Here is a prayer to bring in Light for Egyptians, and also to help the Priests and Priestesses of the Light (sons and daughters of Isis) to awaken and make their path of awakening easier.


Please say this prayer aloud. Please focus on each line and await information to come after saying it before proceeding to the next one. Please make it yours and adapt as necessary. This is a Light prayer and can only be used for the Light of all. Any way you say it will be perfect. As you say it any emotion or feeling that arises will be absolutely relevant to the healing process. This will heal others and yet it will also heal you too. You may set intention as you wish, for past life memory to surface as you speak, Light healing to come on in for a particular other purpose, play music or be silent or chant, move or be still, light a candle, whatever you wish.


We call in Isis

We call in Mary Magdalene

We call in Mother Mary

We call in Goddess Ishtar

We call in Mama Killa

We call in any other Goddesses, Priestesses, Priests, Masters of the Light who wish to be present

(take time with the above and see who comes)

to clear any energies that need clearing now in Egypt

and to clear any negative emotions and traumas and their affects in all directions of time, accumulated from the falls of the pure ones in Egypt and elsewhere.

We ask that the Light ones are restored and all the Mer priests and priestesses of the Light and the waters and the rose awaken and begin to remember and to fully heal so they may step into their power and grace in full alignment with the Light

We ask for any pure souls who experienced trauma or suffering in ancient Egypt at the falls or elsewhere, in both life and in death, are now cleared and healed and be released from any bondage.

All the confusion, hurt, betrayal, sadness, guilt, shame, depression, fear, trauma and any other emotion or splitting of the soul, that remains in their/our souls is now healing and being fully restored.

Any pure beings or souls that are stuck in between worlds or timelines or dimensions, or split from any trauma, are now fully healed cleared and restored into Light oneness, in all directions of time. All time lines, past lives, future lives, parallel lives and another other timelines are cleared and restored to Light. And again, any beings whose souls split because of the trauma are now reconnected with themselves fully.

So this also includes now again any traumas that hold anyone back from stepping into the fullness of their power. These are now ready to be released, healed, transmuted so that the soul may rise fully into their Light sovereignty. Therefore, any beings or beliefs that hold the priestesses back and keep them small, are now released, healed and transmuted.

(imagine split souls reconnecting, and imagine seeing the old transmute into the new in whatever ways this happens for you)

I see great white light entering the lands there now. It is clearing and clearing all the energy there like a bight star illuminated over the entire region and into the hearts and soul of ALL those who are connected here. All souls related to this are immediately cleared wherever they are.......

I see great light exploding in the hearts of those involved clearing all this right now…..

(take time to see and feel this)

Those who were instrumental in hurting or working as part of the fall, now fall to their knees begging for forgiveness and they too are forgiven and released from any shame or karma or bondage, and as this happens a great light explodes and the energy and/or beings are instantly transmuted to light....

I see blue lights of Isis and golden rays of Ishtar restoring the divine plan of Light....

I see the love of Mother Mary shining into the hearts of all and into the lands and animals and waters with a beautiful pink rose

I see the priestesses arise and stand tall, they are chanting and singing ancient sounds into the waters there

I see Ishtar restoring the power to the right ones, she asks us to see all light workers standing tall now and claiming their sovereign light destiny with self belief....

Other beings start to come in to help the land and all souls to restore....

I see the white shining star of Aphrodite now shining in these places (and as you read this you may feel it) it enters for others, for the lands, for myself, and I feel the great beauty and Light of the Goddess of Aphrodite descend upon these lands and into us all as daughters of Isis of MM of the rose, restoring the Divine Feminine energies which in turn restore the Divine Masculine energies, and the masters rise together in truth

We see both the sons and daughters of Isis rise to claim their destiny, rise to claim the truth of who they are, rise to spread their Light as priests and priestesses, remembering now as they waken during this great wave of light consciousness on Gaia in this year of 2020 and beyond, into all timelines

And as we awaken, the process of the healing of the pains that we must release from the falls and from years of sleeping, and the pain of the ego of separation, is made smooth and easy as the Light enters and clears in deeper ways for us all now. Help use, we the priests and priestesses, to rise surrounded by LOVE and the pink rose of Light as we awaken to do the work of God/dess.....

Many now start to see and to transform the ancient belief systems lodged within that hold them/us back, for it is time for many more now to rise remembering that now any beings or beliefs that hold the priestesses back and keep them/us small, are now release, healed and fully transmuted.

Goddess rises

The priest and priestesses of the Light rise and awake (sons and daughters of isis)

The lands are being freed - the sacred sites are being opened and restored and woken

The waters are being filled with Light of the Goddess

The Divine Light is restored and all beings are being restored to the Light! It is prophesied and it is so!



IaMaHaaaaa, IaMaHaLa, IamMa, IamMaHa, IaLaMaaaaaaaaaa 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️🌹🌹

Thanks to Bridget for these 2 pyramid images