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C A L L  I N  A  S A C R E D  B E L O V E D

A powerful Soul Mate Package run as a short course, combingin many light transmissions as one large package


This is really about calling in all parts of you for the inner marriage

From there you call in your soul tribe


By aligning within to the twin flame energy (whether you believe in 'the one' or not), you will call in a soul in love, that reflects the deep love you have for yourself and the inner balance you have within of your own female and male sides. Relationships are either karmic (based upon co dependancy and need, looking for fulfilment in the other) or in alignment with source. This also includes soul tribe -  soulmate family and new friends to enter your space.

This package is based on the fundamental understanding that the sacred beloved you call in and manifest is primarily yourself, and then when you actually magnetise a beloved, he/she will be a reflection of how you resonate within. 

To attract a beautiful gifted healthy relationship, first call in yourself as your own love, your own lover, your own friend, your own mother, your own healer - you are the one you have been looking for. This is effectively a journey to primarily marry yourself into self belonging and clear out any blocks from old traumas of abuse, codependence and reconfigure your womb to radiate and magnetise abundance and wholeness within.

The Sacred Beloved Course guides you to marry your own inner Male and inner Female and find Sacred Union within

From this foundation, you can commence to manifest the dream beloved. By anchoring in the twin flame energies so you carry the vibration, and from there manifesting a love who can mirror your inner fullness and love, and meet you as equal reflecting back your self worth and honour within. And as you both hold the sacred beloved vibrations of wholeness and balance within you, you spark off a great healing and initiation for each of you and for the collective too. As you connect it may take different roads and so you may want to keep on returning to these meditations as your love unravels to keep you aligned in wholeness and out of codependency and karmic patterns.


So this course is based on the understanding that if you want to manifest your twin flame partner without, first you need to align to your inner beloved. YOU NEED TO CREATE THE RESONANCE WITHIN as like attracts like, so you need to be the beloved yourself to attract the same energy vibration without. This course focuses on creating that resonance within.


The Sacred Beloved Course will be shared with you in 3 stages that you traverse at your own pace

Stage One - release

The healing and releasing of anything that is resisting a sacred beloved love relationship from unfolding. This will enable you to clear out any gunk so you may then start to fill your inner vase with Light.

Stage Two - align

These steps are designed to magnetise twin flame love to you by finding it within you and to fill you with inner Light. You will focus upon blessing and re-patterning your sacred womb or hara and DNA to a new shape to mirror that of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, marrying your inner male and female, your sun and moon, ida and pingala, and dancing the dance of divine inner union. This takes place with dance, mantra, journaling... a journey of inner exploration guided by the meditations and instructions that will be sent to you. 

Stage Three - unfold & activate

Comprising of 3 very simple activations unique to buy as part of this course only. Calling upon the Divine Unions of Jeshua Christ and Mary Magdalene, Isis and Osiris, Ishta and Tamuz, Babaji and Mataji, to bless you and anchor within you.

The entire process can be done in a couple of weeks, but it is a lifetime path. You have the audio teachings to download and to refer to again and again.  I recommend taking as long as you need - you go at our own pace. You will be your own guide in this. Once each stage is completed you can email me with a summary of your experiences for my personal guidance & feedback - if you so wish,  


It is entirely up to you how deep you go and how much you commit to this process.

This course will activate within you the codes of inner resonance to which you intend to align to and get you started on the path to wholeness; providing all the tools you need to focus upon manifesting the love you deserve, and the love for yourself as your sacred union begins within...falling in love with yourself...expect miracles...and if a beloved doesn't appear, you will have realised that you are your own beloved and vibrate in a renewed and incredible self worth and self love radiating light and confidence like never before....

The (separately available) Light Transmissions & Packages also included in this course (amongst other material) are -


Self Love Self Worth Package

Old to New (Self Healing) Package

Womb Blessing Light Transmission

Sacred Union Light Transmissions

Soul Mate Reiki attunement

Soul Mate Sacred Activation

SoulmateLight Transmission from Miracles of Grace 

Call in Your Tribe Transmission from Miracles of Grace


Many people see much powerful expansion, growth and inner fulfillment  after committing to these transformative trasnmissions, designed to activate new energetic codes within you as you listen






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