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Updated: Feb 1, 2019

The role of the Divine Masculine in supporting MM - Maximinus of Aix and Mer Magdalena

In my book channelled by MM I talk about a loyal serving disciple brother called Awahsor, one of the first to lead the way of the teachings for the Cathars. He served MM with utter dedication knowing Her to be aspect of Goddess, and seeing it as a complete honour to be able to serve Her. He was so dedicated, so in touch with her needs, and her ways, so immaculate in his timings with provisions, his secrecy, his humility, his discretion and grace were unique, and he was a true disciple as he also lived completely and at one in accordance to the way.

MM had many around her but He was Her most loyal servant and we can learn much from his humility, quiet dedication and grace. Lost in time, forgotten in history, yet not forgotten in the spirit realms, for he is the most advanced master. Sometimes anonymity is most necessary and most important to anchor in pure grace and to have huge rippling affect. It was his discrete dedication that enabled the entire Cathar peoples, an preceding and subsequent Goddess teachings to pass on after her passing.

Other loyal brothers at this time, dedicated to holding the roses, include Maximus and Lazarus, often confused and through to be the same, amongst many unknown druids and pure ones. Also of course the 2 sons, only one of whom dedicated to the teachings, but the other who helped seed the bloodline energy, and her son-in-law, husband of Saint Sara.

I ask now for Maximus to come through. He is Maximum of Aix, not to be confused with other Maximus figures.

“Yes I held space for MM in the sense the I was around her in a similar area. I came over with her, there were many of us who came, but I was not actually in the same boat as her and Lazarus, I came a little later on. I met and served her and honoured Her teachings, as the wife of Jeshua, but I also channel through my own ways. I was a protector and a brother. I was an energy she could rely on. An ally. One who knew the teachings of the pure ones and one who fed them these. People confuse me with another Maximus (de Trier) who lived many years later and in a way we are the same for he was all of the same teachings, of the way. I was a devout and loyal bother to Our lady, and I would bow before and receive Her Light and then take it into the community.

People accepted me more as I was a man, and I could make favour for Her if necessary with Roman officials. I was in humble service to Her. I was very devout. Dressed in the brown robes of a monk if you will. When we first crossed over I was following Her and I was quite young still, I had dark hair, darkish skin, and then later it went white and I had a beard. I lived in caves, and other times I went into the world. A go between if you like. I was very holy. You can call upon me if you need a loyal brother to protect you to represent you when you are trying to fit your other worldly views and ways into the modern world that does not understand them. This is something I can come and aid. In a way, I am here to help keep things down to earth, grounded and real, to help prevent you from floating away. Yet serve your other world wisdom every step of the way. I am the go between between both the worlds. A foot in each. And a humble servant in each.

Lazarus was more “important”, more of a prince, he was bloodline brother to our Lady; where as, although I was a learned man, I was both a scholar like Lazarus yet simple and humble like Awashor. People relied upon my learned knowledge in the world of papers and scrolls and rules and regulations, yet I held the Light of the way and was utterly dedicated to it.

My colour is brown of the habits that I wear and yet it is also gold. I hold the lapis blues and golds like Lazarus and the soft sky blues of our Lady and ascended masters. I carry the rose and the ankh in my heart. I am responsible for some scrolls that were re established and taken to the Cathars, and I sat with Asowhar in silence many times and yet it was these silences which fed these scrolls, He held space with me and for me, and in some ways we both held space for our Lady and the roses. Lazarus commanded that I write some of these. But others he did not know about and I was commanded by God. Many do not exist now, but others formed the basis of scrolls re written by the Cathars the pre ones, whose knowledge fed into templars. If you like we were the first templars but pure ones, pure in heart and the word templar then did not exist. The templars at one point also lost their way. But not all of them.

Our Lady knew I was channeling into writing and she approved. I never told anyone, but she knew. She also knew of favours and protections I had granted for her. Again this was never mentioned, but she knew and blessed me. I was Her guardian, but She was my guardian as She was my guru and held and knew all.

I served Her and in serving her my soul became free.

Blessing be to all. “

Maximus holds a lapis lazuli blue stone with gold threads through it.

He holds the Lazuli and also

connects us to Lazarus with it.

He shines a white ankh.

He had a light in his forehead.

A pen / scroll in his hand representing his ability to help in the world of papers and earthly realms and his ability to preserve things and ground in energy.

His brown robe also represents his earthly grounding.

He holds the rose in his heart.

Lights in his palms.

He bows before the Goddess and the Divine Feminine in service.

He is guardian, protector, faithful servant and can help with matters to do with grounding or birding between worlds.

Blessed be.

Raising Lazarus, Oil on Copper Plate, 1875, Carl Heinrich Bloch (Hope Gallery, Salt Lake City)


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