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MIRACLES OF GRACE are a series of 7 light transmissions that came in from Mary Magdalene and other ascended masters and they are super powerful and they are designed for repeating whenever you so wish.  Each time one comes in it has a different theme which is self explanatory and it will transmit the energy rays of that theme into you.  I do not write them before so when I make the audios I have no idea what I am going to say or what/who will come, aside from the word of the theme and Mary Magdalene's presence. Simply click on the theme that most draws you in to deepen that vibration within you with these super powerful transmissions.


This one brings body love and helps you to shift anything that is not in accordance with that energy that is now ready to go so you may emanate deeper body love, and create that vibration within your energy field, both within and without.


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