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This is a fairly long and deep activation which you can return to listen to agan and again for full body activation, healing, uplift. It lights up all 13 Chakras activating the Fruit of Life sacred geometry within the body, and keeping you grounded and connected to your Higher Self. It also clears belief systems from the 13 Chakras as they are taken to a higher vibration. After I completed recording this activation, I was also guided to bring in activation of a new 13th chakra portal as one of my own Ishtara Rose Light Transmissions, so this is at the end after the Sacred Activation, as a separate transmission as it is a different modality, but on the same audio. We start with the main 7 chakras, and then we go beyond into energetic points and other chakra systems and there are various different ones. This covers them all, whichever system you follow, or not.  The energy in this is super powerful and is the equivalent of weeks of healing. It can be repeated as often as you like for full body energy clearing and alignment. Having your chakras cleared and realigned means you can manifest abundance must easier so expect big changes in your life. Also expect detoxification for some of you either physically or emotionally in the days that follow especially the first time in listening. Some of you may also be also drawn to receiving this in combination with - Mary Magdalene's Light Transmission chakra healing, and the June Moon 13th Chakra Light Transmission. However remember that this alone has super powerful affects and is enough, so just do as you are drawn. 


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