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Updated: Feb 24, 2022



There are so very many mysterious prehistoric artefacts and sites that exist here on the Ural Mountains, some of which include : the huge geoglyph in the shape of a deer that is several thousand years older than the Nazca Lines of Peru and stretches for about 900 feet. Then there are the carved gigantic granite stone called super megaliths suggesting an advanced civilisation, and the discovery of small carved nanospirals that date to at least 100,000 years old as well as the Polovtsian statues or the maps found in 1999 called maps of the creator carved onto a huge rock that is now dated at 120 million- year-old when scientists of Bashkir State University who examined the “map” concluded it must have been created by an unknown advanced civilisation that was present on Earth millions of years ago. There is also a mysterious triangle called the M triangle that was sacred to the Mansi people there many mysterious happenings are related, there is a high level of electromagnetic energy, many stone circles, and very strong energy. It is also said that the first golden city on this planet that we know of, of the URS peoples, was built and belonged to this same ancient civilisation of the Sumars, then the sintashta, and it is called ARKaim - city of Heaven and Earth.


This most sacred sight is near to the new Light Vortex and thus linked. Dating to 20th century BC, Ark-a-im Ar-ka means sky and Im means Earth and Arkaim is a very sacred place. People travel there to treat diseases with the sacred water from the near by river or on one of the surrounding sacred mountains. One of 20 prehistoric sites over 400 km, dated at around 5000 yrs ago or older, Arkaim was a circler fortified city and aligned to the stars with a complex accuracy.  It is identified by some as the place where Zoraster was born. There are many mysterious phenomena reported here from ufo sightings, strange lights and fog, unusual hallucinations by archeologists, magnetic inconsistencies etc. Arkaim has been described as one of the cities built "reproducing the model of the universe”. It was a circle surrounded by a circle like a mandala and “measured 18 astrological events such as the equinoxes. Stonehenge (which sit on exactly the same line) allowed for observation of 15 astronomical phenomena using 22 elements, whereas the contemporaneous observatory at Arkaim allowed for observation of 18 astronomical phenomena using 30 elements.” A skull with an elongated head was found in an archaeological dig.

Arkaim is connected to Iranian Sintashta culture, ancestral to “a myriad of present-day peoples of Asia”, including Indo-Aryans and Persians and mentioned in ancient Aryan/Iranian spiritual literature, such as the Vedas and the Avesta. In looking into the Iranian Sintashta culture we are back to the land of Shiner or Sumar, the Sumerians of ancient Mesopotamia, the accomplished astronomers that MM and the tribe of Jesus were said to originate from, where Ishtar was celebrated, linked to the planets Sirius and Venus amongst others like the Bear, Pleiades etc.

They are also said to be the peoples of the pillars. Arkaim was dubbed swastika city. “The swastika, thought to be the exclusively Aryan symbol of sun-worship misappropriated by the Nazis, and found depicted on many of the clay pots unearthed in Arkaim, is an older religious and metaphysical symbol than that attached to the Aryan Sun God, its roots lying in totemic shamanism. René Guénon, the eminent French esotericist, points out that the swastika, symbolising eternal motion around a motionless centre, is a polar rather than a solar symbol, and as such was a symbol central to the Pole star cult, originally dedicated to a planetary deity connected to Ursa Major, the Great Bear. This centre, Guénon stresses, “constitutes the fixed point known symbolically to all traditions as the ‘pole’ or axis around which the world rotates…” The swastika is therefore known world-wide as the ‘sign of the pole.’

The great dramas of the word are played out by the battle of light and dark, the dance between the 7 Rishes of the great Bear and the the 7 Sisters of the Pleiades. URSA / URAL. The word 'Ur' like 'Or' means 'Gold'. And this was a place of gold. There was said to be much of it found near the river UR “The Bible says that UR, small Chaldean town and Abraham’s homeland, was the first city built by men.” The word "Ark' also links to the ark of covenant, Noah’s ark “In English, many words contain the same root: ark, arch, archaic, archives, monarch, matriarch.” “UR’ became “AR” as in ARkaim SumAR. You may click on the links to read about how some people believe that these words seeded from this most sacred place.

I receive information that this is a sacred site that holds a LIGHT PORTAL. Like many other sacred other places of 'Or' (or 'Ar') that contain the gold - there is light vortex there to connect the infra terrestrial and extra terrestrial, as above so below. For instance the sacred light portal in Val d'Orcia in Italy, or in Lastours the cathar monument in France where gold is mined.

WHO BUILT NEWGRANGE, WHO BUILT STONEHENGE, WHO CAME TO ARKAIM? The Bird tribe. “These souls from Sirius, say the ancient texts, descended down the World Axis and incarnated on Earth long ago in order to aid our fledgling species. When a great catastrophe towards the end of the Ice Age, around the twelfth millennium BCE, threatened us with extinction, these sons and daughters of the Gods instituted the hieros gamos, a genetic science that mingled their genes with ours and so bred a superior human stock with a greater survival potential that spread gradually from the heart of Asia on one hand, and Atlantis on the other, to the rest of the world”

“There are at least two places that should be called Arkaim. The first, conventional Arkaim, is the ruins that are shown to tourists today.The second Arkaim is located a little further, in a place where excavations are still going on and where visitors are not allowed. And finally, the third Arkaim, where for some unknown reasons even locals do not go to.”

PORTALS IN RUSSIA - THE GOLDEN AGE - Birthing A New Civilization: Transition to the New Golden Age in 2032 By Diana Cooper


This came to me in a dream. The topaz is associated with the moon and is said to wax and wane with the moon. It is also associated with the sun, Jupiter and Ra as well as Archangels Michael and Raziel who comes as one with Merlin. Archangel Raphael is present with the Marys. There are many different Topaz stones - Clear/White/Silver Topaz which is the purest clear topaz, the Golden and Imperial Topaz which us a battery for self worth and brings in the sunny golds and yellows, there are pink topaz and also more fiery red versions, purple topaz brings in spiritual wealth, brown topaz helps us to earth and be held, and rutilated topaz, which is exceptionally beautiful with golden hairs going through it. Finally there is the Blue Topaz.

“The name Topaz likely comes from topazos, a word meaning “to seek” and the name was first given to the unique gems discovered on Topazios Island in the Red Sea, now called Zabargad next to Egypt. Actually, the island never produced Topaz, but was a main source of Peridot (dubbed the “True Topaz”). Note that some of you may accept this invitation to work in your meditations with both with the Peridot and Zabargad alongside this light Transmission.

Some scholars trace the name’s origin back to Sanskrit, the ancient language of India, where the word Topas or Tapaz means “fire.” Then the term “Imperial Topaz” came in 19th century Russia, where the Ural Mountains were Topaz’s leading source. The rare pink gemstones discovered there were named to honour the Russian Tsar, and ownership of these stones was restricted to the royal family. There is also a Topaz Mountain in Western Utah and topaz is also found in Texas, AfghanistanSriLankaCzechRepublicGermanyNorwayPakistanItalySwedenJapanBrazilMexicoFlinders IslandAustraliaNigeria and Large, vivid blue Topaz has been found in St. Anns mine in Zimbabwe"

I invite you to connect to this LIGHT PORTAL that is now open above Mountain Ural, not far from Arkaim, and find there a great Light. You may do this in meditation on your own with a simple intention, and see what comes. Or you may purchase for a minimal donation, a guided audio meditation that was made during a full moon in 2020 when this Light Portal called me to share Her Light.

To access the 30 minute Light Transmission Meditation that came in for a JANUARY MOON in 2020 but can be done ANYTIME please go here -


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