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TITIAN Flora 1515 - 1517

The beautiful pagan and Goddess symbols have always been taken, hijacked, misappropriated, exploited, inverted and desecrated.

Sometimes She is misappropriated with purposeful intent and consciously.

Sometimes She is misappropriated by good people completely unconsciously with no mal-intent at all just without realising (we are all 'flawed' humans and might do this with no awareness).

Sometimes She is misappropriated by those who are obviously standing with the government and Roma.

Sometimes She is misappropriated by people who are seemingly speaking out against such misappropriation with one hand and yet spreading fear with the other hand - ie the fear of shedding is akin to the fear of virus, same fear vibration (and 'shedding' again is another word that is misappropriated because 'shedding' is really a good thing - we 'shed' old layers on the (serpent goddess) path of healing)

Sometimes She is made into 'evil' - ie the beautiful Goddess number of 13 (M is the 13th letter) or the God Pan with horns.

Sometimes Her holy sites are used to harness the energy - ie as in places of worship (churches) and graveyards built on sacred sites, towers and masts atop key hills, witches being hung at crossroads has now become certain sculptures and obelisks upon key ley points.

Sometimes Goddesses are hijacked and taken on (ie Mother Mary by both the church and pop stars madonna / beyonce etc) or other times exploited and destroyed (ie Mary Magdalene).

Sometimes the Goddess has Her name given to terrorists - ie Isis, or associated with ugliness in some way - ie the crone Befana.

Sometimes words that contain power are inverted - ie MU (the supposed new variant) or avatar (a word used for digital empty soul-less personas) or magnetism (this is an 'invert' alert - for this is a word now being used with regards to 'spike protein' shedding of the toxin) or corona (it certainly IS the time of the crowning which is what corona means).

So these words and numbers that are misappropriated can have 2 meanings - ie The numbers 44 refer to the 144 light workers that are awake and bringing in the new earth and becoming christ realised - yet 44 is a number used by cabal in secret codes as it is double SS (14th letter).

So in this example, what we have is fake double bluffs - one person speaking for Goddess may be true and pure and another may be talking in cabal codes and undoing her at exactly the same time...

How to know the truth? By FEELING KNOWING OUR SELVES...

Coming back to truth, we connect to our hearts and wombs (haras) within, and thus from a place of alignment with self within, we are able to FEEL and thus to SEE.

In learning to read the symbols all around us we become empowered. In this painting we see how She holds the flower - and this is for all genders. For She (female aspect) gives birth to Him (male aspect) within us and THIS is the REAL magnetism.

Truth be to all!


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