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Princesses of the Oranges in the Valleys of Gold

She is black and ancient as the grandmother and she is young and radiant her heart pure as gold.

She is adorned with ornamental golds and upon her head are veils, veils flow and cascade around her of silken golds and intricate golden lace, and her eyes as deep as the black waters of the well which she stand before.

She is the princess of orange from the valley of gold.

What is this valley of gold, ah it is a hidden secret time of history known to Tatarians when the church that is left standing was once a temple of light, with doors so tall. The sounds within indeed lifting the veils.

There are many princesses of orange, from these valley of golds. An ancient so sacred sisterhood of the hidden veiled mysteries. Yes! Eyes of black waters in veils of golden fabrics. And was her skin blackened by the smoke of the candles burning through time, as they would have us believe? Her skin was always black as the ancient mysteries in which she stands, but yes she has stood in incense throughout the ages, tall, powerful, noble in her glory, always there, always there, ready to be remembered.

Go seek the oracle by the well, go seek and you shall find. Perhaps you too are a Princess of the Orange in the Golden valleys of wonder, perhaps she is a guide or friend you have known through time, perhaps it is time to remember her song, and go visit the oracle to find. Ah dear friend the temple awaits. And there within is the well of the oracle. And there you will find. These Princesses of the Orange come forth now to claim their kingdom back. 

Soller, Mallorca.

The small town of Soller sits in a central basin surrounded by a circle of orange trees and mountains, known as the valley of gold, supposedly for its orange trees and also referencing its wealth of olive oil. 

This hidden valley of gold only became accessible to the rest of the island when they created a road through a 3km tunnel through the mountain in 1997

The centre of Soller hosts an intricately carved majestic 'sun temple' (large baroque church with giant rose window) filled with treasure, Marys glistening in golds with many cherubs everywhere, paintings, sculptures, and 7 chapels facing one another along each side. The chapel has now been given to one of the 12 disciples Bartholomew and alot of 7 swords seem to be here in the church, and he was a saint to had 7 miracles attributed to him, but also matyred.

In one of these chapels hidden there is a stunning piece of architecture: a high domed ceiling in layers like a wedding cake, going up higher and higher creating an optical illusion, with 8 cherubs in a circle and finally at the top a white dove with light streaming through, it makes the head quite giddy looking up, and it is set in the exact spot where one stands before an ornately gilded Mary altar. 

The houses of the town include splendid palaces, and then other more subtle doors in walls but opening to stunning ancient town houses with courtyards and gardens. All the town houses in the little cobbled street seem to have these huge giant size wooden doors with more smaller size doors cut out within them.  The town cemetery houses a funeral monument which belongs to the Morell family (one member named 'the Grandfather of Soller' so an important family here with strong hints): 4 life size stone statues gathered of Mother Mary and st John standing over the body of christ which is laid out with Mary Magdalene weeping over his body (looking very much like Isis with Osiris) by the artist and sculptor Josep Llimona. 

Still today every solstice they celebrate St John the Baptist with festivities nearby in the Soller Port on the sea, 3km away (there's that 3km again).

Nearby in another village lived Robert Graves, supposed freemason is buried there by a goddess shrine. Graves is the author of 'I Claudias' an important book on the debauchery of Rome. (This book was said to be later plagarised by Richard Condon for his book Manchurian Candidate, later becoming a film, which references mind control mk ultra techniques used by government officials) I wondered if Graves had past life memory as Claudias. He was also the author of a book on Greek myths, and the important book 'The White Goddess' (his lover & muse Laura Riding claimed much of the work is actually hers). 

It is certainly an interesting valley for such a person to be drawn to.  A man who seems to know a thing or 2, and a man who gave it all up and said 'goodbye to all that' to seek the Goddess.

I know what the history books say about Soller, but what I pick up on is something entirely different....

There are clues here, that seem to point the way, and yet putting all that aside, we can go past all of that to what those who come here are seeking or trying to hold... the valley of gold. Magdalene, the princess of gold, the valley of OR (gold) ANGE (angel), why was she here?

Going back further, past even her time, I find the oracle and this is what I am shown, this circle, this lineage of black princesses adorned in golden robes. Is this a golden civilisation omitted from the history books. And what about the landscapes here, this is indeed a portal. I see golden discs.

This place links to a much wider civilisation and widespread community of these sacred princesses of the oranges in the valley of the golds - from Orange in France to Val d'ORcia in Italy, spread across Europe there are references to these golden princesses in veils that also formed part of Etruscan civilisations in Italy

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Unknown member
Jun 27

I feel the energies from all feels so majestic and magical. Very peaceful and refreshing.

Its like taking a breath of fresh air.

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