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I keep having the word 'Enoch' come to me in meditation.

I don't know much about Enoch as I am not religious. But this started in the weeks leading up to 12 / 12 / 20 and 21/12 / 20 whilst doing some priestess ceremonial work with other sisters.

I have read about the beautiful looking book of Enoch called the Keys of Enoch written by By Dr. J.J. Hurtak but I have not read the book itself, as it is very expensive to buy. It seems to be a series of keys related to self realization, for the advancement of humanity into the new spiritual cycle of the Christ, and the summary says that “greater unity must occur between both the scientific and spiritual pathways which would link the human evolution with the Higher Evolution, connecting humankind with the greater Master Plan of Life.”

I then looked at the Book of Enoch written in 300–200 BC. Excuse my ignorance but I did not know anything about Enoch, I did not even know that this book is all about the apocalypse. Nor did I know that Enoch’s book was not in the Bible and had a 1500-year disappearance from Western Christianity due to the Catholic Church attempting to suppress its information. Sound familiar?! In the 4th century, some Church theologians decried Enoch’s book as heresy. How amazing that I had no idea about this when his name kept coming to me in meditation, at repeated times.

So it turns out that this book of Enoch contains, according to wikipedia “unique material on the origins of demons and giants, why some angels fell from heaven, an explanation of why the flood was necessary, and prophetic exposition of the 1000 yr reign of the messiah.”

The book consists of five quite distinct major sections -

1. The Book of the Watchers written in 4th or 3rd century BC describes the fall of the watchers, the angels who fathered the Nephilim “How all things are ordained by God and take place in his own time. The sinners shall perish and the great and the good shall live on in light, joy and peace.”

The remainder of the book describes Enoch's visits to heaven in the form of travels, visions and dreams, and his revelations in -

2. The Book of Parables of Enoch - the destiny of the fallen angels but also that of the evil kings of the Earth.

3. The Astronomical Book (also called the Book of the Heavenly Luminaries or Book of Luminaries) - Archangel Uriel describes to Enoch the movement of the heavenly bodies includes - The Sun and Moon, the Waxing and Waning of the Moon, the Lunar Year, The Twelve Winds and their Portals, The Four Quarters of the World: the Seven Mountains, the Seven Rivers, Seven Great Islands, Recapitulation of several of the Laws, Perversion of Nature and the heavenly Bodies due to the Sin of Men, The Heavenly Tablets and the Mission of Enoch, Charge given to Enoch: the four Intercalary days: the Stars which lead the Seasons and the Months

4. The Book of Dream Visions (1 Enoch 83–90) (also called the Book of Dreams) - Enoch;s vision of turbulents items, said to be Israel, untitled eh time of man's resurrection and the new Jerusalem. Enoch awakes and weeps. In the second vision, one is presented with an allegorical account of what is usually described as the history of Israel, and some believe to actually be an account of Armageddon, using animals to represent human beings and human beings to represent angels

5. The Epistle of Enoch - Apocalypse of Weeks - narrates the history of the world using a structure of ten periods, of which seven regard the past and three regard future events (the final judgment). The climax is in the seventh part of the tenth week where "new heaven shall appear" and "there will be many weeks without number for ever, and all shall be in goodness and righteousness”. The first part of the epistle describes the wisdom of the Lord, the final reward of the just and the punishment of the evil, and the two separate paths of righteousness and unrighteousness. Then there are six oracles against the sinners, the witness of the whole creation against them, and the assurance of the fate after death. A slightly later part points out the personal responsibility of the individual, often describing the sinners as the wealthy and the just as the oppressed (a theme found also in the Book of Parables). Concluding (this second appendix was not found in Qumran and is considered to be the work of the final redactor) with the "generation of light" in opposition to the sinners destined to the darkness.

So with all this in mind, I sat down to enjoy reading William Henry's article about AI threats and feeling the turbulent undercurrents like everyone else, and I was struck in this article first by his mention of Enoch and "Historically, when times got tough and evil reared its head, spiritual people enacted an angelic uprising. They called in higher celestial beings who could guide and transform humanity. This spiritual practice emerged from the Enochian tradition... The children of Seth separated themselves from the rest of humanity in order to call in a higher celestial being....This is what the Essenes did. According to the Dead Sea Scrolls they called in a high celestial being, Christ, who taught them to become human-angel hybrids. Rome stomped them out in 70AD."

Then Henry continues with the reminder of the use of magic in the same view, and cites the example of this method employed during WW11 by Dion Fortune et al to create Light field via Glastonbury Tor to combat the German force. Likewise, I myself also remember how Queen Elizabeth employed magical aid to protect the Angel land of England during the Spanish Armada attempted invasion. Whichever truths about them one may want to debate, the point being, that when Light is called then Light always comes to aid.

I actually always teach my priestess students, in the same way I have been taught by my own spiritual teacher, that protection is an outdated method. For if we protect, it means we fear something. There is an underlying tension or a demon, to protect against. And in feeling that, then it creates that. But if we are absolutely certain that Light is all pervading and we are filled with Light, then there is no doubt that we are. However, it is important to have clear healthy boundaries as an extension of healthy self worth - this is mine, that is yours.

With this in mind, in the current situation, we can have clear healthy boundaries - this is not for me, this is. I don't want that, I want this, I do not consent to that, I do consent to this. Tuning in and feeling our feelings, our truth - and then living by it.

And also with this in mind, we don't need to call in protective forces to protect against some impending doom or demon, but we instead we know with absolute certainty that Light is prophesied and Light there shall be and Light there is and so with this assurance, and with no doubt at all, we understand that, (with no denial but absolutely facing all), in the end everything serves the Light.

Henry describes how “In her visions, Dion Fortune could see the spiritual force that fuels the enchanted landscape of Britain as a constant down pouring of the Holy Spirit, flowing unceasingly from a crystal chalice high above Glastonbury Tor. The working began with the formulating of the symbol of the Rose-Cross. As this symbol was built on the astral planes each week, it developed through a series of changes in a clear sequence – a sign that the inner powers had been contacted and were responding. As told on the ChaliceCentre website: ‘First, the Rose-Cross was surrounded by a golden light, then a diamond light, indicating a very high grade of power. Soon it became clear that the Rose-Cross was situated in a cavern deep beneath Glastonbury Tor. The figures of seven of the Masters then appeared around it. In later meditations, three key figures appeared: King Arthur, Merlin and the Master Jesus, later joined by the figure of the Virgin Mary, also seen as the heavenly Isis, bearing the Grail’.

And so it is to the Christed Sophia we once again turn and her chalice. The divine femine being the second coming and with her light the divine masculein may also rise to meet her. Heiros Gamos.

There are so many waking now, so many Magdalenes, Light holders, Light workers, visionaries, seekers, and so there is absolutely no doubt that the divine plan is unfolding, or there would not be so many waking.

The Light army of 144 is awake, the light of the divine feminine is flowing to all through her chalice.

And knowing we do not need to put up protection in fear, instead we have absolute assurance in the divine plan and we envisage and see her chalice flowing with light into all the tribes of the world.

MESSAGE FROM ENOCH, 14 January 2021

So with this it is time now I bring in Enoch directly to speak through me, and I share a best I can in as clear a channel I hope I may be -

I am here my child, and what I say to you is important to share amongst the many and please do not hold back or hesitate. It is a message of great hope. For the times in which you live are indeed the apocalypse to which so many have referred to throughout age and to which the books in my name also refer. Oh dear ones, you are so loved and valued and we are here to guide you. Do not despair. The time is here for a great celebration coming soon. There will be moments of challenge and difficulty you are in the midst of a most destructive phase of war, in truth a war that has been raging for so many many years and which so many knew very little about. My teachings were kept away from the hearts of (wo)men because they are exposing truths which the very ones posing as messiahs sought to conceal. The light of God (ess). The light of God (ess) exists within all men and please remember that even those who seek to conceal contain within them the Light of God (ess). Yet their time for evaluation is nigh. God (dess) sees all and deep into the hearts of me (and women). What do you seek now? Do you seek love or do you seek to fall in fear. It is time now to stand for all that your soul longs for and dreams of. It is time without fear to be all that you are and all that your soul shines. Yes you are indeed in the midst of a most delicate war and many talk about the many roads ahead but know there is only one road and it is the road of what is called by some as the new Jerusalem or what some refer to as ascension. It is the road of light. So do not fear living in your truth. Do not entertain any other possibility. Trust absolutely to the Light of God(dess). Trust absolutely to the word of God (dess). Your soul is pure, live by it. The pure ones, the pure light is always looked after and shall always shine bright. Throughout age this has been so and throughout age this will always be so. The light of the Christed ones is here, rejoice and believe as the world burns that the light comes forth! Trust in the visions of the shepherd and the sheep.”

I am shown a blue Merkaba. With white.

It is spinning around in the hands of Enoch as he holds it.

You see, all is well” he smiles.

This is the truth, the holy truth, the only truth and all that is.”

The descriptions of the book of enoch is information taken from wikipedia.


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