally. I wrote poetry often. I sewed tapestry and practised language formations. Occasionally receiving people from certain areas to practise my language but rarely did conversation pass formalities. I rode little and stayed home alot. I had a beautiful chapel which I kept with simple flowers and candles. This was a haven for me.

One day I recall a knock on the door and a dying man was brought to us. He was someone I knew. He was brought to us for safety in secrecy. I was devastated when the horses arrived in the chaos and open the doors myself as I saw them ride in from afar and the entrance gate bridge was dropped by the time they got there. The men rushed in holding him. I had no time to weep but took it upon myself to heal him. He was rushed up to a bed chamber and placed on a large poster bed. I had sheets ripped into dressing and immediately bathed and over saw it all myself in a distressed way. I cared deeply for this young man. He was early 20s perhaps. I felt he was blood relation. Initially I felt like he was a son or younger brother. Or perhaps my husband’s younger brother or my sisters son. I even a close friend. I cannot say but be he cousin, brother, friend, I was very close to him and devastated to have him in this state. He died after just a few days and I was devastated. He was a prince. He was never conscious so we never had time to talk and I knew he was going to die the moment he arrived. Being with him by his bed as he died was a pivotal moment in my life. He was very young, very beautiful and I loved him very much indeed, like a son. He was pure in heart.

I sent news to my husband. He came sometime later, months. When he arrived we was tired and weary. I shared my distress. My husband in his pain at the same distress opened up to me and we became close, it was like he awakened to me and to us for the first time. We had a very deep soul connection and I believe we deeply fell in love. I was utterly dedicated to him. But he had to move on and after a period of time with me, he again left and I don’t recall seeing him again before his death elsewhere.

After his death I eventually left the main chateaux I was living, taking few belongings. I was concerned for my welfare and so went to a smaller abode, the church also being a great refuge for my protection and honour. I lived simply but with the respect and honour a woman of my station deserved and I dedicated my entire life to Goddess. I did not follow the religion but I took refuge in it whilst practising my own deep relationship with Goddess. Those around me felt me to be like a saint, and deeply holy. In a pure and divine graceful way not in an austere way. I cared only for God and renounced any interests in my royal and noble life.

Going back to the mid age. “I feel beautiful. I feel sacred. I feel dedicated to my noble husband in his noble causes, be it that I never see him, I utterly believe in him as he is my twin as brought to me to marry by my spiritual paths and my Goddess and God. I know I must believe in him absolutely and so it is that I do. I know I must lie low and avoid court and nobility for in them I see no good and only harm. I know this for my own well being and he was warned me. He loved me deeply this I know. What others think is not my affair for they do not know. He writes and the few times we have had together we have been in soul communion together. In sacred holy matrimony. as man and wife do. He is my soul and I am his. I believe in him always. He is my King and he is my husband. He is my would husband too. So it matter not if he is by my side. what matters is that I can feel him and his holy mission. I pray for him every day and he is in my thoughts every moment of every day. I know he thinks of other things than me, but that is because he has many things to do. He can accomplish them better with me holding his soul through prayer, and he knows that I do this and this is very important to him. I know in quiet moments my husband feel some praying and prays along with me. For we are one. I wander alone and I sing, and I pray and I am happy. I am happy to have few friends and this beautiful quiet solitude. Not only is it safer but it means that I can be living the holy and sacred truths that I was designed to live now. My soul is pure. I am happy. I feel God/Goddess and chant His/Her name in all that I do. I am indeed truly blessed to live this sacred life and be looked after to do so, as Richard has ensured I can and be protected ooo so. he wants to know I am held safe and it is much better to be further up here in Northern France to keep me away from the politics nobles and subsequent dangers. I am closer to English protection here too. And in return I give as much as I can to help put with causes nearby with the poor and needy through the church. I need the church on side and so I follow their rules and advise the nuns often, although my sacred ways differ to theirs, I respect they are holy people in their own ways. I do not tell them about my own ways. My own ways are sacred to me. And to Richard. I write for them and share poetry occasionally and sometimes with with them in silence making tapestry”

“And now I tell you of my ways and my beliefs.

Yes we believed in MM and we followed the ways of what we called our Lady and we protected and often came into contact with Her followers, the Light ones. These Light ones are the ones who lent me the teachings of which I follow but it is dangerous for me to be seen often with them by the church. So I spend time with the church as it is proper for me to do so, but alone and at home and in private I follow the ways of the Light ones which I was introduced to as a child. They would visit us and one taught us the ways. Now I also occasionally receive them in secret when i feel it is safe to do so. They sit with me and know I am of their own. I can explain it like this. it is the colour white. it is the purest colour white and has no rules. It just is. The Christed light. And our Lady shines a thousand roses petals for us to hold and shine this white light and when you hold it you know it and you know others who hold it too. Our lady is the Mer, the ocean of love. There were several Ladies of this Rose lineage, but by this one I mean the one you know as Mary Magdalene. Her ways are difficult to transpire into a belief system here, only to say it is an energy and a Light. A blessing and a particular energy lineage that one carries in one souls when one has awakened to her blessing and received Her Light. And then all the world is different. For you hold that Light. How much you let it fill you is up to you, and how much you radiate it is up to you, but once received it is always in you glowing. Richard received this Light blessing as a child as did his mother and sister. Not all his siblings were open to it but Richard was, like his mother and like his sister Joanna who also held it deep and dear. My own brothers and sisters carried these teachings too. We had to keep it secret as there were those vehemently opposed to these teachings, in all parts and places, and so it could be dangerous. Many secret negotiations were made between the church and royals to protect certain Light ones. Eleanor was a great protector of them. Many in the church saw them as a threat. This is why I kept a low profile and stayed within the church to have their protection in case a church official wanted me gone due to my lineage. Being close to the church protected me from the church. This is also why I kept my life and ways very private."

“And now I speak a little of ELEANOR D'AQUITAINE....

... Where as Eleanor led a very active and adventurous life, mine was much quieter. I came into contact with some of the adventures and the crusade missions in my youth when i first met and married Richard. But I was not cut out for this life and needed more solitude and it was decided it was better i was sent to northern France for safety and to live that accordion got my temperament. i was chosen for Richard because i was of the ways, and our families had know one another going back centuries as Basque and Occitane had many links, especially to Our lady and her teachings. we both traced out heritage back to they lineage of what you call magdalene or the noble royal bloodlines. It was not just a bloodline you understand it was also caring the blessings in ones soul. It was therefore a marriage made when Richard went on the crusade as they wanted him to have my blessings to hold his energy for him. I was rather afraid of Eleanore for she was most powerful and had a reputation which she lived up to. she was very deep, commanded the space, and had to be very clever and hard for her own safety and as a woman in such dangerous political arenas. She loved her children with a deep devotion and they are her dedication. She followed the ways where she could. I feel she believed me to be too soft, and that may have somehow disappointed her, but in other ways that was also what she had orchestrated for Richard. All that mattered to me was that I had her blessing. Joanna was also of the light and had been through much suffering. Eleanor wanted me to heal her in a way and in some ways I did, although I feel she was beyond that as she had been traumatised many times. She was very beautiful in her soul but distraught at times and I feel perhaps I failed Eleanor in the ways that I was unable to transform her and take her on as she would ahem liked. Joanna and I had different ways and different destinies. I was committed to the pure light blessings and that was my sole role in life.

Eleanor did alot to protect the pure ones, she took them under her protection for all her life and the church could do nothing about it for they need her power and influences. she played dangerous games to protect them as it was a big mission of hers and close to her heart. It was not until she had died did the inquisitions start. Eleanor knew there was little more she could do and it was a losing battle toward the end of her life, and feared for them greatly. This is an area in which she disagreed so badly with her first husband Louis, as Queen of France. She thought being English Queen would serve them better but she paid heavy price for it. I prayed for her often later on and she helped me from afar, as was her duty, after Richard had passed, in gratitude to my service to Richard, and in occasionally receiving the pure ones and giving them safe passage at times. She knew I also had links from Nevarre that were kept from her, as it was a private family thing and she respected that. To Eleanor I was a pure simple one and I sense she was somewhat disappointed that Richard and I had no child.”

Eleanor d”Aquitaine now comes in directly - 1st November 2018

I am large and important and very, very powerful. I am no fool. I am aristocratic, I am noble - as noble as you get!"

(note this was the energy that came in and it was large and the words surprising for me, it then turned quickly to the following transcript)

"And I have my deepest roots in Occitane. And that is my life’s mission and accomplishment at the same time. For I did accomplish huge work with that, much more than anyone realises. I am Eleanor and I protected and held and safeguarded the wisdoms of the Magdalene and of the Cathars, in many many deep and complex ways. I created many webs, many intricacies, many complexities, many political moves, marriages, of my children, my cousins, my friends, my villagers, my noblemen and women, my peasants, my priests, many many were under my influence and I orchestrated the entire thing in many countries single handled playing huge and difficult games, and all to protect Her name and ways. It was dangerous work. I put my own life at risk many times over. I played dangerous games with powerful people. I even prostituted myself at times. You see it was a dangerous war and I was promised and had given my promise for birth to my father and to my mother, to God and to Goddess to protect Her holy ways. And She came to me, many times, and She told me what I must do many times.

Yes indeed I worked with MM alot and knew her way. There were many of us in fact. but it was not all good and there were many to be wary of. Do not believe all you hear about the crusades. We were trying to shift consciousness in many ways that are not yet understood and i stood aside from the church who wanted to mould me but they needed my power and influences too. So I played both sides.

But MM knew who I was. Some thought I was cruel and hard. Others witnessed me as kind and as grace herself. And truth is I was both, but I was ultimately 100% dedicated in my heart to Her ways. This was my religion, my blood, my brith. All our noble families were fo Her. We all spoke Occitan. We all took the vows and oaths. It was who we were absolutely. And none if it was in vain. None of it. For many many great things came form my deeds that had repercussions even now into your own times. Secret societies, wisdoms, sacred groups, teachings, energetic vortexes; some treasures buried or displayed or hidden in plain sight in your sacred places, now standing as churches. Such as the black Madonnas and the skull of MM. There are many artefacts holding great power that cannot be destroyed. As there are many places. Blood lines created that seeded and held knowledge in DNA ready to birth again at the right time.

I was Eleanor and I worked for our Lady.

Blessings on the Light.

Yes indeed Her time is come and you all do wondrous things to align it. You may not need to hold and play such dangerous games as I, but do not be deceived that your times are any easier. There are many forces at work in disguise. But know you this - Her times is come and there is nothing anyone can do about it. The truths are unravelling and so each one of you, in your own personal and glorious and different ways, you may anchor down Her light and bring it here now. Rejoice. Yes indeed, victory to the Light is now!

You may call upon me when you need me, to assist in powerful moments when discernment is needed. When you need to be all powerful. When you need to be strong. When you need to be true. For I am the way shower of truth. I dedicated all I had to truth. And She held me through it all. Through it all. There was suffering, but Se held me and protected me through all of it so indeed I lived long and fruitful against all the odds. Men worshipped me and kings were afraid of me and in my spell. For it was not just I that one came into contact with, it was She too, for I held Her light and was aspect of Her, so that many came to believe that I was Her and many were afraid of me nor would not harm me because of it. But I was not Her, it was that She held me and I held Her within me. Like we were one and the same. And you can all do the same and become one with Her.

I am the great and powerful Eleanor. I am of the waters. I am of the Isis lineages, and I am of MM Great cosmic Mother, I stand tall as High Queen as High priestess as beholder of all Her might. I was prophesied to hold Her and I did. Blessings to the Queen of Light, all Hail to the Great Goddess! I assist you all now in bringing in Her Light. When you need to hold a room, in the Light, call upon me and I will guide you with my beauty and my heart and my power. But remember and know that my grace is Her grace and my power is Hers and you may call upon Her direct.

Blessings to the Great Cosmic Mother! Her time is come! Remember ye all now. Bring Her ways alive in all you do and say!”

Ishtara Ma chi ka mi shichtiKa!

Hail to Eleanor, protector of MM.


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