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Updated: Feb 15, 2021

clarifying the current opinion seen rife in alternative online group forums by so called anti-satanists, who accuse the beautiful Goddess.

I am writing to share about where I stand with regards to the present mass preoccupation in alternative groups with what is called black nobility, satanism or illuminati, who are demeaning the beautiful Goddess, which I feel I need to re-address again to share my stance in the hope it may inspire some of you, especially right now when we are in a war and no one is quite sure what is is against or who the 'enemy' is.

I go along with the AI slavery Theory and I also go along with the stuff about the patriarchy & Catholic Church etc. This text is in response to when The goddess herself is mistakenly demeaned by people writing about these subjects.

It is apparent to most people by now that there are many ‘goings on’ in the world behind the scene that are not being shared with us in the media and thus it is obvious to so many that the current situation and newsfeed is not giving us the whole truth.

From this point, and with social media and the ability to fake images and videos with new technology, this gives host to a whole heap of beliefs and understandings - with good ‘proof’ to go along with it. Misinformation can be applied to both sides - the misinformation of the mainstream press as well as the misinformation of conspiracy groups.

I myself am dedicated to the raising of Christed Consciousness and the ‘second coming’ for me at this time of revelation is to do with the Divine Feminine ray giving rise to the divine masculine, both of which exist within all of us regardless of gender etc (and race but that should go without saying). This is the 144 ‘army of light’ rising as Lightworkers and Light holders and Priestesses and all of those undergoing some kind of spiritual awakening through memories, dreams, visions.

So please be clear that my dedication is not derived from anything I have read necessarily, but it comes from my heart, from experience, from dreams, from visions. As a medium I feel energy, like all of you can also do if you practise. Everyone has the gift, it just takes practise, belief and trust. And in feeling energy, I can feel what is of light and what has a heavier density - and that is my only compass now.

I can read some really clever things that make sense and are intellectually incredibly sound and well articulated, but the energy is totally off. I can read something very simple, perhaps even inarticulate, but the energy is pure and light. You can just feel the resonance can’t you? For me, resonance is everything. Likewise there may be very spiritual people who feel off and non spiritual people who emanate light and wisdom. Or perhaps one comes across someone or something that is confused and negative in victim consciousness and yet one knows they are in the light, and then meet someone abundant and seemingly shiny and empowered but know they are not in the light. And vice versa.

Truths like this are obvious I know, but need pointing out, to bounce off and to affirm.

Many ‘new agers’ follow that the current war is against the enemy that is believed to be the technocrats pushing us into AI slavery - Gates and co, with their vax and test programmes and using masks as symbolism of slavery - taking us into a new world dictatorship to fight off something between a cough and a flu, with apparent figures that make no sense.

It is believed by some, that behind this agenda for a new world order is a dark satanic group, let us call it illuminati, that can be traced way back to Akhenaton's cult. This cult is meant to worship evil beings through evil means.

This is where it gets dangerous. Because there are many dangerous misunderstandings happening about occult and ascended masters by people who believe this satanic narrative, and who ‘assume’ without concrete understanding, that certain Gods or sects are satanic. And this is a very dangerous thing indeed to point the finger, and reminds me of the witch hunts.

This is where it also gets confusing. Because the people who accuse new age philosophy as satanic, are in some new age and spiritual alternative groups - which are supposedly good, right? I mean they see that there is a new world order and they fight things like vax, and they are into free rights, so they are on the right side? Not necessarily so, for they are pushing beliefs that are making people believe that there is an evil cult behind all of this. And even if there is, one must be very very careful in who one names. I want to explain further.

It is all the more confusing than that, because so many double games are being played.

You have the patriarchy taking on the beautiful Goddess archetypes and making them their own. These then get confused and thought of as evil. So anyone seen associating with them is accused of being evil, or that they are ego centric and using dangerous language, and at a time when so many cult leaders are being exposed so it is hard to know who is who and what is what.

Cults are re-marketing and re-inventing themselves with spiritual gurus as their leaders - I won’t name names but I see several with huge following and backing behind them - and at the same time others are being exposed or accused as being satanic masters of sexual abuse.

So how do we know the truth?

How do we know that the accusations about Yogi Bhajan's are correct, and he was also connected to the cia as a master of mind control, or how do we know that the accusations about Yoganada were set up by the cia to take him down?

Everyone is so deeply aware now of narcissism, and whilst that awareness is extremely healthy, the catch word also seems to serve to encourage both self fulfilling prophecies (and turn someone who is not narc into being one) as well as judgemental outer blame / lack of ownership of one’s own wounds.

I remember reading once many years ago about the antichrist in the Armageddon and how everyone would think he was an amazing man to follow, and here we are in the Armageddon period and which one is the antichrist? T or B? This is where we are all the same and yet differ hugely - how can we all be fundamentally the same human race and so deeply sure that opposing ones are the AC? And so it is that humanity becomes so completely divided.

And on this note of conflict, let us go back to the conflict between Amenists and Atonists (later the masons)

I am not an Egyptologist but as far as I understand, in the Egyptian period, the Akhenaton's cult later became known as Atonist. Akhenaton changed all the laws and spiritual ceremonies and rites, removing Amun priests who had been there since ancient times, and even changed the main city and so on. After his death the Amonist priests were reinstated by Tutenkhamen again.

One of his surviving daughters, Meritaten, supposedly traveled to Scotland known as Scota. Here some anti satanist authors believe her to be a supreme head of the Atonists, setting up a female illuminati order and shaping the world’s secret cults and hidden powers. Thus Scotia, they say, was on the wrong side.

The beautiful Meritaten or Scota, who I believe to be pure and good

Some anti occultists also state that within freemasonry (which was an offshoot from the templars and the Atonists), the ket symbol in their main sign contains the letter G, that is supposed to be ‘God’ but others say it stands for the ‘Gaonim’ who are the descendants of the Atonists, and who worship female deities such as Ishtar / Isis. The lower case "g" supposedly symbolises the serpent, symbol of the Goddess. The light around the G is said to the from Venus, sacred to the sisterhood. Similarly the chequerboard is meant to signify both the divide between 2 factions as well as the 2 phases of venus - the rising and setting, or morning and evening phases.

Masonic symbol

Thus they state that the supreme evil female Atonist / cabal / illuminati / masons are followers of Ishtar and Isis, and thus these deities are evil.

Ancient depiction of Ishtar

Beautiful ancient Pure Mother Light & Goddess of plenty

Likewise, because pentagrams are used (albeit often inverted) and the number 13 and so on. These are also said to be evil, by the anti satanists / anti occultists.

The 6 Star of David, they say, is actually symbolising Masonic (Atonist) conflict between the Gods of light (Horus / Amenists) and darkness (Set / Atonists).

(I respond to these accusations further down)

The beautiful 6 star of David, is the purest light merkaba and purest symbol of highest light vibration and union of male and female joined as one

So these are some examples therefore of how these symbols and Goddesses and Goddess symbols are thus called evil by many. And with this kind of association, those who study black nobility think that the occult symbols of the feminine are ‘dark’ ones.

I would like to address these accusations by anti occultists and anti satanists.

First I would like to share how, on the contrary to being Goddess worshippers, the patriarchy has taken all Goddess symbolism and inverted / subjugated / demonised Her (a recent example is giving Her name to a group of terrorists 'hellbentedly' destroying her sacred relics), in the same way that they have with the feminine energy itself. And so it is very confusing that these people are saying that the patriarchy are secret Goddess worshippers and thus the Goddess is a demonic?

In medieval times people were taught that women worshipping Goddesses were witches - and millions were murdered for it. Now we are being made to believe in some alternative groups that those patriarchal members of the new world order who are creating this weird world of vax and nano chipping etc, are Goddess worshipping satanists and thus the Goddess is demonic, so bring back the death sentence and murder them all for they are evil, some cry in these save-our-right type forums.

So amongst those exposing the new world order, all in one alternative ‘save our right’ type group we may have -

1. A very anti satanic ring of people who are very anti the Goddess and say those who believe in her are evil and some mention how these masters of darkness are made out to be light beings to trick the new age people and mankind into worshipping them.

2. People accusing spiritual teachers of being evil masons or evil templars in disguise

3. A new age spiritual bunch who worship the Goddess as pure and assume others do too, then may get trolled and confused.


And I am asking questions when I see shady people the new age ad alternative forums and I wonder -

1. If the new age is infiltrated with the satanic ones hoovering up the newly waking ones, is there a sort of secret brotherhood (or sisterhood) posting as pretenders. They are exposing the new world order, posing as spiritual gurus and teachers, to control and manipulate (some shady leaders are of course simply humans just lost in ego). And in that sense I recognise that I also fall into above category 2 accusing some new age teachers of being ‘baddies’ in disguise…

2. If some of the conspiracy groups and teachers who are anti the ‘new world order’ are actually founded by the very satanists themselves playing double games, at the same time undermining those who are speaking out against the new world order from the heart.

There is so much gaslighting and double game playing, no wonder it is all very confusing. It well might be a bunch of human beings muddling their way through but I do sense there are some key players who are much more than that.

All of this so-called theory about black nobility is all very well and good but when I meditate and channel as a medium, I only get the purest and most beautiful light and love vibrations around all of the spiritual masters in the new age, and no heaviness at all.

When I read and look at text and comments, I try to read from my heart and to see the energy. Rather than my rational mind. I teach my own students to have a direct relationship with God(dess) within so they can know the truth by their inner radar / compass - how they feel and what their own guides share with them. I urge people to develop their mediumship, a gift available to all, because this is the greatest tool of empowerment that there is.

From my own mediumship, I absolutely know the star of David to be a most sacred symbol of the union and man and woman 2 triangles interlocked, what is satanic about this? The most beautiful union that creates life. I know this because I have been given this knowledge, not through any book, but through my guides in meditation. I just know.

And I ask, what is satanic about Goddess worship? It is the worship of she who gives life? The most beautiful act of all?

I also contest the above that Ishtar / isis is a deity of the Aten cult of the masons. Because I know her from my meditations and she is the purest and the most beautiful light. So to be this is an example of taking truth and then twisting it.

I also contest that Scota was dark nobility because firstly through history - after Akhenaton's death, it seems that Nefertiti re-instated the ancient Egyptian religion and the Amun priests, and had her son Tutenkhamen raised in keeping with the traditional gods - and his very name Tutenkh - amen points that he was an ‘Amun’ follower - Amun being the side of Light. So I assume Meritaten / Scota was too. But also I contest this by my own inner radar - not through mind analysis, but through meditation and heart.

Nefertiti, who I receive to be pure and true to the Light

So my simple ‘who is good & who is bad’ questions, when I consider the whole satanism dark brotherhood black nobility narrative, are as such -

1. If the bad ones are so into Venus and the rose sisterhood, then why are they bad, for I know that to be pure and true/

2. If the bad ones are so into MM and the bloodline of Egypt, then why are they bad? Because I know that to be true and pure.

3. If Europe was meant to be part of a new world order and the Order of Sion was planning to put the bloodline of Isis (Mary Magdalene) on the throne, with their euro flag of the 12 stars, then why are they bad? Surely if that bloodline is pure and beautiful then it is a good thing to put them on the throne again? And aim for the new Jerusalem, kingdom of light? Why are the Merovingians bad if they are Magdalene bloodline? Why are the Templars (founders of Masons, Atenists, Rothschilds) bad if they held the knowledge of the Magdalene?

4. Some say the Goddess Ishtar/Isis is bad but I receive Her as pure Light in my meditations. Some say Amunra and other Egyptians Gods like Osiris are bad, but I receive them to be pure and light in my meditations

5. People talk about the snake being good and bad. I experience it as both. There is one snake representing the cycle of light awakening as kundalini rising as seen in headdresses of the enlightened ones; then there is snake that is the snake of the bad ones, the fear, the evil, the shadow that never lets alone forever chasing us and will hunt us out until we overcome it.

Maybe the anti satanists are right when they propose that there is a dark and dangerous order of a female illuminati, who they call a Rose Sisterhood and I absolutely am not saying that this does not exist. It is clear to us all now that some deeper nefarious agendas are at play right now.

But if this is so, this bad order will have taken the truths of the much purer in order to own her power, if you like.

It is a clever dance for the patriarchy to play - to worship / invert / contain the symbols of the pure ones and simultaneously make people think they are evil.

For yes there is another order of a Sisterhood of the Rose who worship Venus yes, and i know this and Her to be utterly beautiful and pure and I contest the beliefs of any anti-satanists who call her otherwise.

I urge anyone to do all they can to develop their mediumship and find the answers deep deep within, for that is all you can trust now.

And if you do, I believe you will be rewarded by the most beautiful truth, the truth of Light.

For me there is only one truth and that is the Amenist truth, if you will - Light. And by Light I mean God or Goddess or Love.

This is not a rational concept, this is beyond the mind, this is spiritual. When you take light awakening in meditation there is no doubt at all, Goddess is pure light and beautiful and she is the second coming that so many speak about.

This rising in the Goddess Light is the medicine for the antichrist, she is the saviour against AI and vax and new world order, she is the torch that rises.

The sisterhood of the Rose is pure good and Divine Feminine is the medicine for the world right now. She is the Light army rising to clear the way and we call her now to come.

And as we connect to Isis Ishtar, as she rises, I contest the beliefs of anyone who demeans Her as trying to make us stray, for she is the purest grace of Holy light, for in my heart I know that she is the only pathway to clear what is coming.

It is time to activate her now - big time. To activate her in your heart and in the land.

Join me, rise, call her, and go and do all you can each day to connect with her and activate her. Go to sacred sites, open portals, activate vortexes, send healing in any way you can, call her and she will answer and She will come to help this planet move through this transition and ascend. Ascend to Light.

Blessings be to Divine Ishtar Isis, Holy Grace restored once more, in Light in Love in Truth xxxx

To attune to the rose or receive a reading or light transmission, please see my other pages xxx



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