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I am a medium for mediums, a healer for healers.

I help lightworkers to be empowered and in full flow

with rose light initiation and activation,

in order to fully step into abundance and leadership.

I am passionate about activating light workers to flow into aligned divine feminine light at this crucial time.

I am an experienced light practitioner, activator, medium, trance channel, clairvoyant, ordained High Priestess of the Magdalene Rose, and a Priestess of the White Chalice of the Waters, and have been walking the spiritual path all my life. 


As a born clairvoyant, my awakening intensified after my first REIKI INITIATION IN 1993 in my early 20s, and I have walked the path committedly WITH OVER 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE studying healing modalities, the esoteric arts and magdalene mysteries, walking in mystery schools and immersing in various yogic traditions which was the constant foundation of my life and my creative work.  I bring together and offer the most powerful light tools from the past 30 years that I personally use for myself, to raise one's frequency.

In 2017 when I was a busy mum running my own fashion label whilst immersed in a Priestess temple with Margaret Hunt, Mary Magdalene told me that it was time to share the ROSE LIGHT teachings publicly. So I commenced WAY OF THE ROSE and since then I have been running year long Priestess and High Priestess temples full time. It wasn't planned, it just happened but I always knew this was my destiny and what I was working towards


When I first opened the first Magdalene Rose Priestess Temple and launched my private channeling work, I unexpectedly found myself channelling around 90 feedbacks each month over a one year period, expanding my mediumship abilities to a whole new level. It was then that everything came together, and I truly understood the new energies: how this was about activating people and awakening inner codes in order to SPREAD THE LIGHT. The message to 'spread the Light' first came to me from spirit during a profound awakening in Spring 1994 but it was something I knew I was here to do even as a small child.


Since opening that first temple, I have initiated and activated people all over the world. I understand how all those I work with are agreed in spirit, each meeting is a spiritual event and often events leading up to it and preceding it are very much a part of the whole activation, whether we work together for many years or for just one hour.

On social media, I have run various private facebook groups including Way of the Rose, Light of the Rose, Cathars of the Light where in 2021 I led 5 ceremonies with some incredible and powerful souls in attendance helping to activate the prophecy and more recently the Ishtara Rose Light Temple.

I am a quiet and private person living in nature, committed to restoring the Divine Feminine back to her rightful place, and I work privately because the work is so sacred and deep. My path has not always been easy and like all spiritual initiates, I have undergone several 'dark nights of the soul' from my ability to DEEPLY FEEL, sometimes forcing me into isolation and deep inner healing for positive introspection, always emerging with the gift of a deeper self knowledge and wisdom, ready to teach and share that which I am learning for myself.

So my teachings come mainly through Mary Magdalene who tells me that to HEAL THE WORLD WE MUST FIRST HEAL OURSELVES, and THAT TIME IS NOW. The basis of this Rose lineage is always SELF WORTH and SELF LOVE with the clear healthy boundaries that are a natural flow of that frequency and alignment. I also work with many other spirit guides across many traditions including DIVINE FEMININE MASTERS Mother Mary, Aphrodite, Isis, Ishtar, White Buffalo Calf Woman & Sri AnandamayiMa, as well as DIVINE MASCULINE MASTERS such as Babaji & Yeshua, Lazarus, Yogananda, Krishna, Sitting Bull and White Eagle ....amongst many other personal guides, known and unknown from many different cultural traditions, who come in unexpectedly at various times with messages and rays.


I am passionate about empowering lightworkers at this time of the great awakening, rising up whilst deepening and dropping down and in, to re-align back home to the beautiful christed light ascension energies, to enable abundance that is divine birth right, as sovereign beings leading from a place of flowing with quiet feminine grace within... when she is activated, we are then able to love and rejoice in harmonised flow with our divine masculine energies...



This is about inner feminine light empowerment

and opening to receive from her chalice


Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 16.20.33.png
Ishtara Rose from Way of the Rose &
Shereen Saraswati Oberg from Law of Positivism
recorded in 2019

People sometimes wonder why I have no photos here. 

I understand it can give someone an insight into who they are going to connect with if they are interested in my work. If that is the case, I ask you instead to drop into heart for what you feel. I have had photos here in the past, and I am very happy to meet with people in person and have led many live calls and ceremonies with my camera on. But with this current digital agenda being pushed upon us all, although I use digitality as a positive means to connect, I also simply prefer not to blast my self across the internet as a form of marketing and prefer to do the deeper & more intimate work.  I see this as a quiet spiritual path that is sacred and I like to work quietly with people soul to soul in these deeper inner more feminine ways. 

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