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Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Section taken from a painting by Giordano in 1666 called The Fall of the Rebel Angels

Bringing in the colours of Blue, the colours of truth and discernment with Archangel Michael





This is not my usual type of article, but it is a text I had to write to remind you about discernment and this is absolutely essential right now for there seem to be psychological operations (psyops) in full swing right now, feeding into every arena including (the new age) on platforms such as facebook, that you might want to side step.

Message being: Do not worry, do not fear. All is well, for LIGHT will always win (and is). But I write this and share this screen grab of the above paper to remind you to always come back to the energy of things.

In reference to the screen grab of a paper above (received on a mail out from academia) the whole point about Gandhi is that, like the Dalai Lama, he lived according to the principles of non violence, in fact a matter he disagreed with Yogananda about, the latter being someone who felt he had to stand when necessary. They met once. The other important point about Gandhi is that although he ‘won’ in casting out the British from imperialistic rule over India, in a way the Brits were protecting Mother India from civil war and keeping the peace. Yes in an ideal world India would belong to the Indian people, and yet once the British left India the country descended into a religious civil war from which it has still not recovered. However it is not so simple as that. It is not so simple that this faction was good and that was bad, for there are 2 sides to everything. Just like perhaps there are 2 sides to British imperialist presence in India, so are there 2 sides to Gandhi; and of course everything we read about him in history will not always be true. So I do not know the truth of Gandhi, I do not know whether he is the man we are led to believe, and I do not know the truth of British empire for we are told very little and deceived very much. I do know that it is a long and complex story spanning many civilisations.

So I do not know if this paper's author is correct or incorrect in its evaluation on Gandhi; and certainly many big names through the ages, including spiritual teachers, are now being exposed for being entirely different people than what we once were had to believe.

The author of this paper is not a Q member as far as I know (note that I do not know anything about him and have not gone on to read his paper, it is simply a screen grab from the email mail out to use as an example) but I will now also refer to Q as they are a current key ‘conspiracy’ group. For Q anon as a group also states that Ghandi, Mother Theresa, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and so many others were cabal illuminati players. They believe that Nelson Mandela is an obvious example as a full on high level freemason because of the visitors he received during his "supposed" incarceration and the traces he left and they even share such things as photos of Mandela AND Desmond Tutu together in full Freemasonic garb.

I was brought into contact with Q in 17/18 by MM bringing me to a French friend & brother, who was also a member of Q in France.

I am not a member or supporter of Q and whilst I am grateful for some things that they have exposed, I do not agree, and I have been deep into evaluation, because I understand and know it through my friend, and so understand more than those who write about it who seem to have no understanding of it and much misunderstanding as they write from looking in from the outside. And like many who seek to have foot in both worlds, I have watched many different factions and events unfold, with detachment.

For those who are not familiar with q anon it is an organisation that has pioneered and led the conspiracy movements, and have exposed many things about covid, pharma, vax, Gates & the New World order (illuminati / Cabal). It is described by mainstream press as right wing in an attempt to prevent liberal left support and also because it heralds Trump as a kind of world saviour in the fight against cabal. Please note that (as I am sure you all know) there are many conspiracy theory groups aside from the main one of Q, and they are not all in agreement with one another. Likewise many anon members differ on many things. Mostly though they all agree on the need to expose & over throw the cabal.

With that said, I now would like to come back to this paper in the screen shot above, as an example of why we must be wary of conspiracy theories, just as much as we must be very wary of mainstream media, and share how I actually feel this article is very dangerous. There may be aspects of truth in its evaluation of Gandhi. Who knows. But what we have here is the very reason many groups such as q anon can also be very dangerous and I feel it is time to make a post on this, especially after recently hearing a spiritual teacher sharing that white light is a false matrix - a view which is dangerous psyop (psychological operational) stuff coming from someone who is either in ego or else a troll.

My first point is that Anon and other groups may have seeds of truth yet they also seem to be attracting members who have zero understand of occult and twist what little they understand to demonise the Goddess - yet again. We have fought for thousands of years to try to restore her back to her rightful place as the patriarchy seeks to destroy her through exploiting, demonising, diminishing and inverting her, or taking her symbols for themselves, and now in the so-called anti patriarchal groups there is much demonisation of Goddess occurring. The group Q Anon as a whole (and many other conspiracist such as the writer of the above example) have massive misunderstanding of spiritual divine law and occult. Members see that secret societies are using ancient occult symbols and Gods and Goddesses, and then many members who are new to it all thus assume that this means they are bad and evil. The truth is that some secret groups are good, and the other ones that are not good have taken occult knowledge and attempted to own or invert the divine power in 2 ways 1. use the symbol as theirs 2. invert the symbols - examples might include Hitler with the swastika and iron cross (originally beautiful spiritual symbols), the inverted 5 star pentagram, the sacred Venus feminine number of 13, Madonna / Beyonce the pop star taking the symbolism as their own, black and white chequered floors (symbol of division), the Horus eye and pyramid, or churches built upon ancient sacred sites. Note how some leaders use the triangle hand symbolism to imply patriarchal rule and others use the triangle the other way up. Really both male and female symbols are necessary in perfect union, as are men and women. In this particular article the author refers to Gandhi's usage of salt, and then understanding it is a symbol of the feminine in occult (which it is) proceeds to incorrectly assume it is therefore evil. The next thing is a man like this will assume that all spiritual people and Goddesses and ascended masters are agents of the devil and satanic worshippers and there will be full support to kill them off as evil people, and indeed some anons seem to actually believe this already.

This leads me to the next problem that I have with Q, which is that I am extremely wary of demonising people as Q anon does, for if one demonises a group of people (as satanists for instance) then there is a full support in eliminating those people. In WW2 Hitler managed to convince good innocent German people that Jews were devil worshippers to have their support to arrest them. In fact no one knew that they were being gassed, it was hidden from them the whole time. This rings alarms again. What is happening yet being hidden from us right now during covid? Yes maybe children are being rescued en masse from mind - bending evil suggestions that I admit I find hard to face, but we need to be very very careful when it comes to demonising people as evil when I have not actually seen concrete proof with my own eyes, but have read and seen hear-says from people who say they have seen much material, albeit in an age of digital and AI technology.

So Q demonises people and the Goddess, and also creates huge polarisation - evil and good, with the good lending support to blast out the evil.

I worry, as whilst we wait to find out what is or is not true, it reminds me of the millions of women burnt at the stake for being witches with the support of the good and intelligent masses. This is an example of pure brain washing.

The final problem I have with q anons is that it makes the dark forces out to be way more powerful than they are. Also of course many of these secret darker group members may have no idea what happens at the top and may be comprised of mostly hypnotised innocents who have no idea that their rituals are ones of dark sacrifice, just as some believe that the whole mass masking (for covid) is a part of one big evil dark ritual that innocents (the entire public) are taking part in - with no idea. I imagine that many mason and other secret societal members are comprised of many different factions across the entire scale, that it cannot be generalised, ie ranging from good people with intelligent understanding of occult spiritual practices using it in genuine ways for the good, ranging all the way across the scale to evil satanic ritualises on the wrong side, and in between many hypnotised innocents, ie. wounded people who are fast asleep, affected and mind controlled like puppets (players in arenas of Hollywood / politics / medicine / media) with or without knowledge, or who hurt so bad, lost in the darkness of their traumas and their ignorance. They are all lost fumbling around in the dark underworlds in their corrupted political mafiosa games competing and at war with one another, and they operate on such differing levels so it cannot be lumped together, but I tell you one thing with certainty - nothing is as powerful as love, nothing is as powerful as Goddess.

For the record, a member of Q anon responded to my above concerns as follows - there is no worry about unfolding events and peoples' reactions as that all is under control. That there will be no Salem witches trials, there won't be a repeat of the Cathar trials and sacrifices. Those were initiated and carried out by the cabal. The cabal is not in charge of the great awakening. There will be trials but not based on hysteria or false testimonies but rather based on undisputable proofs and documentation. Just keep in mind that with all that has been unveiled, witch hunts and lynchings would have already taken place. The Q / Trump and international Alliance have everything under control. That Pedo protests are all done in a peaceful manner with no crazy mobs, where as only the Soros funded mobs are violent in behaviour (Antifa, BLM, Extinction Rebelion etc). Q says that there will not be from dark to dark. Only from dark to light. And that there are a lot of cabal puppets out there that are intensifying their attacks on Q anon in their desperation (panic). Such attacks are always built on a logical foundation of truth. Foundation is sound but the building is rotten (Cult deception).

Coming back to this paper mentioned above, I have sought to understand the argument behind climate change by anons, and watched from afar as the story unfolds in our world, but for this paper to refer to green vegetarianism as an agenda to make people weak is in my mind an example of complete nonsense, and actually we all know in our hearts that nature’s food is food that makes us strong.

And here is the key thing - this is not a conscious idea, this is a heart understanding.

And everything now comes down to that.

We can no longer act from the conscious mind, finding our beliefs in our thoughts.

We cannot trust mainstream media governed by corrupted institutions and individuals, we cannot trust leaders of any arena for many are being exposed to be corrupted, and we cannot trust alternative groups either.

We also, (and this is important) cannot even trust our own mental responses! For not only have we been deeply conditioned and programmed by this culture, upbringing, media etc, we will all of us at some point face cognitive dissonance - ie mental and emotional resistance to what might be true when/if it threatens our inner belief system and does not sit in alignment without other beliefs and lifestyle choices.

This is why I am so passionate about helping people to develop their mediumship to have direct connection to their internal radar.

What a strange time we find ourselves within and what psychological conundrums indeed govern this invisible World War 3, a war supposedly against covid, but truly a war about protecting our rights as we remove masks. For where covid requires us to wear masks, in fact the astrological times we enter are all about the removal of masks as things come to light as we return to the light, but first we have to transition the destruction and it is indeed an invisible psychological war hell bent on creating polarity and separation within people, as well as between people.

So the solution?

We can only feel into our hearts and find direct alignment to source light within us so that we know it for ourselves and know the truth for ourselves, a truth beyond conscious evaluation. We must align to our higher mind, that is a mind in direct alignment with higher truths and with our hearts, and with God/dess.

We can only trust in God/dess and create a direct line to God/dess within ourselves.

Descartes said “I think therefore I am” but the truth is the exact opposite. In fact the truth is “I think therefore I am not”. For it is time to step out of the mind and into the heart, thus the higher mind / self.

We need to know ourselves so deeply so that we understand and value our inner most feelings, and we absolutely know within for ourselves what is fear and resistance and what is true intuition, wit the upmost self honesty. This self knowledge is a spiritual life journey.

Most of you drawn to these spiritual pages will understand that truth is in the heart as you have direct experience of this within you. You understand it is all about energy. That the truth is beyond the conscious mind, that the truth is the bit that language cannot reach, that the truth is ir-rational and cannot thus be obtained through the rational. Hence the need for art, music, poetry....

So I apologise for the darker content of this text, but I leave you with the reminder to always connect into your heart, to completely unplug from this sort of article as above sent to me by academia, and unplug from the energy behind it, and instead plug into your heart. People talk about spiritual bypassing, but it is not spiritual bypassing to absolutely disconnect from dark energy theories and instead reconnect into the truth of love light and goddess energy. Please be discerning, please notice the energy of things, please do not get involved in corrupted political faction and arguments, please come away from all of that.

Coming back once more to Gandhi, famous for saying “Be the Change you Wish to See in the World” and whatever the truth of his character and role, these are indeed wise words. So it is that I do invite you to absolutely be that change. Do what you need to do to have direct alignment to God/dess Love Light within you heart, so YOU KNOW the truth within you and can live in full alignment with that.

If everyone did this, it would be the quiet revolution (evolution) that saves the world.

Be Discerning
so that you may
Be the Light.

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Okänd medlem
18 okt. 2022

Thank you for putting into words what I feel in my heart when I see, read or hear dark energy. We must be careful that we do not replace one form of darkness for another gentler form of darkness. Let us all be the change we want to see.

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