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“transparent as crystal when the sun shines through it and of great beauty”

This recent image was circulating depicting the protests in Austria on 20th November 2021, but is (apparently) in Russia. Thinking it was Austria, I used this image to represent the whole world rising up during this time of the revelations to speak out against health apartheid and for basic human freedom and rights, and I was intuitively drawn to overlay it with both the pink rose and the golden hand of Fatima.

Now I see there is no coincidence and all is in divine synchronicity.

Both bring in the Light of the Goddess of all cultures & religions. Fatima & Mary, The Hamsa and the Rose.

The Return of the Feminine, the Divine Feminine, within all genders.

That is truly what we march for, what everyone is feeling rise within them.

Whether it be passion for Nature’s cry or passion for Nature’s Medicine.

Vienna is connected to both Marie of Burgundy and Marie Antoinette who are both roses associated with the Magdalene. The plight of the Romanovs and Anastasia also seem to come in to this.

The children also come in here. Some say the French Dauphin was taken after his abuse in captivity to USA by the power that used-to rule, and owned & hypnotised into mind-controlled submission, a puppet brainwashed, like many movie or pop stars, and that born into these bloodlines that flow through the mother female line, the roses are held, used and pawned in captivity, like Princess Diana, but then they also bring in Light to where it is most needed.

So noting both symbolism & synchronicity, what I want to share about today is both RUSSIA and the FATIMA CHILDREN. I also am called to share about THE CHILDREN OF GARABANDAL.

Both these stories are outlined below and you can read them in more detail either online or I highly recommend 'Revelations of Things to Come' by Earlyne Chaney.

Both these stories talk about how an angel and the Madonna came, so beautiful, like a crystal sparkling in the sun, to warn about consumerism, communism and war before it is too late, and request a return to the Light.

'Spread the Light, spread the Light, before it is too late' were the words I heard way back in 1994

Give all to Her Light.

And in doing so behold a miracle.

There have been many religious and political spins on these stories and on other apparition stories, of which there are many. Lucia was the only surviving child, and she went onto live in convents, some say in captivity, controlled carefully by the church. We do not know the truth of this.

When we look at the reported messages from what is called 'Our Lady', spoken in language akin to the times and cultures and religious contexts in which the children were from, ultimately we see in the symbolism what is a reflection of ourselves and our own projections. A non-believer might pass it off as religious nonsense, or certain words or concepts might deter some believers (such as calls to make sacrifice and penance), and we must look more carefully at what the words represent and are really saying, knowing also that there are many powers that control this message and its contents: the catholics, for example, wrote (and eradicated much of) Cathar history. The victors write the history books whilst the messenger taints the message.

I feel it is no coincidence that I have mistakenly used this protest image of Russia twice now and others have done the same. Why Russia? What I personally see, is the importance of Russia in all of this as the PORTAL FOR SEEDING THE LIGHT.

There is no mistake here. There is a beautiful synchronicity.

'She' knows what She is doing when she works through me, even if I do not. I often marvel at how 'She' works through me and often my ‘mistakes’ are the very keys. The spelling mistakes, the typos, the ‘wrong’ words.

The Rose and the Golden Hamsa Hand of Fatima have been shone upon Russia, in the name of Austria, and the entire world, at this important turning point when we all cry for Her return which must and can only happen in each one of us making that decision within, to commit within, to Her path and call. To renounce consumerism, and find Her Light within us to live once more in harmony with nature’s ways and respect for the cosmos who communes in the breeze. Only eyes to see will see, only ears to hear will hear, and we must look and hear now, in these hidden places where she hides and this is where she communes.

That is deeply symbolic and important.

So please enjoy the apparition stories as below and notice what YOU feel as you read them, what do they say to you? What words stand out?

IMAGE - photo taken in the14th century St Marie church in ARAGON a small CATHAR village north of CARCASSONNE in February 2020, with a tower, and ancient Cathar headstones outside, on my way to the airport. This village was Cathar and at one time belonged to the Abbey of Montolieu but traces have been found of the Lords of Aragon who lost their lands due to punishment for Catharism during the inquisition. Just as I got in the car to leave for the airport, I turned an old tap in the water spring, to take a drink, yet only a trickle came out, and it felt symbolic of getting the last drops of many adventures in those lands. My visit here was the moments before my flight that left in a rush due to storms, all other then onwards cancelled, and then the airline went out of business and my local airport closed, and I have not been able to return since, for it was only a month later that the storm of the Covid hoax arrived.


1916, Fatima, Portugal. 3 children saw an angel “whiter than snow transparent as crystal when the sun shines through it and of great beauty”

Afterwards the children were absentminded and not ‘all there’.

He appeared on separate occasions 3 times.

Then the next apportion was that of a woman of transcendent beauty and radiant luminous form who asked them to return to the same spot on the 13th of each month. From May until November 1917 she appeared to them and shared 3 ‘secrets’ after warning that the war that was happening (WW1) was a scourge by which man experiences the just result of selfishness and materialism. At one point they saw her heart appear to them pierced by thorns and she talked about sins committed against her.

In ‘secret’ one she showed a type for hell, in the second ‘secret’ she warned them of another possible war during the time of Pius X1 if people do not change (which came to pass with (WW11). She went on to say that ‘when you shall see the night illuminated by a strange and unknown light, know that it is the great sign that God is given you that he is about to punish the world for its crimes….”

She then goes on to mention Russia. "To prevent this, I shall come to ask for the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart, and the communion of reparation on the first Saturday's. If my requests are heeded, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace. If not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated. In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me, and she will be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world.”

Some people took this literally as the conversion to catholicism. I see it beyond religion, I see it out of the old religious context, I read the symbolism. That this is the conversion back to Her Light.

That the balance of the cosmos begins and end in Russia, not just politically but also via the portals there, such as Ural

Interestingly, the re-appearance of the “Theotokos Derzhavnaya Orthodox icon” was said by some to be the Tsarina, and an indication that the Virgin Mary was displeased with Russia for dethroning Tsar Nicholas II & that She will hold the Imperial Crown for safekeeping until the House of Romanov is restored. What did the house of Romonov hold and represent?

The 3rd ‘secret’ was then told to one of the children which was put in an envelope and given to the pope to be opened in 1960 and shared with the world, and in 1960 the vatican released a statement saying that it was "most probable the Secret would remain, for ever, under absolute seal” In 2020 it was finally released and described a scene of doom and gloom. Whilst some believe this scene relates to those who receive their penance for church corruption, others say it is a false disclosure and false text.

I write in obedience to you, my God, who command me to do so through his Excellency the Bishop of Leiria and through your Most Holy Mother and mine. After the two parts which I have already explained, at the left of Our Lady and a little above, we saw an Angel with a flaming sword in his left hand; flashing, it gave out flames that looked as though they would set the world on fire; but they died out in contact with the splendour that Our Lady radiated towards him from her right hand: pointing to the earth with his right hand, the Angel cried out in a loud voice: 'Penance, Penance, Penance!'. And we saw in an immense light that is God, something similar to how people appear in a mirror when they pass in front of it, a Bishop dressed in White. We had the impression that it was the Holy Father. Other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious going up a steep mountain, at the top of which there was a big Cross of rough-hewn trunks as of a cork-tree with the bark; before reaching there the Holy Father passed through a big city half in ruins and half trembling with halting step, afflicted with pain and sorrow, he prayed for the souls of the corpses he met on his way; having reached the top of the mountain, on his knees at the foot of the big Cross he was killed by a group of soldiers who fired bullets and arrows at him, and in the same way there died one after another the other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious, and various lay people of different ranks and positions. Beneath the two arms of the Cross there were two Angels each with a crystal aspersorium in his hand, in which they gathered up the blood of the Martyrs and with it sprinkled the souls that were making their way to God.

Whether this is Lucia’s writing or not we shall never know.

It doesn’t resonate for me personally.

However, in 1927 Lucia did divulge part of the 3rd secret herself. She mentioned the Light in the sky as a warning and how that if Russia ignores the Lady's request to come back to Her Light then every nation shall come under ‘communist’ rule. She warned the church of its inner conflicts and corruptions, possible assassination of the pope, referring to a time when we become our own church and pope within. She talked about the importance of finding our own divine guidance. She mentioned possibilities of several nations being annihilated. She talked about a heavy division of 2 armed and angry sides, and events around Israel. She talked about a devastating 3rd war in which 2/3s of the population will die, events happening very quickly, triggered by an unprecedented event. She said how just out of the 3 of the children only 1 survived, and so it would be the same with the world population, and the medicine for this was prayer and devotion to Her. Those who survive this age will bring peace and a new age of Light. The return to the Divine.

The children could not attend the 4th appearance due to the magistrate kidnapping them and holding them in the city jail but 20,000 pilgrims did show up to witness thunder with explosions of light. The children were later released in a frightened state. In the next months apparition she appeared in an orb or globe of light. At the 5th apparition people saw clouds of white flowers fall from the sky. The last apparition is called the 'miracle of the sun', in which even soldiers were present to manage the thousands of people. The lady appeared in a white orb again. She showed herself to the children crowned in glory again, as THE QUEEN OF HEAVAN RESTORED.

A huge storm suddenly stopped, a disc appeared in the sky and started to spin, then stop, then recommence, then shower flames in all directions, thousands fell to their knees, blue light descended, then yellow dots falling, before the sun disc started to spiral down to the crowd who were all shouting and on their knees, before it then climbed up slowly in a zigzag patter and became the dazzling sun in the sky.

It was only in 1930 that the church recognised the apparitions and miracles and in 1931, 300,000 pilgrims reconvened there and ever since it is a place where millions have made pilgrimage.

As foretold to them by the Lady, 2 of the children died a few years later from the 1918 influenza and from 1948 Lucia lived at the Carmelite convent of Santa Teresa in Coimbra, until her death in 2005, aged 98. Lúcia had been blind and deaf and ailing for some years prior to her death.

For those who wish to read a similar story, I share now the children of Garabandal.


The Angel came first as a vision to all 4 children who fell in a trance by a place called The Pines. Later on the angel tells them they will see the Virgin Mary who would appear by the pines. Although she can appear and disappear at will, they discovered that for some reason she travelled to them in a red star of fire. She wore a white dress, a blue mantle, a crown of golden stars and a scapular on each wrist.

“She gleamed most brilliantly like a crystal of great beauty through which the sun rays glistened”

After this apparitions began where they were called and ran in trance to the pines to see Her. They would run over sharp stones or fall with no show of pain, they would laugh and gasp at the same time whilst seeming to be in communion listening to her. Lost in trance each time. At one point a man tried to lift one of the girls and could not because she was so heavy, and yet then one of the other girls came and lifted her as if lifting a feather, to reach her up to kiss the Lady. Objects were held up for Her to kiss. Specific objects chosen by the children in trance, one item amongst many, the rings that were chosen were only wedding rings, and the Lady said those that she kissed would bring miracles and afterwards they omitted a fragrance. Later on as the apparitions intensified, the girls began to levitate. The church refused recognition and locked its door to them, time again.

The 'lady' asked in the messages for 'sacrifices' to be made to make 'penance for the world'. In the message on June 18 1965 she says “the Lady is encouraging us not to depend upon our clergy, but "we should turn the wrath of God - or the coming chastisement - away from ourselves by our own efforts" ”

When I reflect on this, I am shown that this is a message coming from one with religious background in a certain time who uses such words and they can easily be misunderstood. Taken out of religious context, and in a more spiritual context, what would really be meant by sacrifice for penance?

The message really is this - to serve and give all to God/dess. To come away from consumerism. To become holy. That now we come away from a church that is corrupted and become our own priests and oracles. Create our own altars. Speak our own truths, light our own candles, make our own 'rosaries' as we wish them. Whatever we sit to do, as long as we do it. Be it. Become it.

Conchita spoke of 3 events - the warning, the miracle, the chastisement: “THE WARNING….it will warn the wicked that the end of the Age is coming, and that these are the last warnings. No one can stop it from happening. It is certain….(it) is to be sent to purify us - to make us see THE MIRACLE... through which (s)he shows us his (her) great love he (she) bears us…..The Blessed Virgin told me that Jesus would NOT send the warning to harm us but to help us and to reprove us for not heeding him, God is sending us the warning so that there will be no further doubts about the miracle so the greatest possible of number of people may be present to see it” The Miracle will make even the incredulous become believers.

Many people relate this Warning to some sort of solar event, spoken about by Sister Maria Fostina in 1938, Early Chaney in 1982 and many more.

Hear her interview in this link.

What people feel will depend on who the person is - if they are sad, or fearful, or in peace....

I don't know the time this will happen

The communists will take over the world

Many will be converted and must be converted

What does it mean to be converted? Is this a religious scam to get followers as some say? Or, or if we remove religious connotation, does it simply mean to become one with God within (whatever God means for you)?


What is the message here...what is in 'the pot'? What stands out when reading about the Children of Fatima and of Garabandal? The words / places / themes / names etc that I am noticing are as follows -

The protests in Austria, and the repercussions for the world in health apartheid

Vienna & Austrian history

Marie Antoinette

Princess Diana

Marie of Burgundy

Russia and her politics which spread through the world

Fatima as Goddess

The Pink Rose & Golden Hamsa Hand

The corruption of the Church and penance for all involved

The Cathar St Marie church at Aragon

Coming away from consumerism back to restoring Her

The message of the warning and the miracle - that no one can stop it from happening

The children's vision that, at the end of it all, she will once again rise as Queen of Heavan and the Divine age will commence

Mostly for me, what stands out is this -

“She gleamed most brilliantly like a crystal of great beauty through which the sun rays glistened”

This is all about the MAGDALENE.

It is time to restore the Divine Feminine there has been a war upon Her for thousands of years but it is time for her restoration this is all connected to the Templars and ultimately to restoring the Magdalene to her rightful place

The children of Fatima and the crowd in 1916 gathered on the day of the miracle of the sun

The children of Garabandalin trance and Loli falls unhurt in trance & yet is in semi levitation


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