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Updated: Jan 20

Living life in the 5d new ways

Going from the old paradigm to the new

I notice alot of light workers have been struggling with stuff recently and some sacred relationships too

In relationships, wounds arising that are mirrored back

which seemingly are unresolvable and perhaps calling in sacred relationship

for walking on separate paths ahead yet the love calls and calls,

will the love win or is the self love more powerful and does the love for self mean having to say goodbye to other?

People are fearing economic collapse and so forth and yet we know that even in economic collapses

some people remain abundant in fact the collapse is the collapse of the old ways of approaching things be it relationships or money or health and an invite into a new way of living and that is from the inner some may call this 'new earth'

(very different to the 'new world order' type of 'new earth')

or 5d living

it really means living life in a new way in approach to relationship, health, money …


And the new way is to tap into the source of self on the inner

We can find abundance on the inner

through clearing out any abundance blocks leaping from an old paradigm into a new one one mindset into another

and it all starts on the inner...

love, money, health …

it all comes from there

And also for anyone in the situation of pain and hurt

or struggling in relationship, who finds themselves clinging on or questioning,

'is he or isn’t he?' especially in this time of focus

upon narcissistic and codependent personalities and so on

where everyone is suspicious of the other (and yet it is all rooted in same place of insecurity consciousness) we tend to over think,

we try to work it out

well… don't try to sort it with your mind… not the money, the health, the stuff, the love….

you can’t fix those horrid emotions in that ways that is old paradigm approach to living, and to loving

When the emotions come,

know they will pass within time

as the wheel always turns so just riding it through as the witness

its just discomfort and it will pass

and then remember this GO TO THE INNER

you can sort something in 20 minutes on the inner that would take weeks of talking therapy on the outer that’s called living in the 5d or new earth

So on the inner, tucked up in bed

now what?

Allow the pain, be it inner fear of money, a relationship,

any issue….

Hands on the pain Allow

Now go into heart see heart as a temple a beautiful temple take time to really do this and enter her

How beautiful she is

And there is a small child

so sad why so sad?

She lights up when she sees you

and she knows you are here to help you are her angel So go to her and she tells you why she is sad she describes the emotions

and perhaps she shows you

who made her so sad

it may be an image of a person or situation and so together you go to this situation or person and you tell them why they hurt you and you tell them all about it and every thing it made you feel

Then you claim back your power

by calling it in

and doing what you need to in your imagination

what feels right

with love and respect for all involved

and feel your own power come back to you

now you let them go

with love and respect for all you cut all the cords whoosh off they go

And again you bring in your light you align to your power

Do this until you feel it is cleared

and you and your little girl are happy she is happy and you hold her close

now together you look up and see the most BEAUTIFUL ANGEL YOU EVER SAW and this is your own Higher Self and she talks to both of you and she answers your questions

just listen not with mind just with imagination and heart just getting a sense of what she says

she shows you a screen or perhaps a bowl of water or a scrying crystal then let a image comes across it let yourself be surprised see what it is

now send the light to it change the story resolve it whatever you need to do in highest good for all bring the light in to clear and heal it

Now your higher self will tell you when it is done

and then she has a message for you

you are worthy of love you are worthy of money you are worthy of joy you are worthy of health you are worthy of so much all you seek is yours

but you have it all already for the light you seek for the money, the love is not outside your happiness is not dependant on that or on that person it is here for you now for the course of all that joy is here now

and it is this light this light is you money this light is your love you are your love

you see you want for nothing

so put you hearts desires out into hands of goddess but know dear one you are all that you seek RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW

love, light, blessings to all


I would like to share this unique chance to work with me on a deep dive to expand your mediumship and receive the keys to unlock your codes like never before and truly live in the new paradigm from the inner, everything i have learnt from my own deep dives


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