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Unique 40 minute private spiritual soul reading with psychic mediumship



There is something very special about a unique transmission by audio. These readings are unique for you, and although they are provided by audio, I charge £55 for them because they are like soul readings as if we are together in person, and I channel in very specific light rays and energy especially for your unique soul healing at this time. So they have huge potential for your healing and evolution and to activate you very deeply. You have them by audio so you can listen as often as you wish. 


What you will receive during the 40 minute reading and activation -

  • You will receive channelled personal messages and guidance for your spiritual evolution which will be transmitted with a certain unique vibration for you bringing deep healing 

  • You will be activated to receive any keys and codes within your auric field that you are ready for

  • I draw on my skills as a psychic, medium, intuitive and soul reader to provide a unique spiritual reading just for you and I may be guided to use other tools such as  tarot, taking you on a guided healing journey, bringing in activations, upgrades and/or healings such as other reiki modalities, chakra healings, light language, healing symbols,  past lives, mesages from spirit guides, ascended masters, angels and deceased loved ones. I can also answer any questions you may have in certain areas of your life in relationships, career  etc ... anything can happen and all sessions are different and unique...


I have no idea what spirit will bring in during this 40 minute channelled transmission and it might range from past life to healing symbols and guides who come through me for you.  Anything can come up and into the space as it is all divinely orchestrated in perfect timing to bring huge breakthroughs, releases, deep healing and clearing, life changing experiences rippling out, messages about your path and spiritual evolution and your own mediumship, blessings, new guides and new activations...all unique for you….every single reading is completely open....


You come because there is a key I have for you,

and it will come to you in the messages and light transmissions & light activations

that you will receive through this space that I provide

and the affects will ripple out into all aspects of your life

as a beautiful light bringing deep inner shifts and clarity

about who you are and your mission in this lifetime


- Your unique mediumship soul reading audio will cost £55 

- You will have it to replay whenever you require

- You will have personal support by email following the audio should you have any questions


After purchase please email me with any information you wish to share - you may have specific intentions or themes or challenges ie what you wish for this to focus on? What issues you have? What do you want? You can provide as much or as little information as you wish. You may send me direct clear questions about your life to channel through answers about.  Or you may prefer to not share anything and just wish for a general reading and trust in what comes through me at this time is exactly what your soul needs.

Please note that I am not a trained therapist and I do not speak as a doctor. 

By proceeding with the booking you agree to take full responsibility for acting upon any mediumship guidance



I will aim to get your audio reading to you within 2 weeks. I take these very seriously and set proper space to really tune in for you properly.



* * * * 

first image by danielle noel for rebecca campbell tarot



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