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Updated: Mar 2, 2019

All paths of awakening will automatically set the seeker upon the path of the 7 gates. This also includes the packages I present. There is nothing more you need to do. The following information is for your interest only.

All numbers hold keys - for example, 3 is the triskelion of the 3 flows of life or the 3 aspects of Goddess, 5 is the Goddess star seen in all fruits, the power of the 6 star symbolises the balancing of the 2 aspects of Heaven and Earth / Male & Female, the 8 represents the 8 sabbats, which create a beautiful 8 pointed star (that represents this Rose Goddess lineage). There are also key double numbers such as 11:11, or the 13 - the beautiful Goddess number, for the 13th teacher was MM, and all the priestess circles were in 12 with the teacher as the 12. 13, the number of the Goddess was distorted by the patriarchy which called it the number of witches and thus unlucky and evil. Now 13 is enjoying a revival amongst people in the new age communities.


7 = 7 sorrows, 7 sisters, 7 standing stones, 7 chakras, 7 stars of the pleiades, 7 hathors - 7 cows - 7 priestesses of Egypt, 7 cosmic planes, 7 highest paths…

Mary Magdalene has her roots in the Temple of Isis - Ishtar- Inanna. When Innana-Ishtar visited the underworld, she had to enter through seven gates, removing one article of clothing or adornment until she was completely naked.  This, too, is how we can return to the original state of our purity and power, our original soul design. 

On this Magdalena path, the initiates (seekers or priestesses) walk the same path, fully disrobing and moving through a symbolic and shamanic death of the false self and into the rebirth into all that we truly are.  We will then also walk in the pure lightness that only comes from having faced the darkness, and containing its beautiful initiations forever in our hearts as we stand as a clear vessel of Light.

The journey of the rose is the journey through these 7 steps. The petals in the rose reflect the layers we naturally go through, or the 7 initiations or gates, on our journey into the centre Light vortex of the rose.

Jeshua removed 7 ‘demons’ (wounds) from Mary Magdalene, and she also removed from him the same. This process is like a chakra healing, each wound is removed and transmuted into a beautiful star of light. This process also happens naturally in life circumstances for those who are on the healing path. So the crucifixion itself was one of these initiations. Mother Mary also went through 7 sorrows (wounds) upon her initiatory path.

The 7 wounds are a result of what may be also be called the Goddess or the Magdalene Wound. This is the wounding of the Goddess as symbolised by Mary Magdalene as a result of the patriarchal distortions, humiliation, lies and shaming. We all (men and women) hold this wound within, we are all affected by that old paradigm and we are all awakening now into ascension but those of you reading this are the ones leading (and healing / clearing) the way.

There are two ways to heal the wounds, one is to feel everything and be completely immersed in the emotional body to transmute, and there is another way which is to lift yourself up in consciousness onto a higher vibration where there is only positive energy. Both are essential. Both happen automatically as you walk the path of the rose - the 7 initiations will just happen in your life. If you think back over your life you will see you have had certain gateways or initiations to walk through and if you did not, the lesson kept returning until you moved through it to the next layer. Some people stay in the same lesson through out their life or for many lives. Other people like you awaken and consciously move through the lessons - using varied Light techniques to transmute inner subconscious pains and stories to bring them into the Light and clear them, such as following these audio workshop Magdalene teachings.

As you do the inner transformational work, the clearing is happening automatically day by day as you progress, and so spirit will always bring you the triggers and the situations to bring up what you need to look at and let go of. 

So we have learnt that these layers of initiations are like the 7 gates referred to in the descent of Inna - Ishtar and also in the 7 daggers / sorrows of Mother Mary or the 7 wounds removed from MM by JC (and remember that the truth is that they actually did it for each other). This can happen by receiving triggers in your every day life, events or relationships, that set off your healing or descent within to transmute and also to uplift. So for example, as you heal you realign within so you will attract new friendships and circumstances and old ones will fall away.

"You must be ready to burn yourself in your own flame; how could you rise anew if you have not first become the ashes?" Friedrich Nietzsche

"If you are going to bear Light prepare to burn" Viktor Frankl

These transitions can be challenging to navigate and the way you navigate your outer material world is fed by your inner spiritual world. Everything is symbolic and a lesson on the path. The purge can be hard, for there are lifetimes to purge, so you must take control by knowing when to step out of the purging and how to uplift yourself and love yourself. You must know when to focus on the stars and when to focus on the demons. Only you can do this. Remember there are many layers and petals to the rose. Yet in its centre is a great Light Vortex. Sometimes a purge, or a dark night of the soul, may last several years. Everything seemingly goes wrong as you are cracked open. If you are going through this there is no shame, do not hide it. Do what you need to - stay in and nurture yourself and focus on meditations and prayers, stay true to yourself, it's the way of getting clear to bring in the Light.

As you pass through each inner / outer (spiritual - material, as within, so without) initiation, each one of the wounds in the 7 gates will transform into a star. There are 7 stars (chakras) on the rainbow bridge to Gold. Then at some point you may start on a whole new layer again! Some of these lessons are instantaneous, some are over a weekend or a week, others are over years or decades or lifetimes, all multi layers, so within the 7 gates are actually more and more and more...

There are no demons without. People get lost in talk about attack and entity. This is not true. All demons are simply old toxic buried emotions and wounds, nothing to be afraid of. It is important to do this release world by simply facing it and transmute it by feeling it and then after transmuting, uplift yourself. These demons are just a result of our own emotional pain and wounding, from lower vibrational ways of being we have accumulated over the years - either after being hurt as a way of protection, or by picking up on another’s vibration (media, parental etc) So do not fear any of it and go into victimhood, and start owning your power and choices. Those who go on about entities and focus too much upon these shadows are projecting their own fear and promoting fear. You are the dreamer of the dream, so you take full responsibility for what you are clearing and owning what is happening to you, with your head held high. Any true spiritual teacher goes through this again and again, as the wheel keeps turning. The most enlightened leaders on stage will be going into these spirals at times in their lives. So there is no shame in being on the path of truth and delving into the night to be cracked open to receive the Light. This is the path of truth. As you go through an initiation, keep your focus on the LIGHT that will guide you.

The most profound personal growth can often happen in seemingly dark nights of the soul. When we are triggered into a purge of rage, hurt, frustration, depression, anxiety, loneliness, reacting in the same old ways and patterns, we can awaken and realise we have a choice to take another road, a new way of traversing this pain. This is when we realise that we are responsible for vibrating the dream that we dream, and that we can seek the tools to change the subconscious programming within to another vibration or frequency. That is when the gate emerges and opens the opportunity to transmute the wound into a star. We can only do this for ourselves. The events and circumstances will come to us to offer the break through, time and time again. It is happening FOR you, and not TO you.

This process has often been associated with the 7 stars of the pleiades - each beautiful star is received through each initiation, or transmutation of the associated wound. Some even say that each star of the pleiades is rather like a mystery school and many of us may travel there in sleep to learn each of their lessons as we pass through each gate / school in both our outer and inner lives.


REMEMBER that the spiritual path, including the teachings presented in the Magdalene Rose Priestess training, automatically mean you are on this beautiful star path of 7 gates.

This is a process that will naturally happen as a result of the meditations and there is nothing more you need to do.

Spirit will always bring you the triggers and the situations to bring up what you need to look at and let go of.


This constellation resonates with the human chakra system, as we have 7 main chakras in our body, an Earth Chakra below our feet, the Soul Star chakra above our head, and over 300 minor chakras throughout our body. The Seven Stars of the Pleiades constellation are known today by their names from Greek Mythology as the Seven Sisters: Maia, Alcyone, Electra, Celaeno, Taygeta, Asterope, and Merope.

Maia the Midwife - Root Chakra

Alcyone the Queen - Sacral Chakra

Electra the Awakener - Solar Plexus Chakra

Clean the Lover - Heart Chakra Taygeta the Storyteller - Throat Chakra Asterope the Visionary - Third Eye Chakra Merope the Priestess - Crown Chakra


Different traditions hold different teachings on the 7 gates so the knowledge in the books below may differ but the overall philosophy remains the same.

  • The Seven Initiations Of The SpirItual Path by Michael Mirdad

  • Beyond Ascension, 7 levels of initiation, by Joshua Stone who describes the 7 life initiatory steps into ascension including crucifixion as one of them.

  • Seven Sisters of Pleiades: Stories from Around the World by Munya Andrews.

  • The Illumination process, by Alberto Villoldo who shows the 7 initiations as follows -

Please note that I have not read all the books above and cannot recommend them directly, they are just an example of some I have come across that look at the 7 gates.


The chakras will keep on arising in any energy healing work in many different ways. Please be open to it all. You may work through each chakra and see how it corresponds with your life choices, decisions and lessons. You may not necessarily be working through each one in order, you may be focused in one or another, whichever comes to you intuitively. You can do chakra balancing and imagine each individual colour, and if you get other colours you can restore and the other colours will symbolise that is off balance for you in that chakra. Martin Brofman in his book ‘Anything can be Healed’ teaches this system, but you can access the knowledge you already have within by using your intuition. If you walk a path of awakening such as the priestess path this will be happening for you automatically and in my course I transmit light healings for the chakras.

However, Isis has told me that simply bringing white light into each chakra to cleanse it and let it shine with this light, imagining and intending a beautiful white star in each, will automatically cleanse the chakra into its corresponding radiant colour (without having to even imagine those colours even). This is enough to cleanse them. You can do this each time you have a shower for example as a ritual to ensure you remember to do it regularly.


Remember, that any healing tools to face and transmute pain, or any healing tools designed to uplift automatically open and bring in the 7 stars, including daily Light filling, mantras or the audios on the Magdalena Rose Priestess path. Please also refer to my 10 step guide to Healing.

THE EVER UNFOLDING ROSE. Cracked open. It's happening for you. Not to you. Image by Danielle Noel for Rebecca Campbell tarot..

THE EVER UNFOLDING ROSE. Cracked open. It's happening for you. Not to you... beautiful symbolism of the petals upon the rose path. We are cracked open and as things are released it is for our good, for our benefit. People or situations may be removed from our path for our highest good. The layered path of the ever unfolding petals on the spiral of life's initiations, and the lessons will return again and again until we learn them and move to the next petal, the next layer. Yet all so beautiful, with so much love, and a deep beautiful gentle light and guidance from those who love us and watch over us.


In August 2018 I felt very called to visit a mountain near Perpignan called Mount Canigou for just a few days on one of my regular trips to France. I then read that Mt Canigou is a Light Portal. The night before I left, my daughter gave me a notebook as a gift to take with me with a hand drawn 7 on the front, and I then dreamt of 7 sisters.

I know that many in the old mystery schools including Dali were working with the portals here, not all of them in positive ways. There is a rich and complex history of great beauty and great darkness in this land. I had a message from MM to go there, She said there is a portal there and I am to receive there, and that L held a key. So I had visions of beautiful day walking in the lovely sun with my straw hat, and a beautiful meditation.

We only had 2 days there. On the 1st day, after swimming in a river and doing a water baptism for my French lover L, at sunset we made our way to the ancient church in Clara where there is mean to be a small portal. We got lost then L was triggered when I decided I could not make the remainder of the hike, and our happy day went ‘wrong’ as we turned around and never made it there. That night we slept in high August heatwave with no air con, in an ancient village called EUS, and L then had a further trigger which I felt was unnecessarily directed at me. This raised alot of ancient wounding for me I thought was healed. I felt let down by MM. I had sacrificed so much to be here, and done huge inner work and here was the old wound again. I locked myself in the bathroom and cried alot, in fact all night long. I have never cried so much. It was a complete break down. The next day I had 2 black eyes. I went through a night of hell. I was cracked open though, and it marked a turning point for me and promises to myself. I emerged looking a broken woman but actually I was stronger than ever before.

I did stay on with L that day, I felt I had little options but to, and that morning his light re-appeared and he intuitively took me to a beautiful place called EVOL. A little ancient village church with running water. This was not the original pagan site / church in Clara I had wanted to go to, but this was obviously the church we were meant to have found. It was very special and light. There was an ancient castle next to it. It was then that I noticed that there was a black Mary in a glass case with 7 daggers, and next to St Joan a blue Mary with 7 daggers and a screen of John the Baptist. I noted the 7 and I knew this Mary with 7 daggers was related to this place and what had happened to me the night before. So I started to research the place more and how the vortex related to the 7 bears

That afternoon we left to go north, and drove across mount Bugarach and past Rennes les Bains where we have been often, and it was the most beautiful journey, driving past ancient Cathar castles and stoping to swim in the high heat. We ended up north of Carcassone in Minerve for several days. In the waters there I had a vision of an old cathar monk called Eusu who came to me and it was lovely as I had been working in my High Priestess journey on a life where I was called something similar (IOSU) in Egypt working with waters and it is a key life for my soul journey that has fed much of my priestess trainings. Suddenly a dog high in the distance started barking causing a vibe of tension in the valley and it felt symbolic of the attacks here in the Cathar castle. EASU said that like all tensions to keep it in the distance but keep the focus upon the beautiful flowing waters, and remain here in the source. The source. La source. If I did that then the tension (dog barking) would dissipate.

In my trips to France I have been in caves, waterfalls, done baptisms, meditated, offered blood, met beings, in various areas, and I have cried and we have made love all the way through. But that trip was a difficult one for me, and that night in Eus broke something open deep within me and led to much Light. I found it interesting the connections threaded through the whole trip, of the names of Eus, Easu and so on. There were so many events on that trip that related to this initiatory key. I returned feeling like I had definitely crossed through a gate. It had definitely not been the beautiful Light flowing adventure of other trips. MM told me that through L I would receive a key that would unlock me. As I left I realised hanging above my bed, on the wall in our rustic old village house, was a decoration of an antique key.

The spiritual journey for truth is rather like that. Facing the truth is not always easy. Being a priestess is not always easy. Feeling the Goddess wound is rather painful. But it must be traversed for the gold at the end is worth it.



I later researched the portal of Canigou and discovered that it is related to the Great Bear constellation and it is 7 wise men of India who are the 7 stars of Ursa Major the Great Bear. There are many versions of the mythological tale of the 7 bears who chase 7 girls who run to the safety of the sky and become stars. The 7 sisters of the Pleiades are said to be the 7 star wives of the seven sages of the Great Bear. In India it is a tradition for newly married couples to pray to the Pleiades where the Sages’ 7 wives sit. I wondered if the 7 bears represented the 7 wounds and the vortexes in that areas release them making way for the stars, such as my experience in Eus being cracked open.

Although I do not follow their controversial work, I also discovered that M Blavatsky says that the stars of Ursa Major and Plaiedes form the “greatest occult mystery”. In the book A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, A Bailey writes -

“The Secret of the Pleiades and of their relation to the Seven Rishis of the Great Bear, and therefore to our Seven Heavenly Men, is not yet to be revealed. It is known only in detail to the Chohans of the Seventh Initiation…” 

“The seven sisters" are occultly called the "seven wives" of the Rishis”

“Cosmic evil ( note - I feel this expression induces fear, I prefer the notion of simply ‘Absence of Light’ that can happen at times in the dance of night and day) from the standpoint of our planet consists in the relation between that spiritual intelligent Unit or "Rishi of the Superior Constellation" as He is called (who is the informing Life of one of the seven stars of the Great Bear, and our planetary prototype) and one of the forces of the Pleiades… Students need here to remember that the "seven sisters" are occultly called the "seven wives" of the Rishis, and that the dual forces (resultant from that relationship) converge and play through that one of the planetary Logoi who is the Logos of any particular planet, and is the "reflection" of any specific Rishi. In this relation, at present lacking perfect adjustment, lies hid the mystery of cosmic evil as it makes itself felt in any particular planetary scheme. Again, when the heavenly triangle is duly equilibrated, and the force circulates freely through One of the stars of the Great Bear,The Pleiad involvedThe planetary scheme concerned Then again cosmic evil will be negated, and a relative perfection achieved. This will mark the attainment of primary perfection, and the consummation of the greater cycle.

We must not ignore the three great waves of energy which sweep cyclically through the entire solar system from:

  • The seven stars of the Great Bear. The strength of these vibrations depends upon the closeness of the connection and the accuracy of the alignment between any particular Heavenly Man and His Prototype. The mystery here is profound; it is connected with the stage in evolution of the "imperfect gods" and the objective of the planetary deities.

  • The Seven Sisters, or the Pleiades, and from that one in particular who is occultly termed "the wife" of the planetary Logos whose scheme will eventually receive the seeds of life from our planet, which is not considered a sacred planet, as has before been stated.

  • The sun Sirius….”

The following excerpt about the 7 gates is from The 7 sorrows and the 7 stars. ”The first phase of the process involves great changes within yourself, dying to your old patterns before being “reshaped” in it. Once you are in the mold, you will never be the same, and will remain in it until you and the mold unite, manifesting your Perfect Model in and around you. In due course, you will emerge renewed from the Mold. Initially, however, look upon it as much more than just your tomb. In fact, after the complete purification of your “old” self and purging of deceptive thought and emotional forms, you will discover it to be your sacred “womb,” in which your Divine nature within the Christ Child waits like a sacred seed for the right moment to germinate in your life. That will be the day of your rebirth…"


The following is received from Isis in a channeling

The 7 gates are pathways if you like to God, to liberation, they will happen in your every day life when you walk the ancient roads. 7 gates 7 paths to truths but in truth there are many more, for you will undergo even smaller and larger initiations that these, just like in truth there are many more chakras than your main 7. In Egypt the initiations were in chambers in soul journeying as well as in life and there were set ceremonies to make each one with specific tasks to achieve. In your world you undergo the initiations on the path, we will send events to you to help you overcome and remember your truths. It is not a hierarchical ladder, more a series of layers, yes indeed like the petalled rose. You may stay in one petal for lifetimes or you may move through many in one lifetime depending on many factors. In the water still pools you may look and see your truths, and know that behind each life event is a deep lesson, a deep truth, an initiation to go through and life is in that way a school of mystery back to wholeness with the Great Goddess of one Light. So challenges in your life have come to you as a part of your shamanic training, tasks to overcome, for you no longer sit in the darkened chambers of the temples. And in each lesson is a beautiful crystal star to recite and hold. This is what is referred to by the bears and the stars. And the cosmic dance of life. Yet in truth there is no veil, no demon, there is only lack of light and understanding and as you pass initiatory steps you will know. You will grasp a moment and respond in mastery rather than in reaction, you will master emotion thought, reaction, at times everything may drop way so you have nothing left t believe in except the great Light within that always shines for you. So for you dear Ishtara Clara did bring you a Light as you learn a very deep self esteem and self respect that made you pull all of those events of the last decade leading up into one big lesson that night and from there you received the wisdom of Evol. Alot was transitioned that night.

I tell you this great ones, Light is being restored right now upon your planet. beautiful Light. And this beautiful dance of night and day will go on and on and you are entering into the day. The 7 stars are shining. The 7 sisters rejoice. The balance in in perfect symbiosis and everything is as it is meant to be. The great day has come. Light will always prevail. So rejoice and be blessed in your light and feel your 7 stars within, your 7 chakras shine alight with joy. Please use White Light to cleanse your stars regularly. Beautiful and pure white star Light and bring it into each of your 7 chakras. Imagining the different colours and so on is not necessary, breathing in different ways in different rhythm is not necessary, just do what feels right, and keep it simple just waves of light rising up and down as you bring in the white stars and let them glow and shine and radiate.

Let yourselves rise and uplift in this way. You do not need complicated ways of following 7 routes and analysing which 7 represents which and so on. That is no longer relevant. Just bring in the white Light as a pillar of Light and rejoice and rejoice and rejoice in it. Give all to this white light and watch as it instantly transform into beautiful starlight. rejoice rejoice rejoice

And let the beautiful rose of the Marys guide you with their sweet sweet love. Never any fear. Trust care protection and guidance will come from these beautiful Marys who will guide you back to your one self and your one light

Like MM you awaken and realise you have all been under a pattern of distortion and abuse and disempowerment, be you man or woman, you are victim of this distortion. As you awaken it is natural and normal fo role feelings to release, there are many layers and the abused one takes full empowerment up again, and the first is anger, hurt, rage grief, and these layers need to come out and need to spill to and they will. But over time you make way for ones to become a beacon of Light and a prefect resemblance of the divine feminine or divine masculine. You will become the God/Goddess and each lesson each event takes you a little further there. So take courage and be strong, and let these sweet Marys guide you with their gentle Light and there is great power in their gentle sweetness. Great great power. And please love and care and know your worth and sing your own name with praise and reverence and dear ones, hold grace in your heart.

Hold that grace hold that light keep hold of it and it shall guide you on and on

and you will become that light for many other seekers

Always connect in to your Light within, For yes you indeed are a star.

(I have more lessons for you Ishtar in time but yes for now this is complete, please write it up on fb and in your blog and you may also send it to the priestesses as pdf)

Think of these gates dear one as 7 doorways to Light and 7 gates of beautiful light

Be blessed and shine


Ishharamana Ishtaka, Ishhalilia, Mahalia, Ishmahalia Ma, Ishamala, Ishamala Ishamala, AstarKalia. Ishatarhalia.


Please do share any information you may have about the 7 gates, it would be lovely to hear from you.


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