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“Some float off and disconnect

The key is to float up and drink in the golden light

And then bring it back in the Earth again

And root it”

Mary Magdalene with Ishtara Rose.


WHEEL OF LIFE - 3 AUDIO PACKAGE - These are 2 x audio teachings of 24 and 22 minutes each and 1 x audio of 10 minutes that can be practised daily. Also a simple pdf description.


1. WHEEL OF LIFE The first Medicine Wheel is a guided meditation on nature's wheel also known as the medicine wheel by native Americans, or the sabbat wheel in the Celtic Pagan calender, and has other names in many other tribes in every corner of the world.


Along side listening to this you are invited to work with the wheel on yoru life in simple ways outlined in the pdf. 


2. BREATH OF LIFE BREATH OF LIGHT The second audio of 22:22 takes you through The Breath of Life. This is a simple healing meditation that guides you through the symbolism of the breath of the wheel of life that exists in each and every moment, to enable you to embody it, and to access light and bringing it back into form, with self presence to witness and accept of all that you are, even lost repressed part. Heaven and Earth aligned. It is a simple meditation and yet brings profound possibilities for you to anchor light into form.


3. WHEEL OF LIGHT 10 minutes to alignment to you Light wheel, can be done daily. This is also the MerKaBa or Light Chariot. 



Thank you to this beautiful image by Miriam Ma




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