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"People on the spiritual path often have too much or too little spiritual ego. Too much and they have Guru-complex. Too little and they are so worried that they are unworthy that they achieve nothing. This activation gets you in balance so you can move forward and do the work you are meant to do without your ego holding you back in any way." Less than / better than, superior / inferior, are you the chosen one? It might well be but as chosen one your role for your client or student is simply to hold space for them to have a conversation with God. As factilitator or space holder their healing does nto come form you but through you. So if you heal many, or few, if many shift, or few shift, it is not about you or to do with you. If you have had many past lives as a High Priestess or Queen, then it simply means you are aligned to light, but not better than or worse than, you just are, a pure clear channel of divine grace, who just is, at one, with all. It is not your role to tell peopel how it is, but to hold space for them to understand for themselves how it is, to simply provide a direct link between them and God/dess. Time to take off the masks and connect to universal energy of all that is one, beyond being better or worse. This is a 15 min recording, which you can repeat, with a sacred activation followed by a short light transmission, enjoy xx


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