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Osiris The Green Man.


Waking from a dream in 2011, I found myself in deep communion with a man called Osiris and at the time was not 'au fait' with Egytology and their Gods in any way. It felt important. This being whose name I was chanting in a particular way that is slightly different to how it is 'meant' to be pronouced, had told me many things but the only bit that I recall was where we were at in that moment of waking, when he was saying to me "the truth of my death shall become known".

That felt cryptic and meaningless in some ways back then, but I remembered it, and now today I understand very well how prophetic and significant this is. It is symbolic for every single thing happening in the spiritual and political collective, and every thing that has taken place for thousands of years, finally becoming revealed to those ready.


Green for the earth, like the the Irish God Herne or Cernunnos, god of nature.

There are said to be more green men sculptures in the churches across Europe than Jesus and Mary icons put together. Rosslyn Chapel has 100 Green Men sculptures and just one of Jesus.

This is how important he is and we see here how he is hidden in plain sight.

Osiris brings themes of resurrection and rebirth after crucifixion.

Interestingly, the hieroglyph for the pillar made from the evergreen that grows around Osiris’s sarcophagus, resembles a cross with vertical lines at the top representing cut branches as well as segments of the 33 spine. This djed pillar represents Osiris’s regenerative power and the rebirth of the initiate.

It is said by some and denounced by others that the birth of Osiris was announced by Three Wise Men: the three aligned stars of Orion, Mintaka, Anilam, and Alnitak, which point directly to Osiris' star in the east, Sirius.

Osiris is known as the Good Shepherd who carries the crook.

Sound familiar?

As well as being a Jesus in Egypt, Osiris is also connected to Arthur (Ausar)

The sign of the good shepherd is the X.

The X is symbolised by arms crossed in the position left over right plays on chest, a gesture that so many pharaohs are associated with and particularly Osiris.

A symbol hijacked and (mis) appropriated - This is also the way that masons pray, and who use the X symbol heavily in the 17th degree. "This degree," someone called Tresner comments "provides a spiritual jolt or jump-start in preparation for the transformation, refinement, and redefinition to come”

front pages may 2021 - a strong message is being coveyed through this gesture, and only those with eyes to see know what it signifies

This appropriated hijacked symbol of X is referred to so many times in our culture: the X of the skull and cross bones the flag of the templar ships, the x on top of the queens crown, subliminal media 'messaging' in titles of movies and series, such as 'The X files' or the salute in 'Black Panthar' films, many staged photos of famous people with arms and legs in a X. Even one of Diana's murderers, was witnessed to made an X sign to the other bike rider (military 'mission accompished') after peering in the car, before then jumping back behind the other man on the black motorbike and speeding off from the tunnel, never to be seen again.

Akhenaten followers, the sun sion followers, stole the symbols, including the X.

Akhenaten and his sun followers denounced the worship of Osiris and Amun. Rameses 11 was said by some to be one who chased Akhenaten out of Egypt and like Nerfertiti, re-install Osiris and the Amun Priests.

Freud wrote a book to disclose that Akhenaten is Moses (moses and monotheism). Likewise authors Dr. Karl Abraham, Ahmed Osman, Ralph Ellis and Moustafa Gadalla amongst others, all state that that the biblical Moses was the Pharaoh Akhenaton, (the expulsion of Moses from Egypt is the expulsion of Akhenaton).

SION (zion) can be seen to refer to the first letters of the holy family of Egypt - Set, Isis, Osiris and Nephthys. The templars, whose wealth was beyond measure and were the first bankers of Europe, were associated with the order of zion.

"The earliest reports on the Order of Zion concern its creation in Alexandria Egypt by an adept calling himself Ormesius (or Ormus), who concerned himself with "blending" Egyptian paganism and Christianity. In 1070, Ormesius took his new order to Italy and then, later, on to France. In France his order was headed by arch-crusader and knight, Godfroi de Bouillon. At this time the order was renamed "Ordre de Sion.” The elite members of the Order of Sion are believed to own over 10,000 castles in France alone.

The origins are Christ traced back to Osiris, who in turn has his roots traced back to the Druids of Ireland, the gifted and shining faerie race of the inner earth (that Osiris is associated with) and from lands ruined in the West migrated out during falls and floods, the oldest ‘priesthood’ and royal lineage from the oldest civilisations on earth: the Tuatha de Danaan, Atlantis and Lemuria. Irish and Egyptian roots are also closely connected to the Americas.

Pluto the shadow comes to clean and bring forth the truth, the truth of Osiris’s death shall become known, and the elixir of truths and revelations that comes with that, shall in turn bring forth the resurrection of the true and ancient ones, who have until now been buried for so long.

As we piece together Osiris’ parts, we sift through shadow and piece together all our own fragmented parts from life times of illusion, and from this comes resurrection, a coming back to wholeness.

This is the celebratory age of revelation where much is starting to be revealed.

Osiris in Art

The story of Osiris is depicted in art throughout churches in Europe time and time again. Let us take but one example.

'Venus and Mars' by Botticelli

It is said that when Botticelli painted 'Venus and Mars' in 1485, it was at a precise astrological alignment as a 'talisman of occult radiance' in order to enable the viewer to transcend to altered states.

Here we see Venus watch Mars sleep whilst 4 satyrs aid in waking him.

Art historians pass it off as 'sleep after love making' and purport that the wasps around his head are a nod to his patrons the Vespucci (their family symbol and name), but perhaps also commissioned by the Medici family. The wasps may indeed allude to this powerful nobility, and they also have a great symbolism in the occult and goddess arts, much like the bee.

Interesting that wasps are commonly found amongst willow trees which are associated with Osiris and planted in sacred groves in homage to him.

Looking at the painting symbolism further, we can see that there are alot of V symbols painted in here, including upon Venus dress which meets with the 8 pointed flower jewel. They are both framed by 2 evergreen plants: the laurel and the myrtle (also trees associated with Osiris along with willow and sycamore).

People wonder why the legs are painted out of proportion. The lance is seen by many as phallic, and the satyrs as 'little devils'. One wears a helmet so the theme of war is ever present, to what war does this allude to? Is this a spiritual war? Another blows a conch shell (also a symbolic icon in itself) in an attempt to wake Mars. Yet another satyr holds a green fruit, some say this is the narcotic 'datura stramonium' and thus Mars is in a drug-induced sleep. Mars is more than slightly asleep - he is so deeply asleep that he hardly seems alive at all.

The woman who was the model for Venus was the famous Simonetta Cattaneo (married to a member of the Vespucci family), and known as the great beauty of the renaissance, who died aged 22 of tuberculosis on April 26th 1476, a year after a jousting tournament where she was named 'the queen of beauty' after Guiliano de medici who won the tournament carried a banner with a picture of Simonetta depicted as wearing the helmet of the Greek goddess of war, Pallas Athene and beneath the portrait were the French words "La Sans Pareille" ('the unparalleled one').

It is said that on the day of her funeral, "the city of Florence came to a stand-still as thousands of mourners attended the funeral".

Giuliano de Medici was also the man who was the model for Mars. He was assassinated exactly 2 (number of twin) years to the day that Simonetta died - 26 April 1478 - inside the Duomo of Florence, Santa Maria del a sword wound to the head. He was stabbed 19 times.

This was painted around 1485, which was after the deaths of Simonetta Vespucci in 1476 and Giuliano in 1478, but purposefully using these tragic murdered lovers as the 'models' for this painting. Why?

Do the wasps allude to the Vespucci sting against an illicit love affair between them, or is there something entirely different going on that is directly connected to the sacred occult mysteries and families with these 2 beings being used as pawns in a larger occult sacrifice?

It is clear to me that what we see painted here really is Isis the Goddess with Osiris. Is Boticelli telling us something about these lovers and deeper 'goings on' in the political and secret occult orders of Florence and Rome.

Isis wonders how to wake him.

How to wake mankind.

Remembering how Osiris said to me in a dream many years ago "the truth of my death shall become known" Who was Osiris and why was he killed? Is this when the balance of power changed and the falls took place? Is it now his resurrection time? His death is certainly now being revealed to many who are looking at the deeper layers and shadows.

'Remember' meaning to bring back together again - The templars were fixated with the death rites for initiation. Lazarus was playing out an ancient Osirian initiation rituals, through the raising of the dead, to bring in resurrection and rebirth.

Isis is the one who re - membered him. She is the feminine energy within us all, the yin aspect of 'being within', the inner worlds

Osiris is the masculine energy within us all, the yang aspect of action 'being without', the outer world

They are both within us all

She must wake him

The attack on Her ways by the patriarchy, was also a great attack upon Him

This time right now the veils are thin. Right now. It is time now to wake. No matter how they try to keep him half dead, awake he must.


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