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Reflections upon Winchester, and the Goddess who abodes there, the inquisition of the past (pursuit of patriarchy and scientific materialism up to and through the industrial age) and the inquisition of today (from the pursuit of transhuman AI via technology), the Arabic Nasir dynasty of Spain and their links to the Templars and the Nazarenes

Eleanor d'Aquitane rides into Winchester City

Last week I found myself visiting UK and found myself in a place I do not know well: Winchester. And walking through the lovely deserted street in the warm night behind the cathedral, some torn pages from a book flew across the road before me.

I was looking forward to see what Goddess had beckoned me to read. So I collected up the pages and when I climbed into bed I read them. There were 20 pages, pages 3-23.

These pages talk about the Spanish Mountains where 3 rivers meet. They talk about an old lady accused of sorcery for washing a dress in a sacred river, who was forced to perish atop a ladder leaning against the church wall in the dead winter. They also describe the punishment of the "good man who looked after his land and 2 cows who was trying to help his sick wife" who gave this old lady his wife's dress to wash in the rivers of holy water, and was forced to kneel at the front of the church in hopeless posture and severe penitence with insults, whilst the priests took pleasure in prolonging his pain. They then describe the old lady who falls from the ladder to die on the street whilst children kick and insult her and their parents look the other way (the cows feel symbolic here, of Mother Goddess). The times of the witch hunts.

The next chapter dives into the story about the rape of a young woman by a priest, who gave birth to a child and the child always wondered why he was called the 'useless nazarene' by the family and community. At the end of the chapter there is a glimpse of hope when they talk about prophecies being fulfilled, Granada being taken, direct descendants of Nasrids, and Allah returning.

I googled key words and character names from the pages upon return, to find that they are from the book THE HAND OF FATIMA BY ILDEFONSO FALCONES about the Morisco revolt of 1568-1571.

I was a bit thrown by the term ‘the useless Nazarene’ being used for an Arabic boy, but understand that the word for the Nasrid Arab dynasty in Spain 1230-1492 (who built the Alhambra) comes from the word Nazari. When the 2 Kingdoms of Castille and Aragon united with the marriage of Ferdianand and Isabella, the 2 'catholic monarchs' were then able to drive the Arabs from Granada. It is said that many Templars helped fight in the Reconquista against the Nasrids.

I wondered the message of these pages that flew across the streets that night they seemed important for many reasons.

First, it really stood out how Nazari is the same word used for both the Essenes and the Arab dynasty. Historians like to say the word means 'from Nazareth' like 'from Magdala' for Magdalene, but both are not correct and a handy 'fob off' considering these towns were named later on.

Nezer is the name given to the Essene sect. The Hebrew word Netzer means 'branch or 'off shoot’ And the word 'nosri' means "one who keeps (guard over)" or "one who observes” The word nazir usually refers to a man who is consecrated and bound by a vow to God. It also relates to the serpent ones - the naga, and nas or nahash in hebrew. The word Neter means the watcher and also refer to the stars and the knowledge that the Essenes held to access Neter Stars (or never never land).

Dare I ask if the Nasrids, the Nasari, are off shoots from the same sect as the original Essenes? Both sects that observe, live dedicated to God, come from serpent traditions, with knowledge to access the Neter.

Why were the Arabs in Spain called the Nasari, just like the Essenes?

Was the Essene - Nazarene knowledge taken from Jerusalem by the Templars during the crusades, also the very same knowledge of the Arabs? Is it this that forms the basis of the entire western civilisation as we know it today, in the name of Jesus a Nazari. Yet did they take the Nazari heart from Jesus and invert it? Please see below for more on this.

Now the other thing that stood out for me was, that there I was in Winchester (on a sort of holy quest visiting UK and feeling into the ancient and real narrative of the cathedral origins, with Magdalena who was very present there, as well as St Swithan and Alfred), when what falls into my hands, but a piece of writing about the awful practices in the medieval ages by the church upon heretics.

So I ask myself, how does this uprising in Granada and the literary description of the inquisition age, relate to Winchester? And on a more personal level I also asked how it related to my own life..

Then I ask myself, what does this have to do with the collective and what is happening right now?

I see the same forces are still at play.

We talk about this time being BIG, the time of the revelation. Yet isn’t every time BIG, and the supposed time of the revelation?

The time of the industrial revolution was big, the time of the 2 recent wars were big etc Has there ever been a time that was not a time of the revelation, that was not time to fulfil the prophecy?

Reading about those pages of the old woman falling from the ladder felt like both a dreadful vision of what has passed in previous times, as well as what might come collectively, if no healing takes place. But I do feel that the timelines are now being cleared and healed, it is showing itself for reason.

However, we thought those days were gone but today outside of my home I feel like the 'witch' more than ever now if I walk without a face covering, or dare ask a question about the truth of climate change or make a pro-natural health remark etc. Not to mention some of the emails coming out of education institutions - I find it absolutely astoundingly frightening that anyone can be writing their content in this so called modern age of democracy. Have we learned nothing? Most people seem to have gone right in to the trap and soaked up every single thread of the narrative as truth without any question to the point of injecting their children with poisons that are experimental and pretending that gender grooming of their children is acceptable in their need to be accepted as liberal and open minded.

I came across the book THE INQUISITION by Baigent and Lincoln (Holy Blood Holy Grail) which describes how 'after the Albigensian Crusade against the Cathars of south-west France in 1208, a Spanish monk - later canonized as St Dominic - took up the cudgels by establishing a kind of secret police to ferret out heresy - thus began the infamous Inquisition. Baigent and Leigh tell the whole extraordinary story, taking it on into the nineteenth century and showing how after the Doctrine of Papal Infallibility in 1870 the Vatican attempted to establish new authorities that were an intellectual equivalent of the Inquisition. The Inquisition offers a fascinating narrative account of one of the most influential and horrifying movements in the history of western Europe.'

I haven’t (yet) read the book, but the above synopsis speaks to me about how the inquisition still continues today on an extreme level with the concept of a so called health passport, and never actually went away.

The inquisition of the past was all about the take over of the patriarchy and scientific materialism up to and through the industrial age, and the inquisition of today is the same thing, about the pursuit of transhuman AI via the take over with technology and the enforcement of The Stamp. Both industry and technology and commerce can be married to the light, it is not money that is evil but the ones who hold it and their intent.

It is also interesting that they mention that it was a Spanish monk in 1208 who set about to find the surviving heretics. In today's terms this might relate to those of us who wish to remain in natural health are deeply concerned right now about the use of these passes as a way of finding surviving heretics, the heretic being one who has not taken the thing, which is extreme violation of human freedom, rights and democracy.

Once again the same old question also arises, who are the Templars and whose side are they on? Back in the day, did they support the Spanish Catholic monarchs in their attempt to kill all Heretics and Muslims or did they attempt to protect them, or both. Did they steal the knowledge for their own malintent (skull and bones), or to set up peaceful brotherhood sects, or both. Who and where are they now? What is their role?

(Notice how Heretics and Muslims are placed together here and we know the heretics (cathars, essenes, magdalenes, gnostics et al) were the descendants of the Nazarenes. Hmmmmm…)

So I am also coming here to the Mandaeans, also knowns as the baptists (key word here, ‘the baptist’ is used for all the Essene sects) and it seems all my questions always lead me here, for they are the oldest group of gnostics and the only surviving ones for antiquity that are recognised, the original Essenes came from them. They also are Arabic. Aramaic manda is same as gnostic, manda means “knowledge” like gnosis. They have a dualistic view of life, that encompasses both good and evil. Like the Cathar.

Now the original heretics & Cathars and Essenes are also likened to Manichaeism, who were also seized and burned alive during the inquieisitons and often confused with Mandaeans as they are very similar sects. “To be Manichean is to follow the philosophy of Manichaeism, which is an old religion that breaks everything down into good or evil. It also means “duality,” so if your thinking is Manichean, you see things in black and white..” They were the early Lakhmids…. Who then became the Nasrids….!

Manichaeism arose in the 4th century in iraq-Iran. Islam arose in the 6th century in Arabia. Both took from earlier religious traditions of Judaism, Christianity, Gnosticism, Zoroastrianism and paganism.

They seem to be all ‘off shoots’ or branches (nasars) of one tree.*-COM_207 (CATHARS, ALBIGENSIANS, and BOGOMILS - Manichaeism is said to have been passed via the Paulicians and the Bogomils to re-emerge in the European Cathars but this supposed historical transmission is difficult to demonstrate.. Bogomils adopted Islam…)

So I am seeing links between many factions and off shoots that were stamped out by the inquisition again and again throughout history. There is nothing new about what it happening now, they have just ramped it up. But it is still all the same battle from the crusades and the same forces and players carry on the same chess dance.

When and how will this illusion ever resolve here on this planet?

And back to the inquisitions in Winchester, why does Winchester bring in this energy?

Once the capital of England, so much has gone in in this imprint city over history. Well, it seems to me that Winchester, a place of white chalk, was once a sacred holy place of waters and nearby we find St Catherines hill, an old hill fort and a 12th century chapel to this St Catherine. Winchester is the place of St Catharine… the very same saint who came to Joan of Arc.

Catharine was a young girl who was 'crucified' for her spiritual visions: victim of terrible tortures and then imprisoned for her spiritual beliefs, and when the prison was opened she was miraculously alive and it smelt of roses. The man who tortured her then demanded she marry him. When she refused, he ordered her death on a spiking wheel, but when she touched it, it shattered. So her ordered her death by execution, upon which instead of blood, it was a white milk substance that flowed from her neck. The whole point of Catharine is that she never gave up her truth, she continued to speak the words of the God/dess, despite her heavy treatment. She was the ultimate heretic.

St Catherine's monastery in Egypt is one of the most sacred places in the world. Same saint.

It is interesting that right now Winchester is for the first time ever considered a Dioceses in crisis since it was announced recently that the Bishop of Winchester Dr Tim Dakin would be 'handing over responsibilities', citing 'upset' caused by the diocese's financial decisions over the past year. There is no end of speculation and it comes at a time when many priests seem to be suddenly stepping down and being moved around.

Wolvesy Palace in Winchester was the palace of the powerful and wealthy bishops of Winchester. How fascinating it is that the last great occasion here was on 25th July 1554, when the East Hall was transformed with silk and gold hangings for Queen Mary 1 (Henry V111 daughter) and Philip of Spain's wedding banquet, considering the papers of the old tattered book flying across the street were about Spain and the Catholic inquisitions.

This also raises the question of the house of Aragon, and the last Cathar who reportably said that in 700 years when the laurels turn green, a descendent from the house of Aragon would once again raise its white horse on the altars of Rome.

The house of Aragon was originally a House of the Cathar, Eleanor was also a Cathar protectress, (the French massacred begun only after she died) as were the Nevarres in Spain, and Lionheart the crusader was a man of Light.

(Esclaremonde was a wise woman who saw the massacres coming so she had Montsegur fortified well in advance. Do these pages come in the breeze send me warning or so they speak of hope?)

Why was Lionheart battling against Saladin? And why did a member of the House of Aragon join the Castille to become ‘the Catholic Monarchs’ to stamp out Heretics (Muslims and Cathars alike) and lead the inquisitions? Was the House divided?

The links between Spain and Winchester, the inquisitions, and the truths of Islam and the Nazarenes are perhaps falling into my hands, our hands, once again in strange bits and pieces that we can only start to ask questions about.

It is so complex that we can only simply listen to the breeze and see what it brings us, and on this occasion it quite literally flew text into my hands.

So, when I ask why did I receive these pages? Was it to warn me of some impending doom for the spiritual Catherines (Essenes, Muslims, Nasrids, Nazarenes, Heretics etc), was it to show me that the Catherines (Marys, roses) are now healing these past witch hunt times, was it a reminder of these times to tread carefully, was it to show me that Winchester was a place where they were sacrificed, was it a call to change the narrative and restore the light. A simple reminder of the cosmic wars and the role of the catherines aka the roses.

Was it showing the links between Winchester, Spain and the inquisitions via Catharine hidden in the city walls over so many stories over time, how the Templars were here with these truths, to show that something big happened here around the inquisition, and the war against the true Nazarenes (Catherines/ Magdalenes) and Spanish history.

Was it to remind me of my own mission, or a reflection on my own situation? Was it to show me that this new stamp and covid war is timeless and there is nothing new about it? Was it to give hope that healing might take place or nudge to get stuff in order, or a reminder it might simply continue on for another few thousands years yet…

So I ask spirit, what is you message here?

And this is what I get....


image of Winchester cathedral flooded, with thanks to Eva Dubb

3 rivers.

The first of the 20 pages I picked up on the streets in the night behind Winchester Cathedral in the first paragraph mention a place where 3 rivers meet ‘3 rivers, Guadalfeo, Andra, Andrarax'.

So I google it. There is one river in Winchester. Hmmm. I knew the water was important because when I was there Magdalena kept saying 'water', then I saw a house called 'Magdalene House' and it had a sign 'to the water' with an arrow. When I got to the water I was told, this is why you are here.

Then I goggled it again on a hunch....3 waterways.

What are the chances of that?

"The Itchen river in Winchester has three main tributaries: the Arle, the Cheriton Stream and the Candover Stream which join west of Alresford and flow on through Winchester and down to Woolston."

Where 3 rivers meet.

The places where 3 rivers meet are always places of great cosmic significance. For example, Chalabre near Rennes les Chateaux also has 3 rivers.

What does this show us?

It shows us when 2 things come together a 3rd can be born. It brings us duality back to unity or the new. This is a time when the past of heretic and witch hunting matches the time of the present (more witch hunting in disguise) to create a 3rd option, the new.

When the 2 factions can join, the new earth can be born.

Only when they join.

The alliance must be made.

It is only Goddess who can make it.

Through the water.

This is not an alliance like Mary and Phillip or Isabella and Ferdinand. This is not an alliance between those who wish to stamp and those who wish to be wholsitic. This is not an alliance between the church inquisitions and the heretics who were murdered.

This is an inner alliance. One that must take place within.

Within each human soul.

That is why it is via the water, via the Light.

It is a call to go within and unite the lost parts of self.

To bring the 2 rivers together within.

The inquisitions of the Catherines can be cleared with the waters in the places where the 3 rivers meet.

Paper is blowing across the street in Winchester...

...after writing the above... I awake at 2 am BAM! Out of nowhere. Right in our faces! There it is.

This place of Winchester is the place of the waters This is a sacred place of the Goddess So sacred chosen as the capital of Albion

And there they choose to place a persecuted exploited crucified woman Katherine... The KATHARI The PURE ONE KATHARSIS Catherine the Cathar Right there.

And it is RIGHT THERE that she can be RESTORED AND RISE AGAIN!

Many (K)CATHAR-drals were built on the site of ancient wells and holy springs, and " 'mythologist and fresearcher' Willeem Witteveen particularly mentions Chartres and Winchester: there is a well beneath a font, in the crypt of the Cathedral and the expanse of the crypt, waters fill the space for much of the year, and it is closed during the 'flooding seasons'." (quote, Eva Dub)


Right there in Winchester the place of the waters, I happened to walk right at the moment (the papers actually blew across the street right into my hands as I was doing my show lace, believe it or not), papers that describe the ordeal of persecuted (crucified) heretics or cathar, or catharines.

And of course they are entitled ‘the Hand of Fatima’.

The miracles of this symbolism are incredible.

The HAND of the GODDESS literally brought to my hands, papers entitled HANDS of Fatima, papers about the place where inquisitions took place in the meeting of 3 rivers, in Winchester a place of the sacred waters and the Cathar, and the crucified Goddess, the exact 20 pages of papers from the book that actually describe her crucifixion...

the Kathari = The Fatima = The Ishtar = the persecuted (crucified) Goddesses Calling Rising Restoring

Was there ever such a miracle?

So the Hand of the Goddess literally reached out there in that very place, and with my own hand I had to physically pick up the text she blew across. And even more remarkable is a part I did not mention in my previous text above, that not only have I been ‘seeing’ golden hand of Fatima for few weeks previously (the hamsa), also the very next night after the pages blew over to me, I ended up in the same place logging onto a zoom call from my car, with 2 other women (3 in total) on a call which ended up being all about the theme of Aphrodite rediscovering herself after abuse.

Was there ever ever such a miraculous sign as this, that the hand of Fatima has risen?

That the constant inner healing work we all do with total dedication, diving into & clearing abuse for self & others, work that is 24-7 and at this exhausting hour, was there ever such a sign as this that all we (i) do is not in vain but carries THE HAND OF THE GODDESS


I have yet to explore in more detail the subject of the Cathar in Winchester but please enjoy a short clip below from the fascinating thesis about ‘Arabization of the Templars’

Regarding the crusaders and the templars, and the arabs… it is a very complex history and I am not going to pretend to understand any of it in fact the more I read the more confused I get. So please do not jump on me in comments with anything I put here, I am merely asking questions. I do not pretend to be a historian. There is not much to read online with this but I did come across this document that raises similar questions, such as what was the real status of Muslim slaves in the Temple? Enjoy this interesting reflection directly related to these times and the persecutions….

Paula Regina Stiles University of Rhode Island

“These are, at the moment, unanswerable questions. Due to the destruction of Templar documents at various points in the past seven centuries, statistical evidence for the Order in Palestine is impossible to find. Even anecdotal evidence is relatively rare.117 Also, assimilation into the local Muslim culture, however inevitable over two centuries, was not something that any of the military orders would have wished to advertise. The Templars' mission was to conquer (or convert) the enemies of Christianity, not reconcile with them…

Nor were Muslim sources likely to admit any tolerance of the new invaders. It would have been tantamount to a betrayal of their faith. Unfortunately , it is difficult to determine the level of assimilation by the Templars precisely because of the uncompromising nature of the Crusades ideal. Fueled by 116 Malcolm Barber, The New Knighthood, 175-6. 117 Ibid., 394-8. 139 lingering millennial fever, the Crusades fostered a manichaean world-view where the only thing that both sides could agree upon was that one of them was evil, and would have to be destroyed in order to bring Heaven on Earth. To become tolerant of the enemy was to let Satan into one's soul, to risk eternal damnation. Most medieval people, Christian or Muslim, were unwilling to take such a risk. In some ways, that attitude has not changed as the second Millennium fades, and apocalyptic fervor grips society once more….

It was, in fact, the perceived arabization described in Guillaume de Nogaret's charges at the Templars' Trial that destroyed them, and it has been this perceived arabization which has entered public consciousness as the "true" image of the Knights Templar . The denial of Christ, the desecration of the cross, the charges of obscene kisses and sodomy, and the adoration of an idol, or relic, in the shape of a head or a cat, were all common European misconceptions about Islam. They were also charges that were frequently levelled against heretics, an internal enemy. The charges were a way for the French government to condemn, and destroy , representatives of the hated Muslim enemy (the Templars) without prompting an actual crusade to the Holy Land. The persecution of the Templars was not an isolated phenomenon , but was part of a pattern of attacks which Philip and his ministers made on convenient targets throughout his reign. In this way, Philip could relieve the debts which always pressed upon his treasury, while making himself look, and feel, like a "most Christian King." European Christians had some access to information about real Muslim practices, but instead chose to believe in their own fantasies. Many neo Templars, confusing the fantasies of medieval Christians about medieval Muslims with reality have tried to emulate the medieval Templars by propagating De Nogaret's charges through elaborate myth and ritual. Certainly, there is no proof in the Templar Rule that such practices ever existed among the historical Templars.

On the other hand, some groups have still preserved the original ideals of the Templars . This indicates that the desire, over the past three centuries , of 171 some people to recreate themselves in the image of these medieval monks/knights is no fluke. The Templar ideal which gave so many fighters of the Middle Ages hope that they could attain Paradise still has the power to inspire people, and its new life comes from the historical T emplars' arabization--both real and perceived . Both those who love, and those who hate, the Templars see the Order of the Temple as a cultural bridge between two faiths . This is a powerful image in an era which is plagued with religious and political fundamentalism. Paradoxically, however, the historical Templars are also seen as religious fanatics, magical knights in a simplistic, manichaean world . Depending on the author, they are portrayed either as forces of Light, or demonic forces of chaotic evil. This, of course, does not coincide with the clear signs of the historical Templars' assimilation into local, Muslim culture, or with the dark, crypto-Muslim fantasies constructed by De Nogaret. Many neo-Templars, consequently, cloak the medieval Templars' arabization by setting its origins in the distant past--long before the birth of Islam. This mutes the power of the recreated Templar ideal as a cultural bridge, however , and has led to Templarism in unlikely quarters (skinheads, the Ku Klux Klan, the German Nazis, etc.). Such willful blindness creates a dangerous synergy for certain types of people in today's society . The majority of neo-Templars are harmless , even benevolent, but the fringes of the movement bear watching... "



On the subject of literature & film that is allegoric for this time and in relation to Katharine.

Anna Karenina has popped in this week on several occasions.

Karen means pure, and is similar to Katharine, which some of us have explored here recently as linked to both St Katharine a martyr (linking here to the word Marradonna the key symbol of the film Hand of God as shared about below) and the the Cathar - or Kathari the Pure Ones.

The married Russian aristocrat Anna Karenina meets her lover as she exits a train that she rode on with his mother (symbolising transportation of life events) and at the moment they meet, a man falls under the train, which she takes as a bad omen.

The book, written by Tolstoy, is considered one of the greatest pieces of Russian literature. It follows Anna's story (anna meaning grace) as she pursues love and honesty, but due to her her gender role as a woman in that society, in doing so she makes many a sacrifice and becomes a paranoid outcast until finally she kills herself under a train - as opposed to the many men who have numerous affairs at their whim, without any affect at all.

The parallel story that runs through the novel is that which depicts Tolstoy himself in the form of the character called Levin, who represents Tolstoy's philosophic ideals of life in nature and his search for the meaning of life, whereby he ultimately finds peace.

Why has this book come forth this past few weeks?

Anna Karen. She is the martyr just like St Katharine. She is the sacrificed woman and depicts the plight of the madonna, the magdalene, reduced to a whore.

As Her story is told time again. I am tired of it. I am done with it. It seems whilst it is constantly told they are doing the very act of sacrificing her. Probably purposeful. For example in the violent film Scarface with Al Pacino, there is a painting of Mary Magdalene on the wall of the kitchen scene, when the central character returns to attempt conciliation with his mother and sister, who depict 2 sacrificed woman.

But now really. This story ends. For she is now restored. Fully restored.

So. Anna Karen, fiction as you might be, St Katharine you are, you are sacrificed no more. No more.

Anna Karen. Katharine. Magdalena. You are now risen and free.

Your purity is met by the true hand of fate, of Fatima, of the goddess, and this time you are met with justice.

Fate has now turned.

This is your resurrection.

Maria is BACK and she is so BEAUTIFUL.

In this painting MM holds her jar, giving it away plainly in sight, that it is HER very jar that anoints the christ, the very reason they keep on sacrificing her, for she IS the very water that baptises and makes the christ a christ, or turns John (baptist) into Jesus. She is the water. (see here -

And in this painting also we see how CATHARine the PURE ONE holds the wheel that they attempted to sacrifice her upon, which miraculously disintegrated when they attempted to. The Catharine wheel for me represents the Cathar cross, the gnostic wheel, the hand of fate, the turn of events, and wheel of life. She is the master, no one can sacrifice her, for she holds the wheel in her hands. She is so pure, the wheel dissolves.

Now also to look at the recent film La Mano di Dio - The Hand of God.

As I recently wrote about, The Hand of Fatima (the Goddess) came to me, just like a scene from a Sorrentino movie, miraculously in the form of 20 pages from the book of that very title, flying across the desolate night lit cobbled street behind Winchester Cathedral. 20 pages about the persecutions of the heretics in Spain, taking me down a rabbit hole of the connections of Winchester to the water ways and St Catharine, to the Cathars and Eleanor d'Aquitane and indeed to the Spanish nobles.

Since then many little turn of events have occurred in my life, each one miraculous, and orchestrated by the hand of the Goddess....the catharine wheel brings miracles indeed.

So it was no surprise, just as when looks at the clock and it reads 2222 or 1111, that one of my favourite film makers ( not a fan of all his films, but for aesthetics, symbolism, irony, reflection and poetry) to see that Paolo Sorrentino has just released a film entitled The Hand of God, and which is of course, about those turn of events that form one's life, and that step in one's favour. About that very Catharine wheel....and the martyr.

In this instance the hand of God is symbolised by the footballer Maradona who scored a (foul) goal with his hand against England. When asked about it afterwards he said it was "the hand of God" admitting it was a foul. In the film, it is Maradona who saves the young Fabietto and his destiny is forever changed. It is rather ironic that in real life Maradonna took the film to court for foul play for using his image, and lost.

I find it interesting that the similar sounding word 'martiradonna' means 'matrydom' (see above re karenina as the female martyr) and 'donna' of course means 'woman'. And the word 'marradonna' for me refers to the madonna. 'Marra' in Arabic is 'once', but also means something that 'forms a pair with something else', and can also thus mean a 'mate'. Marrakesh would thus mean the 'mate of God', or for some it means the 'land of God' ('kesh' comes from 'akush' the berber word for 'god'). So marradonna, is the twin of the lady, IS the lady, or the land of the lady, who is martyred. And in this film the main female character is exactly that, a martyr in a mental institution. And perhaps in making the film they actual in real life martyred marradonna the footballer himself. Hmmm... there are so many layers to this symbolism, especially being released right now.

Highly recommended viewing for reflection (not an advocate of netflix but it is the only channel streaming it. surprise surprise)


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