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Updated: Jan 20


Time to clear up this belief: "It is hard for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven. And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through a needle's eye, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God."

This is a deep rooted belief ingrained subconsciously through generations, especially in good minded spiritual souls it has created both poverty consciousness, and a shame or fear/demonisation of wealth and money, as well as ironically creating the very opposite, the grasping and focus on wealth

And so thus, in some new modern so-called spiritual teachers, we see the opposite extreme - much glamour and make up with quests to reach prosperity beyond your wildest dreams, masked as spiritual manifestation of desire and as some sort of mark of enlightenment and perfection

This is a topic that I wish to address as we emerge from the materialistic festival today born from the very religion that seeded this belief, a festival that fuels materialism in the name of the birth of a christ, yet few who consume and celebrate this festival are not at all concerned with the birth of a christ (and the fact that it is not even his birth date anyhow)

And this is my answer on this topic.

As I sit with this, and look at the polarities in spiritual communities and elsewhere on this topic, I see a great difference between abundance and materialism.

Abundance is healthy. Abundance, is a dance, of joy, when one is one with God, Goddess, source, thriving in one's creative expression, expression of Light, of passion, of fire, of water, in beautiful balance, the masculine action the feminine emotion in perfect beautiful symbiosis when everything just flows perfectly in alignment, wholesome expression from a place of fullness within in beautiful expression of one's higher soul...

Materialism is unhealthy. Materialism is the need, the grasping, to fill from without, more more more from out there, to fill a vacant hole within, a hole from being un-whole, a need to find something out there to make it all better somehow, because nothing is okay within, it is trauma based desire of separation....

One can be wonderfully abundant and perhaps have many 'things' - and yet not 'need' those things - one can have many things and it is irrelevant, one can be wonderfully abundant and be humble with it, regal or perhaps wealthy yet barefoot and real, because one is whole within

Or one can be very rich or very poor, and need things, focused on things, empty and reliant

One is light filled oneness, the other is fear driven and fear based separation

The irony of true abundance is that it can only be generated from a place of already-feeling-full within (at one with God)

In my answer to this I say that is is easy for a rich (wo)man to go to heaven when s/he is rich with the wealth of God (Light) and the source of all is that oneness, which may manifest in great abundance in both spiritual and material form if one is not attached to it and the focus is Light abundance and beauty and expression of that Light and joy

And yet it is hard for a rich (wo)man to go to heaven when s/he is rich with the wealth of fear driven materialistic glamour rooted in need and trauma and emptiness

Abundance, true wealth is God given. The aim is not the stuff, the things, that is consequential and resultant from the focus, the focus being God, Goddess, Light. Inner wholeness.

Abundance is the natural result of the path of 'God' and comes in many beautiful forms (both money as well as gifts, opportunities, gratitude, love, joy of the simple things, inner peace and so forth)

Materialism is fear based ego-ic separation and need

The former is true self love, it is a self worth, deep rooted worth. The latter is fake self love, compensation for inner lack of worth, looking without for fullness whether that be demonised with the label of narcissism, or codependancy, each a side of the same coin, each rooted in inner lack.

The balm, the answer for all, is making the focus to find God within.

So yes, you can be wealthy and abundant and enter the kingdom of God, in fact when you enter it you will be vastly abundant, for the gold of this kingdom is far greater than any gold known materially, although that can joyfully be part of it too

But yes it is hard for a materialistic being to enter the kingdom.

And so many blessings to all today - we are all worthy and able to walk through the inner gates of this solstice towards the light (the glorious abundance of the kingdom of heaven), for within us all we hold the keys to be truly Christed, the source is within

Light is Light is Light

Light is source of all

Light is within you

You are worthy of it


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