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In this short audio Light Transmission of 21 minutes, Persephone comes to you with the medicine of the white lily and the white narcissus flower, as well as violet crocus.


This brings medicine to bring you into alignment. She will bring you a chance to come into alignment, to receive her golden seal, to become Queen of the Seasons, master of the breath.


Persephone is portrayed as naive maiden who was kidnapped by the Lord of the underworld Hades.  Her mother Demeter wandered the Earth looking for her until Helios (Sun God) told her where she was yet asks her “is is such a bad thing for Persephone to be Queen of the Underworld?” Yet in her grief, Demeter gives up her own role as the Goddess of Harvest and Fertility, so ‘the earth began to dry up, harvests failed, plants lost their fruitfulness, animals were dying for lack of food and famine spread to the whole earth, resulting in untold misery’. The story is long but the final outcome for the peace of all, is an agreement for Persephone to spend half her year with her husband in the underworld and the other half with her mother out upon the earth, oscillating between dark and light.


When Persephone is with her mother, the sun shines, when she is with her husband in the underworld, her light is faded from the world. Yet in doing so, Persephone takes the shadow to the Light and the Light to the shadows.


Throughout time the story raises many questions depending on who interprets it - does she love her husband and rebel against her mother, or was she kidnapped by him? Is she there from choice and if so is this a case of stockholm syndrome? Was she the victim of those making the decisions around her, the maiden puppet? Is she in codependant relationship at the beck and call of her husband and mother, or does Persephone has the last laugh and raise up to be the Queen who ‘masters’ of both worlds as she comes into full alignment.


This story is ultimately of course about the change of the seasons, the eternal cycle of the Nature's death and rebirth - to be in flow with nature herself we must be in flow with the death and the birth, the shadow and the light. 


This is the story that to become the Queen like Persephone, we must come into full alignment.


Sanity is a foot in both worlds - to be in alignment we are in both the shadows and the sun, and can do both. Face the repressed-buried-uncomfortable-emotions within, and yet keep the sun in our heart and be abundant and positive. We decide when it is time to go into the cave and when it is time to emerge into the light. 


The breath must come both in and out. 

The tides must flow back and forth.

The seasons must flow from cold to warm

The wheel must turn


We can of course come out into abundance when it is the winter months and into the cave when it is the summer, for in each season, each month, each day, there is an ebb and flow.


Persephone is about this INNER ALIGNMENT & SOVEREIGNTY to become Queen of any abuse, to take your light into your shadow and bring your personal emotions out of the 'shadows' to the light . As you walk your spiritual path of healing, she comes here in this sweet transmission from the flower meadows, to give you the medicine you need at this time on your own journey.


Listen as often as you wish. You can do this once or you might like to do it every morning and evening for 10 days or more. As you listen, you can pause the audio to go deeper into you own process, you may like to physically move your body, or rest by lying down. You may have soft music of your choice playing, light a candle, set a sacred space or even listen in the bath, or in (parked) in the car. Take these 21 minutes to align with Persephone’s beautiful magic.




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